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Laws are a fickle thing, no matter what they are called. It could be an ordinance, it could be a regulation, a statute, a law or any other name to describe what the proverbial powers that be are inclined to allow you to undertake on your own property. However, in the interest of complying with this same power, it should be noted that it is strictly, solely and entirely the responsibility of the individual to know any and all local laws, rules, regulations and/or other legal limitations that may be in place regarding their ability to protect, defend and/or otherwise secure their homestead. None of the articles on this website claim to be legal advice in any fashion and must not be construed, interpreted and/or otherwise accepted to be legal advice. In short, when it comes to defending your property, as usual, you are on your own!

Booby TrapsThe Booby Traps and Boobies sections will feature people who should be eligible for at least a Runner-Up position in the Darwin Awards. Additionally, there will be a wide range of innovative and creative booby traps in addition to the more “traditional” traps, snares and trip wires described in this section. The Booby Traps should, by all rights, be accompanied by blatantly obvious signage warning local hunters and anyone else who may be happening through the area, that this is not only private property, but that trespassers will be violated … and survivors are likely to be shot … or something similar, albeit probably less threatening if there is to be any legal remedy for the homesteader if and when some sot does trip or otherwise activate one of your home made defensive devices.


There are also major restrictions regarding any home made booby traps that can cause bodily harm, so again, it is up to the individual to know what all of the relevant legal issues are before they set out to booby trap their home. These articles are for informational purposes only and are not recommendations to start going out and laying out the proverbial minefield around your property. It is also beneficial to remember that you may not always remember where you laid all of your little handy home made devices, so it may be beneficial to include additional warnings throughout your property, especially in locations where there are booby traps.


Among those who could be considered among the world’s best when it comes to making booby traps, are the North Vietnamese, people, especially their famed sapper squadrons. These sappers were well known for their ability to infiltrate “the wire” … a defensive perimeter surrounding most military bases in the field, literally strewn with trip wires, razor barbed wire and claymore mines … and being able to get in to the wire deep enough to actually turn the claymore mines around to face the defenders so when they set them off, the surprise was literally in their face. A great many of the tactics utilized by the Vietnamese will be explored in these pages, as much in admiration of their skill and courage as in reverence for their ingenious, sometimes fatal booby traps.


Granted, there is currently not much of any real need for such traps and devices, but God forbid, if SHTF day does ever roll around, such defensive measures may tragically become more than just common sense, and it may very well be a matter of survival itself to be familiar with such techniques. Again, these articles are not intended to be in any way suggestive that such defensive measures be put in place, and any attempt by the reader to construct booby traps of any kind, should ensure that any and all of their efforts conform and adhere to any and all such legal restrictions as may be in force and effect wherever they may live and build. Still, if some other wanker out there does have these types of devices in place, it may also be helpful in recognizing them and avoiding any potential for a candidacy for inclusion in the Darwin Awards and/or winning any Booby prizes of any kind.

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