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Civil War Veterans could get over it but you cannot? The problem is not with history, but your perception.
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DISCLAIMER: This is not a call in any way for armed insurrection or revolt, but merely a plea for people to stand up and defend the American way of life before its history and its future is destroyed forever! And if you do not have the capacity to read through to the end and absorb the actual meaning of this article, that is between you and the public education system that failed you!

This war will be fought not on the frontier or on some distant battlefield, but amongst us – among our homes. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes. And the innocent will die with the rest of us.” -Benjamin Martin – The Swamp Ghost – The Patriot-

When Americans think of Civil War, they tend to remember the American Civil War, which by its very nature, was in fact more of a second revolution than it ever was a civil war. (We can address that in another article if there is any interest in the subject) Fortunately, this was more an exception than the rule.

In truth, a look at civil wars around the world should provide proof positive that we are already at war, though only one side has taken to the battlefield. If we do not presume to hold our own against the ongoing encroachments on our society, not only the battle, but the war itself has already been lost.

All the outrage on the streets was originally supposed to be about an egregious abuse of police power that resulted in an unwarranted and tragic death, though certainly no more or less tragic than so many others before it.

The blood of Dan Shaver cries out for revenge, as does the blood of Andrew Finch cries out, though while the gamer who made the Swatting call was prosecuted, the cop who shot an unarmed man from across the street was not. The blood of Dennis Wayne Tuttle and Rhogena Ann Nicholas calls out for revenge but where were the riots?

The whole of America was on-board for major police reform after the killing of George Floyd and teaching moments aside, this was an opportunity to implement monumental change for the good of our nation as a whole, not just in terms of police reform, but of political reform at the same time, all for the direct and tangible benefit of we, the people united.

Civil War Veterans could get over it but you cannot? The problem is not with history, but your perception. In all of these other cases I have listed here, innocent people were killed by egregious police abuses. Where was the outrage? It was not “politically expedient” and did not fit the narrative of those whose agenda is yet again evidenced to be the extinction not just of American history, but the American dream, the American way of life and any chance we have to create a better world through self-governance.

What is the reality of the current movement? What are their intentions if not to implement their dystopian dictatorial democrat dream?

The leaders of Black Lives Matter have openly declared themselves to be “trained Marxists” whatever that is supposed to mean. Despite this however, they can express none of the economic policies of Marx, and more revealing still? They openly deny the proven racist nature of Marx and others of his ilk.

And next? What is their next play? If America does not “give us what we demand” they are threatening to “burn the system to the ground”? What did they do in the CHAZ or CHOP or whatever you want to call the madness in Seattle?

They colonized occupied lands, built walls to keep out those they did not like, abused those who did not follow their commands, segregated their numbers and resources based on segregationist, racist policy and granted “freedom” to anyone who would bend the knee and give in to their egregious demands. Utopian paradise? Gimme a break. A dystopian nightmare and nothing more. 

Has one democrat in power denounced ANY of this madness? They weld shut the gates on churches and parks to “prevent the spread” of a virus that is scarcely more than a deadly flu, and nowhere near the fatality rates predicted. Yet at the same time the leaders of this nation praise those who are actively engaged out in public, yelling, screaming and gathering in large groups.

New York City refuses to ask during COVID testing whether the people were involved in the rioting and then notes that there are “no reported increases due to the riots” ... of course there are not when there are no reports about whether or not the people tested were actively involved in the rioting.

Yet one day after the Trump Rally with record numbers of online viewers and only a relatively few number of physical participants, news of “spikes in reported cases of coronavirus” were all across the headlines. Never mind the fact that there is a week or two incubation period. But people would have forgotten about the rally by then, so the propaganda machines had to be put into use immediately, facts be damned.

Churchgoers? Fines? Jail time?

Violent and destructive rioters? Immunity. Dropping charges.

These are NOT peaceful protestors but violent rioters seeking to destroy any remnant of America as she should stand. If you cannot see that America is already under attack, than you deserve to lose the war.

Look at the Obama (read American taxpayer) funded Arab Spring. In one area of town, apathetic citizens sat drinking coffee while others decided their fate. If you cannot see that your way of life is under attack, you are either extremely apathetic or willfully ignorant at this stage.

Is that harsh? Oh gee. I am so sorry. I hurt your feelings while your entire nation and your entire way of life is under attack by people who want to implement a dictatorial government system. Gee, can you ever forgive me?

My words are violence but their violent expressions are peaceful protests right? Oh wait, but according to masterminds and geniuses like Chris Cuomo, the first amendment does not even count any more. Not even any effort to hide their disdain for the constitution.

Again, not even one national democrat leader has stood against the violent destruction of our history or our nation. In places where people have stood to defend their history and to defend their homes and businesses, these people have been arrested while those that are looting and destroying our national landmarks are ignored altogether.

If that is not something seriously indicative of the system being flawed than nothing is. Since when has declaring that all lives matter been a bad thing? When has any other president been censored for seeking to uphold and defend the law and the constitution for which they swore an oath to defend?

More important, why are no people standing up and taking an active role to put an end to this madness?

Either stand for something, spend the rest of your life bending the knee, or fall for anything. The decision is yours to make, but the time to make a decision is now!


Let us know what you think please!

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