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Why We Should Not Censor Idiots
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Why We Should Not Censor Idiots

Idjits gonna idj. That is just a fact of life. I work with one person in particular who has no capacity to think on their own. The only thing they can figure out to do is to do exactly what they are told by the bosses. In its own right, this is a good thing, and this is by all rights, an excellent employee that is very dependable in their job duties.

The irony in this particular case, is that this person honestly believes these attributes make them incredibly brilliant and capable. Granted, they are exceptionally good at their job. However, there is no indication that this person has any capacity for functioning within any management position.

The funny thing, in this particular case, is that their inability to actively engage in cognitive thought processing leads them to believe that they do indeed have an exceptional capacity for cognitive thought processing.

In other cases, this is far from funny, as is amply demonstrated in the societal madness currently underway in these united States.

How many people have died in the riots? How many people have died in other more “innocuous” criminal activity that never makes the headlines? Moreover, what happens when we the people try to point out the many contradictions and the flaws in the system?

What is an echo chamber? Each side has formed very impressive echo chambers and within those chambers, only those voices that march in goose step ... I mean in lock step with the cult-like ideologies are allowed to be expressed. What is the end result of that system? Open your eyes and look around you.

In the event that one side voices an opinion, “words are violence” and accusations of violence and calls to violence fly despite the fact that absolutely nothing but a differing point of view has ever been expressed.

Why we should never censor idiotsOn the other side of the coin we have “news” agencies reporting such stupidity as “27 police injured in mostly peaceful protests”. So expressing your free speech has become an act of violence while participating in acts of violence is merely an expression of freedom of speech? If I am up to date in terms of vernacular, the only possible response to that should be a great big WTF?

One of the biggest problems as far as I can see is the tendency of people to gather in their echo chambers and to view any differing opinion as nothing but a vitriolic and personal attack no matter how reasonably it may be framed. I believe that this is a direct result of the actions on all sides seeking to silence any opposing voices.

To paraphrase, words are, for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. I am active on some sites that do not seek to censor any voices. There are indeed idjits or idiots on both sides of the fence actively participating on these sites.

There are people who believe that the earth is flat, there are people that believe whites are superior, there are people who believe that blacks are superior and there are Marxists who understand the principles of Marx and Fourier and Marxists who understand nothing of Marx and his theories.

Is there anyone changing hearts and minds? Maybe, or maybe not. I have not bothered to ask everyone what their personal beliefs are and how they came to hold those beliefs.

What is obvious is those that are willing to engage in actual dialogue and those who are merely content in their ignorance and apathy.

In cases where actual discourse does ensue, it is not certain that anyone is changing hearts or minds, but people are actively engaging in conversation and seeking at least some understanding of how those with differing or even opposing viewpoints make a concerted effort to determine the reasoning of others.

Those that have little capacity other than to make pathetic attempts at trolling, who are combative or who lack even a basic ability to engage in conversation are largely ignored.

Nobody considers censoring them for many reasons. Among the most prevalent reason? They would simply open new accounts under different names, resulting in an inability to recognize any attempts to communicate as being a complete waste of time. These people are happily displaying their asininity for the world to see.

Why censor that?

They show themselves as fools and are easily dismissed as fools. Why censor that?

Let the idjits keep on idjin’ while the adults in the room can actively engage in meaningful conversation leading to viable resolutions that further assist we the people. Why not allow the idjits to expose themselves and actively engage others of their ilk willing to stoop to their own level while we work on an active means to unite as a single people and stand up against those who would oppress us all?

Personally, I would see that as a good thing.

Censors? We don’t need no stinkin’ censors!

Let us know what you think please!

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