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I will preface this article with a couple of pertinent points. I do dearly love Mexico, many of the people I knew, worked with and even lived with when I lived in Mexico, the food, the culture and virtually everything about the country as a whole … though I am not actually of Mexican heritage. Furthermore, the abuses suffered in Mexico, largely since the American government influence in their “War on Drugs” (read: further efforts to control the every day lives of common people in America and around the globe that are overtly egregious in nature) are certainly not helped by the interference from the American government anymore than they are by the lack of wholehearted interference by the Mexican government, its agents and agencies.

These entries should be noted as general stereotypes, but stereotypes that are based on logical reasoning from the facts at hand, despite there being numerous exceptions on both sides of the border.

On that note, I have good reason to believe that the American government works with criminal “families”, large corporations and even the drug cartels all in a very similar fashion. One or two key players are selected, and in the case of corporations, they are allowed to create the requisite laws and regulations in order to prevent the growth of too much in the way of competition.

In such a fashion, the current cackle of corrupt and complicit congress critters need shake down only a limited number of larger corporations for lobbyist dollars and campaign coffer contributions, as opposed to having to visit every little Podunk Mom and Pop Shop in order to hawk their protection racket.


Noriega made it perfectly clear that he was working with the American government and had their “support and protection” … at least until he got too greedy. Then along came Pablo Escobar who was killed before he could go to trial … and lastly, we have El Chapo whose case went quiet after it was revealed that he did in fact have numerous American politicians on his payroll.


While I am a great lover of the “Latino” Culture, I am also an ardent student of Mesoamerican history … at least to the extent that it is possible with the limited information available regarding a very long, colorful, often brutal and seemingly advanced history … in accordance with some claims, extending back even further than the Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures.

Mexicans, like Americans, tend to classify people … as in fact do most Latinos I know. The verbiage and vernacular may change … most especially among the Statists who seek to control the language to control the conversation … but I do not have any reason to believe that the societal norms have changed any whatsoever.

In Mexico, I was referred to as a Gabacho … effectively a white Mexican … of which there are a great many in certain locations in Mexico. In Spain, a gabacho is a frog, but in Mexico, la rana is the frog and gabacho is a non-derogatory slang term for a white Mexican or other normal person … as opposed to the gringo which is every bit as derogatory as the “N” word … except to the left-leaning Statists who believe that no race other than the Caucasian race has the capacity to be racist.

Chicanos were the reference for Latin-Americans who were born and/or raised primarily in the US. Most of the individuals of Aztec or Mayan descent were called a great many things … though most of them were not favorable or kind in nature.

In fact, in Mexico, where there is no pretense about political correct behavior, it is considered rude and an insult to ask anyone if they are of Mayan or Aztec heritage unless they dress in the traditional garb and/or speak the native language(s). Mexican and even many Guatemalan and Salvadorean people will quite literally become fighting mad for being affronted with such a query … especially from a gringo.

For the truth to be known, it must be said … that the vast majority of Hispanic people, are in fact, European descendants of the people of Hispaniola … also known as Spain … and one of the three Global powers in the late fourteen hundreds when they began their invasion and conquest of the Americas … who invaded and conquered the Americas in the exact same way that the much maligned Caucasian European did.

Despite the claims of many revisionist historians, Cortez and his followers, not least among these many Jesuit Priests and Friars, wrote of great and vast cities, stretching out farther than the eye could see … the actual native Americans at the time were far from small, communal and tribal hunter/gatherers. A great many of those in what is now the American Southwest … or the Southwestern United States, were predominantly the ancestors of the modern day Paiute Indians, though California also had a few more indigenous tribes quite outside of the majority of “Native Americans” who are largely people of Outer Mongolian descent.

In short, the Hispanic people are every bit as Eurocentric as the “evil white man” who they are trying to “overthrow” … all in the name of the newly popular theory that virtually all of them have some Aztec and/or Mayan blood … which they have vehemently denied since the early eighties that I know about. However, now that it is politically expedient, they wish to deny their own European heritage to pick up the sword and shield for a group of people they still freely oppress in their own nations.

If a white male were to start a National Council of The Race … and its motto were “In the Race, Everything – Outside the Race, Nothing”, and its stated goal was the reclamation of the entire nation for its race alone, it would rightfully be labeled as a racist organization … by definition and its very nature … accurately being called out as such. However, when a group of European Spaniards do the same thing under the Mexican flag, it is seen as progressive and proper and even good … despite active calls for violence against both white and black American citizens. In fact, it is labeled so good that it receives literally millions of dollars a year from those same American citizens it wishes to attack and displace.

The Eurocentric Hispanics did in fact control what is now the American Southwest for a grand total of twenty-six years … and lost it due to both popular uprisings against its leadership from within, from the Native American population including numerous battles with Comanches and varied Paiute tribes, and through the fighting of the Mexican American war in the early eighteen hundreds with the other European settlers, the “white man”. After these Native lands were “conquered” and claimed by the Eurocentric Hispanic population, they ruled for 26 years and then lost these same lands to the Eurocentric Anglo invaders … and further ceded those lands in an internationally recognized and approved treaty. This treat was known as the Gentleman’s Treaty … the Treaty of Hidalgo.

Let an American go to any other nation on this planet, wave an American flag in a local political contest, demand special rights and privileges, and they will be quickly locked up, often without any judicial process or opportunities. The American embassy will send a representative to bring them a toothbrush and maybe a magazine or two … but unless it is a high profile case that is causing embarrassment for the nation as a whole, the American Embassy will not do squat … most embassies will not for that matter, but hey, so much for the land of the free right? Political and Diplomatic Reciprocity?

But hey, this is America right? The great global melting pot … even when a vast number of modern immigrants and refugees seek only to collect benefits and have no intention of ever assimilating into American Society as a whole … even among those who do not want to stage an unlawful revolutionary movement actively seeking to topple the legal government in place and displace if not murder the local inhabitants … so what the heck right … since we are America and Americans and we are supposed to be the bigger morally and justly … I am officially proposing a diplomatic and political program of reciprocity.

Since the Hispanic people are in fact, fellow Europeans, I believe it is only fair that we implement the very same immigration laws and practices that they currently have in place … as a sort of solidarity movement if you will. If an immigrant is caught up in American political affairs, we lock them away without any judicial process, making sure of course that they pay for their own upkeep. Perhaps we would be so kind as some other nations where I have lived, and offer these people six or eight hundred calories a day to keep them alive, though food is not often provided in local jails, most immigration detention facilities should at least provide enough sustenance to keep the people alive. Wave a foreign flag? Hang a foreign flag above or in place of the American flag? No judicial process for you. Immigration detention until you can afford your own way home … but we will at least provide you with an armed escort all the way to your transportation out of here … airlines only as it is more difficult to get out of the airplane en route.

However, despite our common European ancestry we so proudly share with our Hispanic brethren, I do not see that it would be beneficial to encourage the raping, robbing and even murder of those here illegally, despite the fact that this in in reality, a common practice for our Eurocentric Hispanic brethren to the South. Just lock them up until they are capable and ready to pay for their own flight back to their country of origin. Heck, for that matter, I would not even allow for unfounded charges to be used as an excuse to detain them for excessive periods of time such as often happens in Mexico and in other nations around the world.

One American is still locked up in one country because his landlady got mad when he moved after discovering that she had been charging him three times the going rate for rent … so she filed a complaint … and the American Embassy, given the egregious nature of his abuses on his hosts while he was a guest in their nation, refuses to lift a finger to assist him … well … unless they are paid to do so anyhow … and even then, that nets him little more than the occasional and very expensive stamp on an official document, or maybe even a replacement toothbrush so he can continue to care for his teeth after consuming somewhere around six or eight hundred calories a day as his entire diet. If such charges are found to be baseless, I would recommend that the American government go after those filing such false claims, unlike our European Hispanic brethren to the South … after all, we are all brothers in European blood at the end of the day.


Let us know what you think please!





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