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It was once said that “Knowledge” is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. “Wisdom” on the other hand, is having enough sense to utilize that knowledge and NOT putting the tomatoes in the fruit salad.

Knowledge and Wisdom are both inherently important for the evolution of the human species and the continuation of society as a whole. Unfortunately however, it would seem that this day and age has seen the literal “Age of Enlightenment” killed in the very same halls of Academia that gave birth to the movement in the first place. Pseudo-intellectuals espousing easily refuted emotional diatribe as fact and reality have now overrun the institutions of higher education. This trend may have started some time back, but … at least hopefully, it has seemed to have reached what must surely be its zenith … for if it reaches out anymore, our nation will surely be lost in the midst of the madness. It does indeed seem as if the inmates are now running the asylum … and the worst thing we can do is to allow such madness to spread unchecked.

While such knowledge is common among much of the working class and the more “deplorable” citizens of the country, it has seemingly been bought and paid for, lock, stock and barrel, by some governments around the globe and furthermore, seems to be spreading throughout the hallowed halls of the house even here … that would be the House … as in the Senate and Congress of these independent but united States of America.

If I proposed starting a business wherein I allowed anyone who wished to be “employed” there and I would pay them for doing absolutely nothing, I would never run short of employees … but likewise it would never produce anything and only be a burden on the owners. No bank in the world would touch the business, much less fund such madness. Yet do we not have people on the street lauding AOC for proposing a complete abolition of any and all border security, thus allowing anyone in who wants to come in, unchecked, untested for disease, unaccountable to the people … but eligible to be paid for “doing nothing” in accordance with her Green New Deal? 

In reality, the only difference between these two concepts is the fact that the first one is recognized as stupid and unrealistic, while the second one, being virtually the same though on a much larger scale, is praised by the very government that is tasked with serving we the people … and people are out in the street calling for just such madness to be implemented under the full force and effect of the law. In numerous interviews on the street, a frightening number of people are absolutely ignorant about where the currency would come from to pay for such a deal, unwilling to open their own homes or their own wallets, but fully expect the productive and contributing members of society to pay for all of this insanity.

These days, those who believe in proven science are routinely labeled … and not just labeled, but actually believed to be “science deniers”. Gender and age are now mere social constructs to be fluid and changed depending on the “feelings” of the individual. This is of course, with the exception of the white male patriarchy of course, which is apparently an institutional movement and thus, apparently largely lacking the ability to override the basic science of biology as “normal people” are able to do on a whim. Prepubescent boys are taught in school that they can menstruate and this is seen as a good thing. Kindergarten students are subjected to discussions by drag queens on the beauty of “gender fluidity” before these same children, incapable of rationally deciding what to have for dinner, are asked to pick a gender … though of course they can change anytime they “feel” like changing … unless of course a doctor is involved, and then the doctor, in accordance with the law, must begin dangerous, chemical treatments including puberty inhibitors which may very well prevent the child from ever having a normal sex life, despite what their ultimate choice of sexuality and proclivity may be … and even potentially damaging hormone and pheromone treatments that can adversely impact everything from physical growth to brain development.

Male athletes are more routinely competing against smaller, less powerful females in female sports. Junior High School and High School students are forced to shower and change with members of the opposite sex and teachers are punished for not “observing” or “supervising” these opposite sex, underage students in some cases.

In Britain, a known male rapist who strongly … exclusively favored female victims, claimed to be a woman because he identified as a female now … and was put in a female prison where … much to the surprise of the delusional, he continued raping women. There was a time when such exercises were considered abuse and discouraged by society, but with the movement of this madness into the hallowed halls of the current cackle of corrupt and complicit congress critters, it seems relevant to look at how our distinguished universities have reacted to these most uneducated “advances” in indoctrination … I mean education.

The very same university that gave rise to the free speech movement … Berkeley … now has students actively seeking to make free speech illegal on campus. One campus has called the police to investigate the hate crime … horrible as it was … of hanging a picture of a frog on campus. How dare anyone commit such a heinous crime against their fellow humans right? “Safe Spaces” are now common “features” of university campuses, including fully segregated safe spaces … inclusion through segregation … wasn’t there a great movement just a few short decades ago to end the abhorrent practice of institutional segregation? Now it is being demanded to return? What is next? Do we have separate lunch counters for the different races? Maybe even provide them with their own drinking fountains? But where are the students getting all these crazy ideas from and how do mere students have the capacity to implement these programs within these … institutions … a name which certainly seems to fit … and to provide a gentle double entendre as a reminder of just how insane these campuses have become.

While the students do have student governments and student unions to fight for many of these insane … I mean many of these policies to be implemented, their power to destroy the educational system entirely is still at least, somewhat limited … though that may change as well. The fact is that much of this madness is instigated by the very professors tasked with indoctrinating … I mean with educating these students.

There was a day when I was very honored to have been published in a peer reviewed academic journal, whether as an author or even a co-author. At the time, only the most scholarly works ever stood a chance of being published, and the peer review was every bit as intense as defending a thesis in a post graduate program. The academics were not there to be nice, but to weed out those whose approach was less than wholly scholastic or academic in nature or presentation. These days, it would seem that their standards have not been so much lowered as removed altogether. Today, I would not seek to have any of my work published in any peer reviewed academic journal lest I lose even the most minimum modicum of respect for my work.

Professors in the University systems throughout the US gain tenure … making them very difficult to fire in short, blunt language … in part, by having their work published in Academic Journals … generally Poor Review … I mean Peer Reviewed Journals … having all of their work highly scrutinized by a group of their peers … ostensibly to verify the veracity of their various claims.

At least, this used to be the case, but given recent developments, it no longer seems to be how things are done or how decisions are made within the hallowed halls of Academia. It seems that these days, academic standards and quality have been wholly and completely replaced by politically correct, scientifically inaccurate or questionable data, and effectively, whatever allows the academic and the reader to feel morally superior to us Luddites, neanderthals and other bible thumpin’, gun clingin’, bitter, deplorable, unwashed klingon masses. (Also known as those of us who are the people … the ones who still believe in real science and understand that art is not now and has never been a science)

Totally fabricated “research” making wholly outrageous claims were recently sent to twenty separate Peer Reviewed Journals about such pressing matters as women studies, gender studies, race studies, sexuality studies, obesity studies and queer studies … never mind that it is impolite for anyone other than someone who is a bit odd … to use the word queer … just go with it. The work was submitted by three people and even included direct quotes from Mein Kampf and a host of other “red flags” indicating that the work was facetious in nature and … presuming it would seem, that it would never actually get published … though it was hoped that it would raise awareness … not about the diminishing standards of the peer review process, but their absolute abolition and … many of these blatantly asinine works were accepted, even praised … and published … in Peer Reviewed Journals.

With education like that, is it any wonder that we have the likes of people we do being elected … and who actually believe that they are there to rule over us rather than to serve the people? Hopefully this trend will reverse itself with the up and coming generation, but if not, we are indeed lost. Farewell, farewell, to all my greatness!


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