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I have been out of the realm of freelance for the last three years and only seeking a return insofar as I can discover a select few, more discerning clients who appreciate well-written, timely and factual articles, generally for publication on an authority site. I must say unequivocally that I am disappointed,

I am not at all surprised at the continued posting for people looking for nothing more than keyword crap and rewritten (or would reconstituted be a better and more appropriate word?) “content”. I enclosed the word in quotation marks because keyword crap and regurgitated crap are not content by any stretch of the imagination.

However, given the ease with which the Search Engine Results Page can be manipulated in the short term … especially with some key help unwittingly provided by the site owners … the demand for such crap will always be present … but is it worth it … and do you want these SEO “Experts” working on your websites?

Keyword Crap is not ContentThere are times and occasions when Keyword Crap is exactly what is wanted and needed by the client … and the wants and needs of the clients should always be the primary consideration of the professional freelancer.

While sometimes it is easy to confuse what the client wants and what the client needs … especially in cases wherein even the client is not absolutely certain, a professional should be able to point them in the proper direction, to put themselves in a position to provide both what the client wants and what the client needs. There are in fact, times when keyword crap is absolutely the only correct answer to this. When?

A great many professional Internet Marketers have built very strong and reputable business interests online. Generally however, the more successful ones have centered their efforts around more authoritative content, but there are always times that come around for the exception that proves the proverbial rule.

There are times and occasions when Affiliate Marketers will be in a heated competition for sometimes extremely valuable prizes. In these instances, getting a particular product out to the proper market in very short order is imperative for their success in these competitions.

I have had clients tell me that my work got them to the top of the first page of the SERP within two or three days … though some of this again may be due in small part to their own actions as well, though that will be explained in more detail later on in this article.

As a rule, I do not write keyword crap or regurgitate or rewrite any work of other authors. Why? Because if that is something that people are building their business on, I do not want my name anywhere near their business or the content “gracing” their pages.

I have however, as noted above, written a great deal of what is effectively keyword crap for some very successful marketers when the circumstances were such that this was what was wanted and needed at the time … and not under my byline I should also note.

What the aspiring Internet Marketer needs to understand is that SEO is not a short-term effort, nor is it ever going to produce long-term results and that is important to know and remember … for everyone building business interests online.

(Though granted, there may be some masochists out there who simply thrive redoing everything that they have already done … over and over again and expecting different results “next time”! Hint: It is never going to happen!)

As was noted above, I can create keyword crap that will own the front page of the SERP usually within days. However, those results are also going to disappear from the SERP every bit as quickly as they appear unless there is a constant influx of new materials … all referencing the same keywords … which will ultimately result in the page being flagged by the algorithms because the same keywords keep popping up over and over again.

Now if someone has built a website about Tipton Green on the Ward … or maybe even Ward Tipton … using my name here, as it also happens to match the name of a town in England … and having held and maintained the front three pages of the SERPs despite being in competition with an entire town, it seems appropriate for this article.

In that case, my site was flagged for the presence of the same words over and over again … but that also happened to be because I signed each and every page with my name. Once the website was reviewed and this was shown to be the case, I never had any issues and maintained ownership of the front three pages of the SERP … while in direct competition for that name with an entire town, for more than three years running.

SEO is a long-term and continual or non-stop battle and has to be fought with a multitude of tools and weapons. When site owners ask me to rewrite content, what they are telling me from my perspective, is that they really do not care at all about their readers, and are happy to regurgitate whatever they happen upon, and dump the regurgitated crap down the collective throat of their audience.

Personally, I do not want to work for anyone who could or would do such things to the people supporting them and helping them to make a living.

Remember also, that there are always going to be other people competing for the same keywords on a regular basis … but look at some of the other people higher up on the SERP. It will rarely be the case that the top results are pages loaded down with keywords.

Rather, due to the principles of Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI utilized in the algorithms, these sites will be authority sites, packed with meaningful, related content, and at the same time, being constantly fed a steady diet of the selected keywords in only a portion of the authoritative content written for that site.

On the rare occasion that I do have an existing client who wants truckloads of keyword crap, I am happy to provide it for them, provided that it is what they want and need to succeed. However, for prospective clients who are seeking such pointless drivel, I would have to decline.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for a balanced diet of authoritative content focusing on the constant addition of new and informative information, with enough of the relevant keywords included to ensure a top spot on the SERP over the course of the long term, then I may in fact be just what the good doctor ordered.

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