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What is The Fourth Branch of Government?
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What is The Fourth Branch of Government?

Anyone who is fairly well informed knows that there are three actual branches of the federal government. These are the Executive Branch which is the presidency, the Legislative Branch which includes the House and Senate and finally, the Judicial Branch which is the legal end of the stick to make sure that the other two stay within the realm of the Supreme Law of the Land … the Constitution of these Independent but united States of America.

What we the people seem to fail to realize and/or remember is that there is actually, by design, a fourth branch of the federal government.

Perhaps the biggest reason that most people are unaware of this is because they remain woefully ignorant and apathetic in the ways of politics … just the way your politicians want you to be.

If we had a well educated, informed and active general populace, perhaps things would be a bit different in the federal government.

For those of you that missed that LITTLE clue there, we the people are the fourth branch of government and RESPONSIBLE for our federal system as well as the elected officials.

Unfortunately, this only remains effective as long as we the people are educated, well informed and active. Thus, those of us who are politically aware and well informed, actually have a civic duty and responsibility to do something about this mess that we the people and our federal government are currently experiencing.

There is something to be said for the suffrage movements … the movements we the people initiated in order to allow minorities … read “freed slaves of all persuasions … including the blacks, Irish, Chinese, Native Americans, Mexicans and any others who had found themselves in bondage … and while the numbers may have been comparably low, they did exist … women and others who were previously denied such rights, the right to vote.

Unfortunately, the movement may have gotten a little out of hand and gone a little too far. Too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing.

Ask anyone who owns a business whether or not they allow their employees to decide how much they will earn, what hours they work and other matters relevant to productivity and ultimately, the survival of the business that they work for.

The answer is always going to be a resounding “No”.

Now ask them “Why not?” and you will find that some surprising contradictions exist in the average (modern1) liberal business owners point of view.

Anyone who owns a business would have a difficult time retaining their business if they let the employees decide when, how much and where they would work as well as how much they should be paid. This is common sense in the business world yet sadly overlooked when it comes to politics and especially in regards to the federal government/.

Likewise, we should not allow anyone who is on the public dole to decide how much they get paid for not working or for staying home and having babies.

Is that a controversial statement? Perhaps, but it must be stated and even more painfully, it must be acted upon before we can save the nation.

While there is not a great record of it, in fact, most of it must be found in personal writings … some of which are included here on this site, there is a long history of women and minorities both being able to vote at the onset of this nation … when it was founded. The right to vote was limited to property owners and business owners but this was also for a good reason.

You may like that fact or you may hate it but like so many areas of politics, personal opinions should have very little to do with the simple facts of the matter. Unfortunately, politically correct gone corrupt and real-good/feel-good metrosexual, emotional reactions have far too commonly taken the place of rational thought and consideration.

So just who does that include?

Anyone who accepts taxpayer dollars as some form of payment you may think … and to a great degree that is correct but not completely accurate.

Civil Employees should not be denied the right to vote as they are actually … hopefully at least, providing some type of service. While no government actually produces anything, they are necessary and certain (albeit limited) government services are necessary as well.

Likewise, there is no reason to deny the Soldier at home or abroad the right to select who their representatives or Commander in Chief will be. The service people are willing to lay their lives down on the line so despite Al Gore's efforts to have all of the Florida military votes discounted in his bid for the presidency since some of them arrived late having come from a war zone, given the level of dedication necessary to put on a uniform, it seems likely that they would work to become at least a little bit informed about who they were going to vote for.

The list goes on and includes people like government contractors, though there may be some room for campaign financing reform there, denying people who have received “government money” in the form of taxpayer subsidized grants or contracts, the right to make political donations … but that is another article all itself.

How about the politicians themselves though? Should they be allowed to vote?

Well, that topic has been covered pretty extensively in some other articles here but the short answer is sure, why not?

What they should not have though, is the ability to decide when and where they will work, how long they will work and what they should get paid. If you do not understand why, perhaps you should go back and take a look at the first few paragraphs.

1A “modern” liberal or “progressive” as opposed to a classical liberal who, if still around these days would be classified as a radical right winger.

Let us know what you think please!

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