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 “IT’S NOT FAIR!” A lot of people talk about “fair” like it really is something tangible and attainable. To some degree it probably is but not to the point where there is some kind of guarantee that human nature will ever make room for “fair” somewhere in the results category. “Fair” is often somehow or another confused with “Just” (as in Justice) as if the twain were synonyms or even dependent on one another for their very existence. Is there really anything even remotely resembling “social justice”, “economic justice” and the like or do all of these concepts boil down to little more than a four letter word that starts with F when everything is said and done and reality rears its ugly head?

What exactly is “social justice” anyhow? Is it some kumbaya utopian society where everyone lives in the same kind of home, has the same kind of food and the same kinds of clothes, education, opportunity and life from start to finish? What a boring world that would be no? Is “social justice” one of those utopian dreams that always ends up with everyone except the ruling elite “enjoying” their suffering together? There are always going to be people that want power and to lead other people and there are always going to be people that want to be led … and this does not even begin to cover those people who are fiercely independent and merely want to live to whatever extent possible on their own somewhere on the outskirts of “society” or the “civilized” world. Is it somehow or another “fair” or “just” to force all these people into some intangible and seemingly arbitrary category whereby somehow or another they are all the same? Where is there anything even remotely resembling justice or fairness in such a society?

Getting into the concept of “Economic Justice” brings up equally absurd, arbitrary and entirely asinine concepts that have absolutely no bearing in reality … much less in the very real world that we live in. The very first difficulty is met right out of the gate when so many people refer to “economic” justice when in fact what they are talking about is less disparate financial system … which is absurd on its face if for no other reason than the fact that we have a system of currency not a real monetary system. Currency is nothing more than a means of exchange of value whereas actual money has a real and tangible value. When currency is backed by nothing more than “faith and good credit” that is not tangible no matter how real it may seem. How can you make anything that is in and of itself unbacked, unchecked and without any real value “fair” or “just”?

Furthermore the economy involves a great deal more than finances. Economics encompasses production, value, worth, risk, gains and a great many more tangible and intangible aspects many of which cannot be accurately or consistently measured or managed. Exactly how is there going to be some method for making that fair and just? Every bit of research on the subject indicates that even if we did limit “economic justice” to its basest financial status, if all of the currency in the world were divided up equally among everyone in the world tomorrow, in a mere matter of hours disparity would begin to appear again as people used the currency to purchase items, goods and services that they valued more than that currency. In a matter of weeks or months, every indication is that the levels of financial disparity would return to roughly the same levels that they are currently at in our economic system today.

If you are truly concerned with being “fair” and “just” in the world today, perhaps the best you can do and the best you can hope for is to provide everyone with the same means and opportunity and then leave them to their own devices. Some people are going to do better than others in all different areas of life. Some people are going to win and some people are going to lose. Can it ever be truly “just” or “fair” when someone else tries to make the decision for them? Fair is after all, in reality nothing more than a four letter word that starts with F … and that is generally what you get when you try to play “fair”.


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