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It is very likely that most people here know the story about Alice in “Wonderland” and how she fell down the rabbit hole into a strange and madcap world. Despite the absurdities of the world she discovered however, the consequences of such a world were very real indeed. If the red queen had managed to take the head of Alice, it is fairly safe to presume that the book would not have had a happy ending. Likely, her story never would have been told at all, though that is not really the point of this article.

These days, at least among some groups, it is very common to hear the occasional reference to the goings-on down inside the rabbit hole. This is most frequently in reference to more nefarious actions, generally presumed to be occurring in some netherworld replete with banksters, a limited selection of politicians and usually held to be part and parcel of the shadow-realm lurking just behind the scenes … the proverbial men behind the curtain if you will. Personally, I do truly have to wonder about the perceptual capacity of those people that continue to attempt to elucidate and even to justify such a patently false dichotomy.

While I do not make any pretense as to the ability to read the (long dead) mind of the author, and neither do I pretend to be able to channel their thoughts, it can be fairly easily established that the author was no fan of totalitarian government. In fact, it could be said that the author went out of their way to warn the people about such a government and the impact it would have on the people living “in the real world” as it were. Now think back a moment, towards the more relatively mundane beginnings of the adventure of dear Alice … the experience of her friends at her restaurant notwithstanding … though that remains another, perhaps equally revealing and profound … in its own way, artistic and musical literary work.

Alice began her journey well above the madness of the rabbit hole, in a very posh mansion at a very proper affair. When she fell down into the rabbit hole, she fell down … not up. What she fell into was a world rife with illusion and madness, where nothing made any sense and the logical and reasonable was often the victim of pointless division and discussion by the mind-numbed masses, living their life in the rabbit hole as if it were indeed the real world.

Indeed, when reflecting on life inside the rabbit hole, it would be far more comparable to the world that we must live in … us mere mortals and great unwashed masses. Here we serve, not only at the demand of the quite insane red queen, but unknowingly and unseen, those that guide and lead the red queen in her crazy rule over an (intentionally insane) world. There are deeper, darker forces that lord over us from up on high, enjoying all of the luxuries and benefits of our labors, completely unconcerned about whatever may transpire here in the rabbit hole.

It is indeed very true that there are shadow governments and global leaders who lead quietly and unseen from behind, but they are not burdened by the madness of the life inside the rabbit hole, nor would they ever succumb to the inane rule of the red queen as we must. The rabbit hole is indeed very real, but it is not some obscure location, hidden in the shadows. The rabbit hole is the world in which we all must live and operate. It would be far more appropriate when discussing those in the “nether regions”, to remember that despite the “nether” portion of that observation, they do indeed rule over us from on high, well outside of the confines of the rabbit hole, living in luxury at our expense.

Believing for even one minute that they would relegate themselves to such a life as that we are forced to live, is not only silly, but delusional. The question should not be about where the proverbial rabbit hole may be, but how do we pull ourselves up out of the rabbit hole and move back in to the real world where the flesh and blood men and women can still live, un-trapped by their legal fictions and unrestrained from the constraints that have been placed upon all of us by an insane leadership that certainly does not have our best interests in hearts … and has never had any illusions itself about actually serving the men and women of this world.


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