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This is a fair question and one that is worth addressing. The fact of the matter is that I am rebuilding after devastating losses. (Boo hoo hoo) I work full time and spend a little time each day actively seeking out private clients. I also spend a good deal of time working on the many sustainability projects we have going on not only in the Philippines, but around the world.


This was only part of the reason that I opened my website up to other writers, though in all honesty, the website was originally built to provide some friends of mine a place to post their work after an old site we conversed on went out of business.


seo 618434 1920Without any real efforts however, this website has moved in three months up to a DA of seven, it has over thirty-four hundred pages indexed on Google, and it receives steady traffic with a relatively low bounce rate averaging right around forty percent.


I have effectively no backlinks from other websites, only a few outbound links, but still receive steady traffic. Not in the numbers I would like, but certainly enough to make the website worthwhile for what it can accomplish.


The fact that the website has no singular focus does not help yet, though there may be a day should I find the time to attract enough quality writers that will help perhaps. I am certainly not focusing on any particular keywords, and the website remains as much a reference point as it does a sales platform.


In fact, this section serves more to let potential clients know what my beliefs are regarding SEO and optimization and even for website content as it does to attract readers to this site. My goal with my clients is to provide them with well written and informative content, not a bunch of keyword crap or keyword spam articles.


Long term clients will easily note a steady increase in both traffic and the ownership of keywords through the introduction and continual use of word variations focusing more on LSI and LSA tactics than on focusing on keyword crap that the human reader sees as keyword crap and the bots and spiders crawling the website see as keyword crap only to discover that all that keyword crap has resulted in keyword crap being sandboxed and not indexed despite the popularity of keyword crap for keyword crap websites.


If however, website owners or others would like to have informative, naturally written content on their websites, I would dare to claim that at least one of the writers you can hire from our website will fit the bill quite nicely.


Does my website really suck? In some ways, yeah, it really does. However, if you are a reader interested in numerous different subjects or a writer merely looking for an open and friendly location to post your own writing materials, then perhaps this website is just what the doctor ordered all the same.


Let us know what you think please!

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