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What is the perfect prepper location
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It is said the three most important factors for any business are “Location, location and location!” The same is true for a Homestead Site … but Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware!!! Lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the law for wanting to build your homestead on the perfect location!

For those who are just now beginning to venture into the world of prepping, there are a great many different approaches to getting to where you want to be. The constraints are there of course, in most cases, when it comes to budgeting.

While budgeting is definitely a major concern, especially when it comes to selecting that perfect location for the new “Homestead away from home” being created, there are three other factors that are equally as important … and those are location, location and WTF?

What is the perfect prepper locationThe location selected for building the perfect Homestead Site is much more than just physical in nature, even when it is at the right price or a deal too good to pass up.

For getting a good deal on large parcels of land, one need turn no farther than Uncle Sam. Yup! A lot of people buy large lots in the most obscure locations, sometimes to build a hunting camp, sometimes to build a retreat or for a host of other reasons.

Often times, the proposed project got put on the back burner, plans were forgotten or the original owners died and nobody knew about … or perhaps nobody even wanted … that forty acres in the wastelands or that hundred and seventy acres of desert or whatever the area of land may have been.

These properties are often made available for sale at tax auctions, especially in more isolated regions, virtually every year. Even if the lands are not viable for the perfect prepper project, they can still be good, solid investments even if civilized society never has the decency to collapse properly as it should.

(That was a joke … get over it!) Thus, good deals on large parcels of isolated locations are surprisingly easy to discover.

The physical location is even more important to some people than the attached price tag. The ideal area would be open, but not too open … except around the perimeters at least, where firebreaks would be built.

The area should be defensible in nature. With the advent of the airplane, the need to “take the high ground” has virtually ceased to be relevant, but other articles will further reveal that the ideal location for one prepper, may not be at all suitable for another, equally prepared person.

Not all preppers are created equal, despite deplorable rumors to the contrary. However, even if the physical location is perfect to the needs of the person looking, and the price at the tax auction is unbelievably low, there are other factors that need to be considered as well.

The area should not be prone to excessive flooding or other concerns that may inhibit construction … what? Wait … you said … awwwwww c’mon!? Seriously?

Flooding, as was previously noted, may not actually inhibit construction in and of itself. A good sump pump can do away with most excess to allow for construction to continue … look at what Walt Disney was able to build in the swamps of Florida south of Orlando in Kissimmee.

However, more than one potential prepper has had their dreams shattered when the government has used the existence of literal rain puddles as a means to deny them any license to build. (Disney World could literally not be built under current laws)

Spotted Spittle Spider what?

Are there any potentially protected species on the land being considered for construction? It may be a spotted owl, it could be something so simple as an annoying skeeter … of the wrong species, capable of putting a halt to any and all plans to build.

The laws currently on the books make no provisions for sellers to disclose any potential threats to whatever plans may have been dreamed up by the potential new owner.

Caveat Emptor takes on an entirely new meaning when people are purchasing property for prepping. One irritated neighbor, one spotted spittle spider or even a single skeeter can put the skids on any project faster than the EPA can scream “UNLEGISLATED REGULATIONS UNDER THE FULL FORCE OF THE LAW” in your face.

It is up to the potential purchaser of prepper properties to ensure that there are no little bugs in the purchase that are going to bite back in a big way. Somehow or another when big brother gets the idea that someone does not want to put their full faith and good credit in the federal system, they are a potential threat to civilized society, and that is just something that they will not tolerate in big government.



There are currently more than fifteen hundred species on the threatened and endangered lists. Efforts are currently underway to have people prosecuted even if they unknowingly harm one of these species.

What is that bug on the windshield of your truck?

Is that a Meta-Male Mini-Fly?

So sad. Too bad.

Not only are you now a criminal post de facto, but since that little miniscule bug may have originated from your property, you are now prevented via fiat legislation, from conducting any construction or otherwise disturbing the “natural habitat” of the land that you thought you purchased in full and had full rights to use.

You now have no legal recourse and have lost everything that you have invested to date into your would-be homestead.

Thus, when you are considering whether or not to purchase a parcel of land, it would behoove you to not only know all of the local wildlife … right down to the tiniest insects … but also to learn what your rights are regarding disclosure by the selling party and just maybe … to keep all of those bugs wiped off your car.


Let us know what you think please!

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