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Why You Need at Least Two Dogs

I am one of those people that love both dogs and cats, but in the world of Off The Grid, cats are great for keeping down mice, most snakes and other vermin off the property … though not very beneficial for the purposes of securing the homestead or protecting from predatory animals … especially in the form of other people.

Dogs on the other hand, can be tricked and do not always serve their purpose as intended, thus it is imperative that there always be at least two dogs on the Homestead site for the purposes of warning of any potential threats or dangers.

Why You Need at Least Two Dogs on the HomesteadYou do not have to be a prepper to be concerned with personal safety and the security of the property that you have built up. It is fairly safe to say that if anyone truly felt compelled to share their belongings with the world, they would freely share them of their own volition. It is not very likely that anyone would broadcast out an invitation to the criminal element of society to come into their homes and help themselves to whatever they wanted.

However, in essence at least, that is what the homestead site owner is doing when they do not adequately prepare a series of defensive measures throughout the homestead site. At the forefront of these defensive measures … as both the first line and last line of defense, should be at least two dogs … though personally I have a great many more than just two for Justin … just in case … because you never know … and besides, I love dogs and actually get along better with them than I do most people.

For those people who love dogs, the “Two” dogs should be more properly noted as two TYPES of dogs, but for everyone else, there is still an ample need for at least two dogs … though four would still be better as even the dogs will tend to get lonely from time to time.

For some people, even those people who merely want to live a more green lifestyle and get away from the hectic city life, the woods can be a big and scary place. There are lions and tigers and bears! Oh me! … Well, maybe not so many tigers, but the variants of the wildcats are one of the few species that will actively hunt human beings … and having been actively hunted by them on more than one occasion, I will attest to this fact personally.

Needless to say, there are things out there that people should be aware of, even if not overly concerned about. Thus, it is beneficial to have at least one large dog to patrol the outside areas of the homestead site. Again, having more than one dog is definitely beneficial, but at least one large, preferably intelligent breed of dog should be present outside at all times.

This should give an indication in the cases of intrusion, no matter what the intruder may be. Whether it is a bear or a wildcat or a wolf or a man, at least some warning will be given before they are close enough to do any real harm.

For people like me, the Chihuahua, the Miniature Poodle and other “ankle biters” are more of a nuisance and a hassle than anything else, but it must be said that they are not without purpose, especially out in the wilds. Yes, I now own ankle biters as well. Many of the Ankle Biter Breeds tend to be a little below average when it comes to intellect. (Dumber than the proverbial box of rocks comes to mind)

Left outside, they will often seek to play or even tackle animals substantially larger and/or meaner than they are. (Raccoons and Badgers are the first that come to mind … and most of them can take out even the largest and meanest dogs in a one-on-one match) Left to their own devices, these dogs will often render themselves extinct before they can serve any useful purpose.

However, when they are left inside, these dogs will initially bark at every passing breeze, eventually settling down to the extent that they generally only bark anytime virtually anything even thinks about passing the structure that they are housed in. This makes them especially valuable as early warning devices.

If someone is out crunching around in the gravel and thorns outside the structure, this will not be missed by even the most sleepy of ankle biters. They will quickly rise into a riled state that would seem to be driven towards waking the dead themselves.

These dogs make so much noise at even the hint of intrusion that they can become bothersome to the occupants of the structure at times, but nonetheless serve as a very valuable addition to any (and every) home security system. Between the twain, there is scarcely anyone or anything that will be able to pass unnoticed through the homestead site.


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