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The government is definitely smart enough to know that they cannot just come in and declare themselves to be in absolute and complete power. The nation would rapidly devolve into a revolutionary state. Likewise, bringing in foreign troops to “quell” riots and domestic disputes would end up virtually the same, with the American people rising up in arms.

Thus, if the USA is ever going to commit to the establishment of a police state … as it already has as far as I am concerned, though that remains subject to debate … it must do so incrementally, constantly testing the will and the veracity of the constitutional patriots who remain … and among whom I have no shame about proudly declaring myself.

Recent comments in certain forums has led me to believe that a great many people do honestly believe that the American Military and the Law Enforcement agencies will be equally proud and ready to stand side by side with the patriots at such a time as the rubber hits the proverbial road and when Molon Labe becomes yet again a battle cry rather than a mere meme.

While I would certainly like to believe that such will be the case, and I even have every reason to believe that some will … a great many will already be so brainwashed by the current psychological operations and dry runs taking place in society today, that a great many otherwise very patriotic Americans, will be so far gone that they honestly believe that standing in defense of tyranny will be making a stand for freedom.

The questions this obviously leads to, are how and why I could have such a way of thinking … and apart from personal experience, there is ample evidence indicating that we are indeed, already well on our way to the introduction of a full on police state.

Divide and conquer is certainly one way, but it would never be enough to accomplish what must be accomplished in order to install the final elements of the new world order. However, it remains a very important part of the overall equation. In the case of the two party uniparty system, there remain a sufficient number of differences to keep the people fighting betwixt and between which jackboot they would rather have crushing their throats.

In reality, the matters being fought over by the left and the right are inconsequential, though there certainly do seem to be a great many more people on the left demanding absolute government oppression and petitioning the government to restrict the rights of the people … this cannot be discounted either, but is is part of the indoctrination system that children are part of from k-12 or longer. More importantly however, is the division between the military and law enforcement personnel and civilians.

When the cops are forced into a position where they have to kill someone, it tends to be a tragic event for all concerned. Hardly national headline news however … that is unless it is a case in which the cop was clearly justified in the killing … in which case it, along with the trial tends to make national news. This serves the purpose of dividing and separating the people insofar as black lives matter, the cops are the good guys and the criminals are the bad guys.

We all know the cop will be acquitted and we all know that riots and chaos will ensue. It is a pretty standard playbook anymore. Divide the people … but also remind the cops that everybody hates them … oh they killed an unarmed kid … but the real tragedy is how much is not publicized in cases wherein the cops are clearly in the wrong but get no press.

Cases wherein someone was shot sixteen times while sleeping by a cop and a corrections officer who was already on the scene illegally, and during a warrantless search which was also illegal; cases like Dan Shaver … a nineteen year old kid drunk, pissing his pants scared, lying prone on the ground and shot five times with a semi-auto … the cop had to pull the trigger five times on a kid lying face down, drunk, crying and trying to follow contradictory orders from the cops?; cases where 63 rounds are fired into the back of a vehicle that was not even the same make as that of the suspect … in each and every case, the cops investigated the cops and decided that the cops did nothing wrong … and these are the people that we should trust with firearms? All of these cases, none of which involved victims of color by the way, were passed over by the corporate media propaganda shills because they do not fit the political agenda.

Even former Sheriff David Clarke … someone whom I used to have a great deal of respect for, recently conducted an interview at Prager University and did a “Public Service Announcement” effectively announcing to the American people that the cops are always the good guys and when you get pulled over or are issued a command by the cops, you should obey or you may very well be killed … and the cops will never be held to account, and your name will likely never make the national press … unless of course the cops were justified in killing you and they know the cop will be acquitted. “OBEY OR DIE” … and this coming from someone I considered to be not so much a Republican but as an actual Conservative and someone who believed in the Constitution.

Shows like Cops and Americas Most Wanted were the initial stages of this. “Well I know he was a bad guy because the television told me so!” Seriously, it is difficult to understand if the efficacy of such programming … pun intended … is more reminiscent of Idiocracy or The Running Man.

Recent laws such as those implemented in New York State require private citizens to give up their user names and passwords for all of their social media accounts in order that the government can review their social media accounts inside and out, looking for hate speech or any other indicators that these people may harbor any ill will towards anyone. Seriously? Can you imagine the outcry from the left if this was demanded for the exercise of any other God-given and supposedly constitutionally protected rights?

Maryland now has laws where anyone can call anonymously and report a gun owner as a potential threat and a warrant is issued no questions asked. In short, the cops do not even require anyone to actually come forth and complain … all they need do is claim that someone complained … no burden of proof. Most Americans will turn over their weapons unchallenged these days … and the programming of the minds of the people continues unabated.

The government a while back, let slip some papers … a lot of papers really. Government agencies such as the Department of Education and others buying lots of “assault rifles” … yeah, those big black scary ones … and tens or even hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammunition … and nary a fuss was raised. Where in the heck were all these arms when those incel little wankers were shooting up the school? If these weapons are not to defend our children, what are they for?

“Law Enforcement Targets Inc” made a bunch of targets featuring armed children, armed people in wheelchairs, armed pregnant women … a host of other perverse targets … well at least they were supposedly pulled after they got the attention of enough of the general public … and not one law enforcement agency has even admitted to using them … however, given the military experience at hand, such targets are only meant to desensitize the soldier or the cop to the idea of killing civilians.

Never mind the fact that LE Agencies will not hire anyone with triple digit IQs, lest they pay so much for training only to have these intelligent people quit when they “get bored”? I am not going to get into the details or the implications there, but … well there definitely seems to be something wrong in hooterville.

David Koresh went into town twice a week by himself, and could have easily been captured alone … he also apparently had an FFL license making his weapons stash perfectly legal … and meaning the government had already crawled up his butt far enough to know everything about him. How many children died? Randy Weaver was hounded for three months by a “CI” who begged him to saw the barrel off a shotgun and sawed it down to eighteen and one quarter inches … a quarter inch OVER the minimal legal standards. Look what happened.

We have instances like the Boston Marathon tragedy which, again, never mind the many different problems with the whole scenario, just consider what happened afterwards. Martial Law was implemented without so much as a declaration. It was only ended after an “exchange of gunfire” with an “unarmed suspect” … yeah, they actually said that … though I am not sure how much of an exchange it was so much as an outpouring from LE … and the people of Boston stood and cheered this blatant intrusion on their rights.

Moving back in history, we can also see the Bonus Army where that great American hero George Patton disobeyed direct orders to stand down and actively pursued WWI vets AND their families, gassing them and leaving a great many incapacitated in one form or another. Add in the recent Obama purges and … looking on top of all that at the actions of the National Guard after Katrina, tackling an old woman because she refused to leave her home and she had the audacity to keep a .22 revolver in her home so nobody came by to steal her television … as apparently, you can now eat televisions and sneakers and jeans … as that was primarily what was being looted … and they were only looting to feed their families … and people swallow this chit by the shovel full as the corporate media shills continually shove it down their collective throats.

National forfeiture laws allowed the government to steal more from the American people in 2014 than the criminal class did … just stealing it. No crime, no arrest … just blatant theft of personal property … not to those who do not know … this is not the same as CRIMINAL FORFEITURE wherein property used in the commission of a crime was confiscated … this is civil forfeiture wherein the government merely steals private property without so much as an accusation being necessary.

I do believe some Americans will make a stand. I do not know if it will be enough of us, but I do have that much faith in my fellow Americans, though not so much the government. At this stage, we are in an active psychological war … and it is something we all need to be aware of. We are being divided, cops are being indoctrinated to believe that all civilians hate them and we the people are the bad guys … especially the ones that voted for Ron Paul or believe in God or the Constitution … or believe in being prepared for catastrophe or emergencies. Government officials are all but officially sanctioning race riots in the inner cities … but what happens when the government thinks it can get away with it?

Here is a very brief summation of just one possible scenario for people to consider.

Police shootings in a few major cities, cops get acquitted, rioting ensues. Race baiters and others spread the rioting to more major cities throughout the nation. Looting, rioting, violent crimes … and the local mayors tell the rioters to have fun and express their righteous indignation at the system that is so biased against them. Locals demand the federal government put an end to the rioting. National guard comes in … have to disarm the population of course … martial law implemented, may or may not be declared. Rioting largely ends but people still starving. NDAA says those country folks with their supplies of foods are illegal … and the government has reserved the right to take possession of those supplies … so the masses in the cities outvote the country side, demand that those of us in the country live in the same manner. Bam. We now live under a national police state, while the people stand and cheer.

Yes I have great faith in my fellow Americans and yes I have great faith that we will make our stand together. However, if we do not wake up to the fact that there is no left or right that is going to save us here and now, it may very well be too late. Cops and soldiers are human too, and they are being subjected to far more indoctrination than the average person is … and the average person will tell you “just obey” these days.

Ah, but when the cop pulls you over, don’t ask him any questions … or you are crazy and you deserved to get shot! I will state here and now that the government is pushing and pushing to see how much they can get away with. When the time is right and the American people are compliant enough, they will put the final nails in the coffin of freedom. It is no longer a matter of if, but only when. That does not make it crazy, just real. Why should we be forced to blindly obey? That is not compliance, that is submission.


Let us know what you think please!

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