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Any resemblance to any location real or imaginary is strictly coincidental in nature … because this is all just crazy conspiracy theories and nothing like this could ever happen in any land of free and brave people … right?

Armageddon, Apocalypse, SHTF, Dystopian Future … such are some of the topics once again circulating here so I figured I would toss in my thoughts on how I think it will all end. On something of a sidenote … or an endnote as it were, I did follow up with a little story about how crazy all this talk is, but for the sake of hypothetical conjecture, I figured I would give this a go as well.

It is not like there is any real division in our country … what? Really? Oh. Never mind.

The division in our nation has not been this great since the times leading up to the American War Between the States. Politicians are now actively calling for people to institute mob violence … or at least intimidation against political opponents and their supporters (ala Maxine Waters). Politicians in Baltimore and Ferguson have led people to believe that it is perfectly fine, acceptable and even understandable if not commendable to riot in the streets.

We have seen the government after Katrina send in National Guard units that were perfectly willing to deny people of their God-Given and Constitutionally protected rights. An elderly woman field tackled by numerous troops because she had the audacity to remain in her home and … horror of horrors, had a .22 caliber revolver to defend herself from all those poor kids stealing over-priced sneakers and big screen televisions to feed their poor hungry kids.

The only cases of “police abuse” that make the national press seem to be instances wherein the shoot was by all rights justified. Conversely, cases where there is an egregious abuse of police authority resulting in the injury or death of civilians is largely ignored outside of local news reports, and if it makes the news at all, generally fades off just as quickly. This wreaks of a bad Public Relations campaign to further divide Law Enforcement and the people.

The use of targets being distributed to law enforcement agencies utilizing pregnant women, children and even elderly people in wheelchairs on their firing range targets is a clear means to desensitize the cops and military personnel to the act of shooting … pregnant women, children and even elderly people. The desensitization is an action I have personally seen enacted in foreign locations where our government agencies have trained people.

The “prepper” … meaning simply one who is Prepared … which used to be a motto of the Scouts before they became condom-ridden political playgrounds for PC culture, has been demonized as a crazy conspiracy theorist. This is despite the fact … and just one instance in this case as an example, that there is roughly a twelve percent chance on any given day that a massive CME or EMP emanating forth from the sun could reduce the entire electrical grid completely, rendering it useless and resulting in utter chaos, especially in the inner cities.

Such an occurrence would give us somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen hours to prepare for the complete loss of the electrical grid. Can you imagine the panic? Thus, there would likely be no warning as it would be inevitable anyhow. The government, after all, does have to protect the people … even from themselves.

Let’s presume however, that no such chances exist and the very idea of any repeats of the Carrington Event in 1859 or the 1989 pulse/ejection that resulted in a blackout through the greater portion of Quebec or the 2012 pulse/ejection that would have wiped out most of the global grid … barely mentioned in the press and no warnings given to the people before its projected strike … let’s presume that absolutely none of this could ever happen today. Just for the sake of discussion.

As was noted, we have already seen the devastating riots and we have seen government implement martial law without even a declaration and there has been no negative feedback from the people of the nation … in fact the government was largely applauded in all of these cases. So what would happen if numerous high-profile, justified police shootings all occurred at or about the same time? Rioting in all of the major cities. Mayors encouraging police to stand down. Riots continuing until stores are closed down, shelves empty … the people would demand martial law be implemented in the cities.

Thus, step one of the plan is complete.

Martial law in place, stores across the nation would be rationed … after all, those people in the major population centers have to eat also right? So now all that food has to be routed to the major cities. Never mind that the vast majority of it will be stored in government warehouses, remaining undistributed, much as disaster relief supplies have been in the past. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He is from the government and he is here to help.

People in all major cities are now living effectively on war rations. People are limited in how much bread, milk or sugar they can buy. Meanwhile, the rural knuckle draggers and mouth breeders continue to live high on the hog, getting fat while the rest of the nation is starving. People in the inner cities are outraged yet again, and demand even more government intervention. The NDAA already declares that anyone with more than a seven day supply of food are criminals and subject to have their stores stolen … I mean confiscated by the federal government.

The urban dwellers are, after all, the largest portion of the population. (See the Hillary Popular vote and the county by county breakdown of election results for confirmation) But hey. The vast majority of the country is demanding that the government act and make sure the mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging rural folk pay their fair share. Martial law is now implemented in the rural regions of the land of the free and home of the slave … I mean brave.

Phase two complete.

The government now controls both production and supply of all food, has unlimited power due to a national implementation of martial law. Let the police state commence.

A Purdy Fairy Tale

This is a magical story about a magical land full of gun totin’, Bible thumpin’, bitter and unwashed deplorable Klingon masses … also known as Crazy Conspiracy Theorists. This magical land is called Murica. Murica has a very kind and benevolent government who go out of their way to protect the people from themselves, but the crazy conspiracy theorists just do not understand what is necessary to lovingly care and provide for such a large and expansive nation.

The kind and benevolent government grants tens of billions of dollars to its greatest corporate donors through corporate welfare, and hands out the rest to the little people as an act of kindness unmatched in human history. And the government keeps the people safe too.

Why in 1932 they disobeyed direct orders to stand down so they could charge in gassing American Veterans and their families who wanted the benefits that they had been promised … surely they did not think that the government OWED them these benefits, merely because it had promised them.

A crazy conspiracy theorist in Waco Texas was one of 76 people killed in his compound. The government could have gotten him easily as he was a registered FFL carrier so they knew where he lived, and he had lawfully registered all of his guns and he went into town by himself twice a week … but the government did not want just him … they had to protect the people from themselves so they killed all the bad people in Waco, not just the leader … including all seventy-six people still in the building and twelve children who would have only grown up to be more Crazy Conspiracy Theorists.

After three months of hounding by an FBI informant, a man sawed down a shotgun to eighteen and one quarter inches of barrel length … only one quarter of an inch more than the minimal eighteen inches allowed by law … so he must have been a bad man … and the kind and benevolent government killed his son and wife in return … all to protect the people.

There are literally hundreds of cases where the kind and benevolent government has instigated acts of violence on those bad people … even the ones who are innocent … or at the wrong address … or who have dogs … and the list goes on about all the kindness of the kind and benevolent government … but these gun totin’, Bible thumpin’, bitter and unwashed deplorable Klingon masses just do not appreciate the actions of their dear leaders.

How does the government fund many of these programs?

Many of the Crazy Conspiracy Theorists and others sometimes travel with large sums of money or have other personal property that the government needs more than the people do, but the people are so deplorable that they do not merely hand everything they own over to the government. These people force the government to confiscate their property through civil forfeiture laws. The government is after all, kind and benevolent and knows how to spend this money and use their personal property better than the people who only work for it do!


Let us know what you think please!

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