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Old Man Warrior
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If you are living your life to the fullest, you probably do not worry much about getting off the grid or getting out of the cities and building up a stash. Some of us are a bit worried however, given the state of the global economy, the last four hundred years or so of history and the situation of the world in general. For those of us that are a bit concerned, many of us are making an effort to get off the grid, get out of the danger zones and prepare to take care of our families in better times and ... for JustIn ... Just In case you know??? ... and in case the times get tougher. As part of your life off the grid or even just as sound economical advice, you may have heard of investing in precious metals. As a general rule, this is actually a very good idea ... though perhaps not in the way you are thinking.


GunControl5or6MemeA lot of investment firms and other “shady” businesses may attempt to sell you Holding Certificates. These are those pieces of paper you get that state that somewhere, someone has a certain amount of gold (or other precious metals) and technically at least, you do own it ... though they keep it in their possession. Granted, you can generally get better deals on some precious metals but how much do you think that piece of paper is going to be worth if the economy does collapse and you have to feed your family? I am guessing that ... not very much.

You can also invest in actual precious metals, and many people do this on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember that there is historical precedence for the government to make it illegal for you to own or possess precious metals and they have ... in the past ... actually “confiscated” these precious metals from individuals ... though they justified it by paying them a greatly deflated value for their possessions ... in paper currency backed by nothing more than faith and good credit ... which the whole credit part is questionable at best ... especially these days. To give them their fair due, the government did allow people to buy their gold back after the economic crisis subsided some ... though at greatly inflated rates.

In other words, the government made out really well and we the people just got raked over the proverbial coals. Thus, even investing in actual precious metals that you keep in your possession may seem like a somewhat questionable investment for a potential economic collapse such as that we are facing. Still, I am here to tell you that not only can you invest in precious metals, but that you can do so inexpensively and make good money even these days ... and may God forbid ... but if and when the economy does collapse, you will still be very well prepared.

The particular “precious” metals that I am talking about may not seem so precious at first glance. I am referring (for those that know me ... OF COURSE!) to copper, lead, steel and iron. Lead bullets, copper jackets, steel barrels and shooting irons. Am I saying that everybody should build up a personal arsenal? Kind of I suppose but not for any kind of offensive action such as many would infer from my comments and from their points of view ... their opinions are way off base in many cases. Most Isolationists, Survivalists and others who are just simply concerned about the global economy and four hundred years of recent history are just looking for a means to survive if and when the worst case scenarios do appear.

This is not about building up a militia, going on the offensive and certainly not any organized effort to overthrow the government. What I am talking about is a viable means of providing for the family in case of the worst possible conditions. If and when the economy collapses, store shelves are going to empty out quickly. While there are still goods and supplies readily available, that gold and silver may keep you going and even with a few, relatively minor luxuries like food and toilet paper. Once supplies become scarce however, those items are not going to do you any good whatsoever. Do you think that the last piece of bread or even the last twinkie is going to be sold for gold or silver or do you think someone is going to horde all they can and keep their food so they can survive?

The inner cities are going to get ugly if and when the economy does collapse ... but that is another article altogether. When the supplies do begin to dwindle and ultimately run out, there is going to be a great need to defend yourself but again, that is only a minor part of the equation here. It may not be minor if and when it happens, but for the time being it is. So what would you do with a closet or safe full of firearms? Learn to fix them, learn to repair them. Learn to make bullets. You may still be able to buy the old bolt action (18)98 Mauser bolt action rifles at Big5 stores for a pretty cheap price. With a little bit of work and a few spare parts, you can convert those into 6MM magnums, 7MM, 30-06 (which does require some work on the action and seating the bullets can be a bit of a challenge so I would not start with this conversion ... though once you learn a little bit about it, this can be an excellent way of generating an additional income) and other size rounds.

Why would anyone want to do anything like this? Well, my father lived on a pretty limited income from Social (In)Security ... that temporary program that was implemented so long ago that the government never halted and charges us all for despite the fact that they have turned it into nothing more than a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions ... I know! I know! That is another article still. Our initial investment was generally around fifty bucks if we waited til these old Mausers were on sale.

Buy four or five if you can afford it. There are many sports catalogs where you can buy pre-made ammo for the 8MM too and it has been my experience that this is a very effective, efficient round and great for hunting everything from varmints to big game. I had some Ecuadorian AA machine gun ammo in 8MM that I bought very cheap from one of those catalogs. Granted, there were some rounds that had to be disposed of but there were plenty that were in great shape. If you need to feed your family or if you do somehow find yourself in need of defending your position, the 8MM is a great medium to long range round to do it with.

For those rifles that we converted, depending on the parts we purchased and the things we sold them for, we generally earned anywhere from one to two hundred dollars per rifle. Our profits were somewhere in the range of ten to twenty percent and all in all, it helped us to do a lot of things that we would not otherwise have been able to accomplish. There are many places to sell hunting rifles and if you are creative and motivated, you can actually make a fairly decent living this way. Add in the ability to make custom ammunition, repair firearms and a few other skills you will learn along the way and you may be surprised at just how much money you can generate with your investments in these precious metals.


Let us know what you think please!

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