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Lessons to be Learned From CHAZ or CHOP
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Lessons to be Learned From CHAZ or CHOP

No matter whether you call it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (or CHAZ) of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (or CHOP), there are many lessons that can be learned from this particular exercise in futility ... at least I hope it was an exercise in futility.

The stated goals of the leftist organizations is to institute nothing less than a communist, Marxist institution within these united States of America. For better or worse, they got their wish in CHAZ or CHOP and what did they create if not exactly everything they claim that Marxism would “fix”?

Is there any way to examine what went wrong in CHAZ or CHOP, or did anything really go wrong at all? Was this perhaps, just a small taste of exactly what these leftist Marxists wish to impose on all citizens of these united States of America?

Colin Kaepernick has made a very good living protesting capitalism, bought and paid for by capitalists and capitalist dollars. He has expanded on that, continuing to make millions of dollars as an American discussing how messed up America is and how messed up Americans are.

Yet despite this apparently totally messed up and oppressive American system, literally millions of people around the world are risking life and limb to get here. Is anyone seriously proposing that these people are risking life and limb to come to the USA to create a dystopian dictatorial democrat dream?

There are literally millions of people risking life and limb to enter these united States of America because there is at least the potential to establish a better lives for themselves and their families. But oh my, cry me a river because blacks were once enslaved here. Somebody call the waaahmbulance!

Whites were enslaved here as were the Chinese as were countless number of indigenous and aboriginal people before the descendants of the Caucasian Europeans were largely held accountable for the actions of the original Europeans whose ancestors are now among the protected class known as Hispanics and Latinos.

Guess what. It was the Spanish that brought in the disease that killed an estimated 90 percent of the existing, ostensible indigenous population, not the Caucasian Europeans who people are still trying to blame to this very day. Where is the protest and outrage against the modern Hispanics and Latinos?

Just move to Mexico if you have the cajones to do so, and begin asking people in the heart of Mexico if they are Aztec or Mayan, but lemme warn you, unless they are wearing traditional garb and speaking any of the native languages, you should prepare for a fight before you ask.


Democratic Socialists of America Logo .pngBecause asking such a question is seen as belittling the average Mexican as they hold the natives in disdain to this very day.

But yeah, let’s forget history and facts and reality and just harp on the shortcomings of these united States and the white man today!

How many slaves are there in the world today?

There are an estimated 40,000,000 (that is forty million) slaves in the world today. And for those of you who want to convince me that the enslaved today are so much better off, and it is not as bad as it was, you really need to wake up to reality.

In fact, if you are so convinced, let’s take a journey (for me, back) to West Africa and you can explain that to the families of the teenage girls who have been kidnapped ... except that would not work.


Because those who are kidnapping and enslaving only the teenage girls are murdering their families, man, woman and child alike. If this is what you consider to be “better” in any sense of the word, you suffer from a very warped perspective of reality.

Where is the horror? Where is the outrage for those who are currently enslaved in the modern world? (Enter the sound of crickets here)

But muh slavery in these united States.

According to all of the official records in existence, there are roughly 388,000 slaves admitted to these united States in their entire history. Is that 388,000 too many? Absolutely. Is that still horrible? Obviously. Is it still tragic? Of course. But let us put that into a little perspective.

Between the British, the French, what are now “Hispanics” and “Latinos” and “Caribeanos” and freed blacks (more than 20 percent of whom owned slaves in these united States) there were nearly 12,000,000 (twelve million) slaves imported from Africa into “the new world”. That means that less than one-half of one percent (0.0323333333333333%) of the African slaves were brought into these united States of America.

Yet you want to burn down an entire system and not only that, but a system that literally millions of people around the world risk their lives to get to in order to be free, all because more than 99.6 percent of the African slaves imported from Africa into the new world were taken to other countries and not brought into these united States?


You think if you can burn down the entire system in the US and rebuild it in your dystopian dictatorial democrat dream state we can all live happily ever after in La La Land right? Because “that was not real democratic socialism” and that was “not real communism”. More than one hundred million lives later, you still think as long as we have your dear leaders who are truly benevolent dictators, we will all live happily ever after right?


We get it.

Enter CHAZ or CHOP

Let’s see ... you entered and occupied the lands of people already living there and took over their lands. You built walls to keep out undesirables, this despite walls being racist and evil. You attacked anyone who dared disagree with you, effectively ending free speech, and ultimately freedom itself. Crime jumped approximately 550 percent in the CHAZ or CHOP or whatever you want to call it.

And what is the reply?


But that was not real socialism.

But that was not real communism.

You know what. I will even cede that argument to you. I will not try to contest what does or does not comprise “real” socialism or “real” communism because if you ask 20 social justice warriors you are going to get 20 unique responses.

There apparently is no consensus except that “real socialism” or “real communism” would inevitably end up in a Utopian society replete with unicorns farting skittles and fairy-tale dust that allows people to fly, and a realm where everyone lived in their own caviar dreams where all their champagne wishes magically came true.

What I will state as an unequivocal reality is that this delusional fantasy of a Utopian dreamworld is nothing more than a delusional fantasy. There is no Utopian dreamworld within the confines of the real world.

What happened in CHAZ or what happened in CHOP is what happens every time somebody is under the deluded belief that if only they were the benevolent and kind dictator, this magical dream world would morph into reality. Though in fact, many of these dictators were little more than the average narcissistic sociopath politicians who happened to get “lucky” in putting their plans together.

Had they not been successful, they would have been the ones lined up against the wall and shot. What we have seen however, is that those rabble rousers, useful idiots and academics who have helped the narcissistic sociopaths to sway public opinion and who have created enough social unrest to get these people in a position of power are the first ones being lined up against the walls to be shot and sent to the camps to be reeducated.

Over one hundred million dead people around the world would testify to this fact had they not been ruthlessly and often brutally murdered in search of your delusional communist or socialist fantasy.

And what is your response? You want to burn down a system that literally millions of people would risk their lives to join, in order to implement a system that has historically resulted in literally more than one hundred million people being killed.

Can you perhaps understand why so many people have a problem with that?

Let us know what you think please!

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