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What is the Final Solution of the Leftist Statist
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What is the Final Solution of the Leftist Statist

How can you know about the entire picture unless you examine things from all sides? How can you proclaim that other areas that demand you not look at anything outside of their view are cultist in nature while at the same time declaring that you do not need to look, see, hear or otherwise know anything about the other side of your argument?

If someone is trying to prevent you from looking at all sides of the equation or if you refuse to look at all sides of the equation within their own argument or position, they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

When is Enough Going to be Enough For Leftist Statists

We have seen many concessions given already to the leftist statist mobs rampaging their way through big cities across the country. What has been the result? Absolutely nothing as far as anyone can see or tell.

We have seen political messages painted across public streets and what has the concession from the rioters been?

In Canada they are arresting people for literally nothing more than leaving tire tracks on public roads. Is this supposed to be a concession? Is this supposed to convince the average person that being arrested to go to their job so that they can help to pay for the damages done by these “peaceful protesters” who are “peacefully” burning, looting and destroying their way around the world?

Okay, we are going to allow partisan political public displays on taxpayer funded property to pass as freedom of speech, but no cross better rear its ugly head in a public space! This is not any kind of concession but blatant partisan hypocrisy.

Statues of Marx should be allowed to stand, despite his blatant racist speech and actions, and despite the loss of more than one hundred million people over the course of the twentieth century due to largely Stalinist, Maoist, and Leninist takes on Marxism.

Any and all statues regarding the founders and framers must come down. Never mind the fact that these people are the very ones who laid the groundwork to end the abhorrent practice of slavery in these united States of America. Never mind that even the poorest people in this nation have it better than virtually anywhere else on earth from the system that was created by the founding fathers. None of that matters.

What is Black History?

Dystopian Democrat Dictatorial DreamThe first concessions of the people of these united States of America were to allow for the destruction of confederate statues. Actual history and facts be damned, some people may take offense at something they have passed by every day for their entire life and know absolutely nothing about.

If you know nothing about the 54th Massachusetts and you know nothing of Frederick Douglass, you know nothing of black history.

Black history is not some limited subject matter meriting a single month of studies once every February, but a look at history throughout the ages that can be celebrated both in its own right and as part of the larger history of all humanity. Yeah, seriously, all lives matter as does all of history. If you cannot see this, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Are We Already Engaged in a Civil War?

Let us think about this carefully. The ramifications extend far beyond the rebuilding of a few properties. When Americans think about Civil War, they tend to think about the American War Between the States. (Never mind the fact that this was actually more of a revolution against the Union, and we can look at that in a different article if anyone is interested)

The fact is that a Civil War is not generally fought by and between armies, but by and between the persons within a society, people in most cases, though not all will have rights and duties ascribed to them, which may in fact be the cause for the war to begin with.

Think about the many slave rebellions throughout history. In these cases, the individuals involved were not legally part of the people as they were not citizens. Nonetheless, they remained lawful flesh and blood men and women in accordance with natural laws, born with rights inherent to all living beings, such as the right to defend themselves.

There are some who would argue that we are all currently slaves to the corporate USA, which may or may not have its merits as a separate argument. There is also a great need for reform which cannot be denied reasonably with any arguments I have heard.

However, unless the lawful persons can come together as a united people, there will be no voice loud enough to be heard. The end result will inevitably be a growth of government and political power that benefits few, if any, other than the ruling political class.

Dystopian Democrat Dictatorial DreamworldWhat Is The End Game of Radical Leftist Statist Ideology

But “that was not real socialism”, and “that was not real communism”. “If only I were the benevolent dictator” we would all live in a kumbaya Utopian dreamworld. Cough bullshit cough.

All we need to do is to examine history throughout the ages to see what the real-word results of the leftist statist uprising will be in reality. Let us look first at those who are promulgating this madness.

Academics seem to be largely leftist if not openly Marxist in ideological thinking, and there can again be very little reasonable argument against the facts. In fact, much of history since the time of Fourier at least, has seen radicals within the halls of Academia making these claims for the creation of their Utopian dreamworld.

What happened to the academics under the reign of real world dictators?

Pol Pot? Academics? Anyone who was in need of wearing eyeglasses was thought to be knowledgeable and informed and informed and thus a threat to “the people” (meaning the dictatorial elite in terms of rights, freedoms and income) and was shot, generally out to the extended family.

Lenin? Determined that academics were a threat to the State and had them executed or reeducated.

Stalin? See Lenin.

Castro? He and Ernesto Rafael “Che” Guevara de la Serna merely executed the academics along with the evil capitalists and many of the people who supported the revolution in order to prevent a redux of the revolution that put them in power.

Mao? See Pol Pot on steroids.

And what historically has happened to the radical revolutionaries that put these dystopian democrat dictatorial dream systems into place?

There is a good reason that the term “useful idiot” was coined and remains so prevalent. In the case of every successful revolution and every successful civil war leading to a dictatorial or authoritarian system, the useful idiots who created the social disruption were, like the academics, among the first to be shot and/or sent to the camps and gulags for reeducation.

Not only does it seem that the current morass under the guise of “Black Lives Matter” seem to be largely unaware of black history, they seem dangerously unaware of world history and what has happened to people like them when their revolutions successfully implement the systems they are demanding.

What We Need for Meaningful Reform

Is there a blatant need for reform? Absolutely. Is destroying the national identity, wiping out the national history and working to further divide we the people going to be a viable solution? Probably not.

That is, not unless your desire is the dystopian dictatorial democrat dream. If their goal is to destroy our nation and implement a dystopian nightmare, or to turn the current civil war hot and expand the destruction and further divide the nation, they are well on their way on the road to success.

Unless we unite in a singular voice, the only thing we will succeed with is establishing a firmament for housing the American Aristocracy and the Establishment Elite from where they will rule over us however they see fit, at least until the next revolution.

Let us know what you think please!

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