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I’m not afraid or intimidated! I have a phone … and a pen … and I am not afraid to use them!” That is of course, paraphrasing (also missing a whole lot of “Uhs” and “I” in his normal speeches) one of our past benevolent and dear leaders.

On the face, the statement seems patently absurd, as well it should. Never mind all of the checks and balances that have been put into place to prevent just such an egregious abuse of political power, and never mind the will of the persons of this great nation … he is “dear leader” and he knows what is best for the persons of this nation.

(and yes, that phrase is intentionally comparing our “dear leaders” to the “president” of North Korea)

Bugout Bags, are they worth it?The very concept is in and of itself, patently absurd … but on a similar note, so are the thoughts of a great many preppers when they proudly proclaim that they have no concerns because they have a bugout bag and know how to use them! The fact of the matter is that the bugout bag in and of itself is not in any way a viable response to a catastrophic SHTF scenario.

Yes, you have your bugout bag. You also have the proverbial prepper paradise, safely tucked away in the countryside a couple of hundred miles away from the city where you slave away to pay for your future security in the here and now and to feed and support the very beast that oppresses you through your tax “contributions”. To think however, that this is any way a guarantee of your ability to survive a very real SHTF scenario is farcical at best, and inherently dangerous at worst.

A brief glimpse into recent events in American history should reveal that the government does not have your best interests at heart and is concerned, by and large with the retention of government oppression and control … I mean power to protect the population. In Boston, Massachusetts, after the tragic marathon bombing, Martial Law was implemented without so much as a declaration by the State. Did the people actively protest?

Were there any demands for accountability? Did the people rebel at this basic oppression of their civil liberties? No. The people stood and cheered the illegal implementation of Martial Law until “an exchange of gunfire” with an “unarmed suspect” brought Martial Law to an end in that particular case … and the people … the polis … the body politic … we the fracking people stood and cheered???

During the hunt for Michael Dorner, some sixty-three rounds were fired into the back of a vehicle and it took over a year for the police to determine that the police had done nothing wrong … never mind that this was an entirely different make, model and type of vehicle from the one their “suspect” was driving … or the fact that the police took it upon themselves to murder the suspect without the benefit of a trial or jury. It took over a year for the civil courts to conclude that the police were indeed responsible for this horrendous action against two elderly ladies.

In another account of the State “protecting” the people, a man was shot sixteen times by a cop and a corrections officer during a warrantless search. Aside from the fact that the cop was conducting a warrantless search, the presence of the Corrections Officer was illegal to begin with.

Add in the fact that this occurred during a warrantless search and it becomes even more egregious. However, as if only to shove it in our faces that they are in fact our lords and masters, this man was shot sixteen times while he was sleeping! Why? Because he was sleeping with a hand under the pillow and the police were “afraid for their lives!”

Once again, the police investigated the police and determined that it was “within departmental parameters” and despite the numerous illegal actions, was perfectly justified. The cops and correction officer got a paid vacation, the taxpayer footed the bill … including the multi-million dollar settlement, and the cops and corrections officer went back to work well rested and paid, as if nothing undue had ever happened.

Incidents during the riots in Missouri and other States, after Hurricane Katrina, the Bonus Army and a host of other incidents should give you a good indication that the State … and yes, even our beloved military and Guardsmen are not always on the side of we the people … even those among us who are combat veterans of one military campaign or another.

Having a bugout bag without a plan is akin to having a condom that you know has a hole in it. You may think it will still work, and you may convince someone else it will work, but the fact remains, there should be no real surprise when that hole that only you knew about forces you to pay for your actions … though in the case of actually needing your bugout bag, you may very well be forced to pay with your life.

There is ample evidence that the government is not going to help you to make a hole through the crowds and rioting masses just so you can escape the inner city to go live happily ever after in your prepper paradise.

Do you believe for one instant that the same mindset that allows people to shoot a sleeping man sixteen times while he is asleep in his bed or to physically attack an elderly woman for possessing a .22 revolver, is going to somehow stop them from shooting the guy on the motorcycle with his bugout bag strapped to his back and a sidearm on his hip, trying to maneuver his way around military and police checkpoints?

Can you believe for even one second that the government is graciously going to warn you of a massive coronal ejection that is going to occur … especially when they will only have less than fifteen hours of notice, and to release that information would cause instant panic and chaos in the cities?

According to NASA, over the next decade, there is a twelve percent chance of a Mass Coronal Ejection from the sun that will effectively destroy our national electric grid. (See NASA, and the reports of Dr. Riley on CME probabilities and statistics)

An event such as occurred in Boston, mass riots in any large city or other similar occurrences … natural or man made could occur at any point in time. If you happen to live through such an event, your bugout bag is going to be absolutely useless without a plan in place and the means to put that plan into action. Such a strike, as is evidenced by history, would result in the almost immediate commencement of rioting, looting and even killing in the inner cities.

You need to be prepared to make certain sacrifices long before a SHTF event occurs. Are there job opportunities that will allow for you to take up permanent residence in your Prepper Paradise right now? Will it mean a substantial decrease in your ability to earn? Do you own a house in the city that you can sell now?

Can you sell your home and live a more humble lifestyle on your homestead? Can you find ways to make a living from your homestead and, even if you have to live on substantially less, still provide for you and your family if you have one? If not, then that bugout bag may not be all it is cracked up to be.

The very concept of being a prepper is based on the ability to be prepared for every possible contingency … including those that cannot readily be foreseen. Still, the vast majority of the “preppers” I have met, put their sole reliance in a single bag of goodies while ignoring the very real and very deadly history of our government during times of emergency. Waiting until SHTF Day comes along to react will force you into a position where you are required to react to numerous actions far beyond your personal control.

Acting now however, will allow you to sit back comfortably, relax, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show, never even requiring you to do so much as say “I told you so” … and no matter how well stocked your bugout bag may be, never requiring you to actually need it or forcing you to depend solely on it when SHTF day does arrive.


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