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Some people really do want keyword crap that contains keyword crap about keyword crap to the point that keyword crap ends up making the keyword crap read like nothing more than keyword crap. This is not something that you will get from any of the writers you can hire here. If you really want to fill your site up with meaningless, often unreadable content, there are a great many writers on the freelance websites who are willing to provide you all the keyword crap you want at very cheap prices.


This however, is not a recommended strategy for long-term website growth. Good luck with those efforts. According to figures by ahrefs, more than sixty percent of websites will get little to no organic traffic from the search engines. Conversely, many websites … or more accurately, many pages within successful websites will rank very well for keywords that do not even appear on that page. How is this possible?


PoopersSearch engine spiders and bots still function largely the same way, no matter how much search engine algorithms may change. They do not merely scan single pages of a website, but the entire site overall. Whether or not your pages are indexed will have a large bearing on how well you show up in the search engines, but regardless of whether or not they are indexed, chances are pretty good they have been and will continue to be crawled.


Don’t believe me? Check out all the bots on your site according to AWSTATS and then look at the number of actual visitors, keywords they are searching for and other indicators.


Seemingly off topic but related; why do you think that a search for tiger woods will result primarily in golf related search results and not return information about different woods and forests that are home to tigers? The majority of websites that focus on tiger woods are about golf, not about lions and tigers and bears … oh me. This is relevant to how the algorithms will analyze the pages of your website after they are crawled by the bots and spiders.


As your website is crawled by the search engines, it crawls the entire site, not just singular pages. The words and the content and keywords on your site are both indexed and analyzed. Notice I did not say your content is indexed in the search engines, but noted that your keywords are indexed. There is a discernible difference.


What is going to work? Longer content, twelve hundred words or more generally, but the actual content is more important than the word count. Content that is not full of errors that makes it look like it was written as part of a class project at the local elementary school. Facts, figures and statistics are important. This is even better if you can conduct your own research and present new data and stats that nobody else in your niche has yet.


If your website is comprised of long form content (also known as temporal content or content that will stand the test of time) and full of numerous articles focusing on a particular theme, your content will begin ranking for related keywords, merely because those keywords are prevalent throughout your website.


Stuffing one article so full of the same keyword that it becomes impossible for the human reader to read without distracting them is not going to make you an authority, and will get you quickly removed from the serp or search engine results page. If this is the major focus of your content marketing methods, look to quickly lose both human readers and bots as nobody is going to care how much content you have when it is all effectively useless.


If however, you have a hundred articles on your site, all focusing on a series of keywords, all inter-related and all using a wide selection of natural variations of the keywords, look for your pages to begin ranking even for keywords that are not on individual pages.


If you are interested in building a quality content marketing program and would like to use the services of a professional writer, we probably have someone that would fit the bill. Our writers all research their materials, write quality content and focus on what you want and what you need. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US using the contact information on this website.


Let us know what you think please!

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