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In the case of a SHTF scenario coming to pass, there will be certain materials that will instantly become luxury items and a virtual treasure for anyone who may possess them … and the guaranteed success of anyone still capable of producing these items. It is said that if the ultimate goal is to establish a recession-proof business, one only needs to open a bar.

In a SHTF scenario, the concept becomes a little more complex, but the theory remains the same. Certain items such as booze, will become quite literally invaluable. This article will focus on the importance of booze when chaos reigns and our dystopian vision for a future becomes a biting reality. That venerable bottle of booze could very well be the difference between life and death.

To paraphrase … “Booze! It’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

High Octane Hooch on the HomesteadEvery prepper paradise needs to have at least one still in place and the means to operate it. Throughout the third world and among both the undeveloped and developing nations, there are a host of Palm-Oil, Sugar Palm and other plants that make a passably harsh hooch that is quite capable of relieving the stresses of the day … as long as you are in a position where you can fall into a stupor after a couple of shots and do not have to worry about any imminent attacks.

In short, this is high-octane hooch that is actually much more than just a mainstay of the drinking table or bar. Booze has a great many uses, and in these locations around the world, virtually all of the potential uses have been explored in one way or another.

High-Octane hooch can be used as a cooking fuel. If there is an old Coleman Lantern, Coleman Stove or other old Coleman equipment laying around gathering dust somewhere, it can be used to put this theory to the test. High Octane Hooch is ideal for starting fires, heating and even as an alternative fuel for vehicles. Granted, it will likely burn too hot for numerous engines, so it should be tested and maybe even toned down a bit so as not to burn up irreplaceable engines.

Large-scale prepper homes and prepper communities generally have a storage of gasoline and/or diesel fuel stored on site, but how long will this last? Diesel is substantially easier to make than gasoline, especially true through the creation of biofuels, so the diesel engines would not be a major challenge, though gasoline is not the same.

Gasoline will quickly age, losing its potency and become virtually worthless, barely capable of being used to light a fire. Once the gasoline has begun to degrade to this level, it is virtually impossible to use for anything, and getting anything to run on it will be nigh on impossible.

High Octane Hooch can all but eliminate the need for gasoline altogether. Granted, it will take some time and effort to match the desired octane levels, to smooth out the mix as it were, and to help your gasonline-operated vehicles and generators run smoothly, but it can be done before such a time as this becomes a necessity.

High Octane Hooch also has a great many medicinal purposes as well. It can serve as a disinfectant and local antiseptic for open wounds and kill germs while at the same time alleviating some of the pain … at least once the initial burn of the alcohol hitting the raw nerve endings has worn off.

(Yes, it will hurt when it is applied, but will eventually numb out the exposed raw nerve endings)

It can serve as a mouthwash … (Do you spit or swallow takes on a whole new meaning here) and be used even in household cleaning and preparation where it is necessary to have a sanitary, germ free environment.

This may be important at such a time as children are once again being born into the world and that dusty corner of the basement just seems a bit lacking when it comes to serving as the local maternity ward. Booze thins out the blood in such cases wherein that may be an issue of concern or a desired result, which may aid and assist in the ability to flush wounds and help the body to heal.

While there are a great many more uses … yes, it really does work as a paint thinner too … these are just some of the reasons that having a still at the Prepper Paradise is not only beneficial, but absolutely mandatory. Perhaps most importantly, at the end of the day, a drop or two of the High-Octane Home Made Hooch, just may help surviving in such a dystopian world, a little bit easier to deal with.


Please note, in order to make home made hooch, it is necessary to obtain not only a legal still, but also a federal fuel license which is generally free. It is imperative that all pertinent regulations, statutes and laws be known and followed before setting out to make your fuel … and while it is illegal to make it for personal imbibing, there are no restrictions on just what methods are used to “test” it … but be careful as it must be at least 190 proof to qualify as fuel under federal fuel licensing requirements.


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