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The Modern War on Words
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The War on Words is all about semantics and how good words can be twisted until people perceive them as evil and how bad words, many with very evil, harmful and even dangerous connotations, can be used to justify abhorrent behavior under the guise of doing good.

The government has grown so far beyond its original intent that we the people should all be outraged, a bit frightened and figuratively speaking at least, up in arms about the goings on in our Constitutional Republic.

These Independent but united States of America were founded on the principles of a Constitutional Republic. Any “democratic” governments were designed to be functional solely on the local level as that was the only way to insure it would remain in check.

They were founded together as a nation of laws but today, laws are so convoluted and enforced arbitrarily that it takes a team of attorneys to be able to interpret the law … in any fashion that they see fit for their particular case.

The Supreme Law of the Land remains the Constitution though, and as such we all have not only a right, but a civic duty as citizens to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Any facades alluding towards the fact that we are still a Republic have long vanished and politicians continually subvert the will of the people and usurp powers which are then utilized to more fully oppress the people.

The War on WordsWe need a revolution but not of the sort you may think … at least not yet and hopefully never, though it may very well come to pass. The war at the ballot box is long lost. Choosing for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

Yet if we stand aside and allow the two evils to continue leading us down the path to destruction, we cannot help but to fade away along with the rest of the Grand Experiment that is America! It is important to remember also, the old cliché that all evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Lacking any ability to wage war at a ballot box and having enough sense to realize that openly calling for a rally to arms is not only foolish, but would do far more harm than it would good, we must wage a war of information.

You can lead a man to knowledge but you cannot make him think! If people are to be properly informed, they will have to know and understand that words do have meanings and that those meanings are important.

The implementation of a bloated and inefficient federalized educational system in the seventies as resulted in an increasing inability of Americans to compete on a global scale. Indeed, grades, test scores and actual knowledge have all greatly declined since its inception. So do we mourn such a loss on a national scale?


We celebrate it and create television shows to openly mock Americans who cannot even answer modern day fifth grade level questions, never mind the questions that used to be asked when we still had actual educational standards.

If we are ever to be successful in reclaiming and rebuilding our nation, it must be done at war, but the war begins by winning the war on words.

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