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This article contains a good deal of allegory (though some would argue hyperbole) and apologue (though the animals in this case are human in nature) for which I do most humbly apologize. However, one very prevalent issue when dealing with unprecedented proposals is the lack of any precedent to utilize for making valid points. It is imperative that a new paradigm be introduced if this world is to be made a better place for all humanity, but merely stepping outside of the proverbial boundaries … or outside of the proverbial box, is not going to be readily accepted, much less allowed and certainly never encouraged.

If you do not believe me, you need look no further than the many amazing innovations that have been buried under the guise of “national security” or for other equally vague and obscure reasons. You need look no further than the trials and tribulations of people like Michael Reynolds also known as the Garbage Warrior. Even here however, while he was successful to some degree, his ideas, no matter how sound, have yet to receive any widespread audience, much less official recognition or praise … and certainly have not been allowed to expand to the point where they would be beneficial in contributing to the environment or to society as a whole.

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