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The Guardian Guy Fawkes or just another Strawman?
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Is it not equally sad, tragic and ironic how, in its quest to erase history, the people of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ or the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or CHOP or whatever they want to call it, have taken the position of the colonialist oppressors and created exactly that which they claim to be revolting against?

Or perhaps, more disturbing still, maybe they got exactly what they were hoping for? A Threepeat of American history! Wha? Huh? Yeah. Exactly what I said.

GuidoFuques3Either way, we have once again proven that those who are unaware of their history, are doomed to repeat it ... even if you remove all of the statues ... and monuments ... and ban the movies ... and burn the books ... and, well, let us take a look at just some of what they have built, whatever you want to call it.

Despite the rewritten history and the many myths of the noble savage living in harmony with nature, the reality is that literally tens of millions of people lived throughout the Americas when the first settlers arrived.

Yes. That is correct. Just ask the Jesuits. Seriously. What? You are unaware of that portion of history regarding the Americas? Surely if you are a product of the American indoctrination centers educational institutions, you have received an education steeped in the rich and diverse cultural history of the Americas no?

Why the American educational institutions are so amazing, that since the federalization of the educational systems, our testing results in the good ol’ US of A have decreased in global standings virtually every year ... since education was federalized.

This must be because we have now been educated far beyond the mere mortals and plebes comprising the rest of the world right? I mean look at how enlightened we have become.

But I digress.

The modern day Hispanics and Latinos are supposedly a revered minority and justly entitled to all of the lands of the Americas ... because the Spanish got here first. Never mind all of the indigenous and aboriginal people who preceded them. Never mind the diseases brought in by the Spaniards that killed an estimated ninety percent of the indigenous people already here.

Just ask any of those friendly people down in La Raza or El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA) and they will tell you, despite being the home of the indigenous peoples long before the Spanish ever knew about the Americas, Aztlan is now rightfully the property of Spain ... cuz they was the first conquerors.

Oh yeah. And some 26 years of Spanish rule over what is now the Western and Southwestern United States and ended with the Gentleman’s Treaty or the Treaty Del Hidalgo, also gives the descendants of the Spanish conquistadores the right to lay claim to all of North America as well.

Again completely regardless of the fact that the evidence suggests the indigenous populations had already been here for approximately 15,000 years BEFORE the Spaniards killed the indigenous people en masse and stole their lands.

But never mind all that. Right? What does any of this have to do with the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone? Well, bear with me, because that was just the first time the Americas were infiltrated and oppressed.

But hey, because it was the Spaniards who invaded the Americas, killed off most of the existing population and stole their lands, it was all cool. In fact, ask anyone of the many Mexicans who are “Hispanic” or “Latino”.

But make sure do not ask them if they are indigenous, because in most of Mexico that is insulting as they look down on those they conquered.

Back to the Jesuit histories.

There were many Jesuit priests in league with the Spanish in their first voyages through “The New World” (and remember that, because it is also an important and mis-attributed, vague and misleading term) and while they actively sought to destroy the history of the people already living in the Americas, they did at least have the decency to keep records of their voyages.

Yeah, I know. Nobody today would seek to totally destroy our national history right? Not like anyone is tearing down statues and monuments right? Much less reestablishing an even more oppressive version of that they have overthrown. Right?

The Jesuits speak of cities upon cities, as far east as what is now modern-day Arkansas, filled to capacity with people farther than the eyes could see. Alas, by the time the French showed up, most all of the indigenous peoples were already dead. Tales of similar sightings filled the writings of the Jesuit priests as they burned books and destroyed monuments and spread disease in their travels throughout the Americas.

The Caucasion European settlers largely picked up the pieces of what was left after the Spanish invasion, invading once again to continue the path of destruction. Kicking at least some of the few remaining native and indigenous people off their lands.

And the cycle was repeated as Caucasian Europeans, through the Industrial Revolution, modernized these independent but united States of America and made it what it is today. Though granted, there were literally tens of millions fewer mythical “noble savages or even ignoble warriors for that matter.

Was there slavery? Absolutely. There was slavery before the European settlers arrived and slavery continued after the European settlers arrived. Was it tragic and abhorrent? How could it not be.

What slavery was not, was exclusive to Africans. While there were more than 12,000,000 African slaves taken to “the new world”, there were roughly 10,700,000 that survived the journey. That is an immense number by any definition and a travesty.

Despite the oft-forgotten fact that the most prevalent slave traders were the Moorish people to the North of the Portuguese settlements, who had been enslaving people from throughout most of Africa since before the times of the Christ.

But remember, I told you that the term “the new world” is deceiving and often used to misattribute many horrors to be the cause of the evil white man? Such is the case here as well.

There are only some 388,000 ... and yeah, that is some 388 THOUSAND who were brought into these independent but united States of America of the more than ten million slaves that survived from the more than twelve million who were sold by other Africans into slavery for “the new world”.

For a little perspective, there are estimated to be more than forty million people currently enslaved in the world today. That is more than one hundred times the number of slaves who were originally brought into these independent but united States of America.

Most of those people who are enslaved today, guess what, are African slaves owned by other Africans, though in fairness, India is pretty close behind, at least the last time I looked at current numbers.

Where is the outrage please?


Oh. Sorry.

You are too worried about destroying history ostensibly over less than one percent of the number of current slaves in the world today, that some seven hundred thousand people died in the fight to rid, and that ended about 155 years ago, none of whom, slave owners or slaves are still alive today, to worry about one hundred times as many people actively enslaved in the world today.


Seriously! Back the fuck up Jack! This is my no-no space bitch. A hundred times more people actively enslaved in the world today and you want me to fuck off an entire culture and history about shit that ended more than 150 years ago? Fuck off.

And where do we end up today?

With the Colonial Empire of CHAZ, or the Expansionist Empire of CHOP ... or whatever the fu ... okay, enough of that ... whatever you want to call this delusional dystopian democrat demagoguery.

But wait. They are fighting against oppression and “the man” whoever the heck that is.


In plain English, "what a bunch of mixed up fucking bullshit!"

What is the first thing the idjits in Seattle do? They occupy land that is already occupied.

What is the second thing they do? They build a fucking wall to keep out anybody they do not like ... this despite the fact that at the very same time they are saying that walls and borders are racist and need to be torn down.

Are you starting to see why this is idiocracy on display?

What do they do next? Over run even more territory that belongs to the people and claim it as their own while they proudly proclaim how now it belongs to the people. Never mind that before, anyone could walk into the police station and get assistance, but now you gotta be CHAZ approved just to even get close.

Oh, and then the best part. They beat the crap out of people tagging buildings of business owners that are “friendly” to them, while they tag the shit out of stores that are not “supporting” their colonial expansionist occupation of already owned land.

But it gets better.

They also beat the shit out of anyone daring to carry an American flag because you are free ... as long as you agree with them and do not dare step out of line. If you do not?

OFF TO THE FUCKING INTERROGATION ROOMS! I shit you not. One street preacher and one YouTuber taken to “interrogation rooms” ...

So yeah, if what they were hoping for was nothing more than a repeat of history, replete with unappointed, unelected “leaders”, chaos and an authoritarian police state to fill the void left by anarchy, guess what, you colonialist oppressors and expansionists got your wish.

SIDENOTE: Do we need police reform? Absofuckinglutely! If we are going to grant people with “special powers” that the average citizen does not have, those people need to be held to substantially higher standards than the citizenry and NEVER granted any type of immunity ... and that includes cops and politicians. If this entire movement results in nothing more than massive police (and hopefully political) reform, more power to it. If however, I am to be witness to nothing more than a violent, even peaceful replay of the Who’s “Meet the New Boss” IRL, forgive me if I remain wholly unimpressed.

I have to say, the video I have been told is not what you will expect, and it would seem the defacto leader does not seem as bad as what is seen on the streets and in the news, though I would also note that nature hates a void and the void in a chaotic system the strongest will come in and eventually take over, no matter the intentions. 

Hotep Jesus Interviews Raz from CHAZ

Let us know what you think please!

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