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What are the lessons we can learn from Trump?
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There are a lot of lessons to be learned from observing politics and our “leaders” … who are in fact, by definition, public servants, but who continue to insist that the ability to win a popularity contest grants them some kind of special super powers giving them the insight and “right” to rule over us and demand that we follow their edicts under the threat of kidnapping or worse, up to and including the murder of innocent civilians. Never in our history however, has this been so apparent as it has under the leadership of Donald J. Trump. The question is … what is the real lesson to be learned? Surely it has to be a little more than just "Orange Man Bad!"

It is well known that new politicians enter the fray and start their swimming in the swamp all of the time … or at least after every election cycle. This is nothing new. However, as someone who has had the opportunity to work with a newly elected senator, albeit from a different party than I was once registered with … back before I became more fully awake and disillusioned by the workings of government, it was with a little bit more than just a passing interest that I noted the changes that took place after the election.

Without getting into names or party affiliations, I had cause to work against one candidate who was with the very same party I was registered with … though she was displaced in something of a very common scandal among politicians and was voted out with a member of the opposing party elected in her stead. As such, I continued with my efforts as any business person would, even though it meant working with someone from the other side. As such, I got to know a great deal about this person personally, and even met many of their friends. There were in fact a great many areas where this elected representative differed from the national party on the matter of individual freedom and liberty. These differences were not in any small way, responsible for his being elected in the State I was working in at the time.

What are the lessons we can learn from the Donald Trump Presidency?Over the course of time however, during his first term in office, I notice a marked difference in behavior, voting patterns … and most notably … the vast chasm opening up between his speeches and claims to the local populace and his actual voting record within the hallowed halls of the house. In short, he would say one thing yet proceed to do something completely different. In one of our opportunities to speak together, I asked about this glaring contradiction and was informed that were he to stand any chance at reelection, he must by nature, vote largely along party lines. Party meetings were such that a select number of people within either party would be able to vote against party lines in order to appease their base, but the majority of the party, if they were to retain any party support for their “careers” as politicians, would be forced to take whatever action the party itself deemed to be in the best interests of the party.

As you may imagine, this was part of my awakening process, noting that not only was government wholly unconcerned with the people, but also that the entire legislative process was little more than a dog and pony show to promote those interests that supported the politicians through political action committees, campaign donations and lobbyist funds. In short, politicians become part and parcel with their party or their political ambitions go the way of the long-extinct dodo bird. Toe the party line or let the door hit you where the good Lord split you on your way out.

My personal expressions for these people are “The American Aristocracy” and “The Establishment Elite” … and many people attempt to discern which is the “Left” and which is the “Right”. However, such an effort is an exercise in futility as the American Aristocracy is how the authors of the Anti-Federalist Papers deemed to call the professional politicians, and the Establishment Elite is a more modern take of the same … what should be a derogatory … expression or name for “professional” or “career” politicians.

Donald J. Trump however, is not a politician. He may be a diplomat insofar as most business men are … especially in New York where one must deal with everything from corrupt and anal retentive bloated bureaucracies to “families” that rule the Boroughs in a very unforgiving manner. Having already made his fortune and not being “obligated” to either party, he was not subject to the more traditional means of keeping “entry-level” politicians in check. He proudly proclaims what he feels and what he thinks, regardless of whether it is right or left or right or wrong. He makes no bones about what he is and what he hopes to accomplish. One would think that with so many politicians ostensibly fed up with the constant gridlock and corruption in the Federal District, that this would be quite refreshing … but what has the end result been in reality?

Despite the accomplishments of Trump, not one of these has been promoted on national news in a positive light … at least not in relation to his name. Any credit given to him at all is done so only begrudgingly and often in a blatantly condescending fashion. If any president has ever been attacked so viciously on a personal level, it is perhaps only discovered in the reports and histories of Tammany Hall or Boss Tweed or other such scandals. Trump has been attacked with equal fervor and contempt from both the American Aristocracy and the Establishment Elite from both Jackboots … I mean both parties of our Two-faced uni-party system.

If there is anything at all to be learned from the presidency of Donald J. Trump it is that independently minded people who are not subject to every whim and demand of their party, need not apply for the job … unless of course they long to be subjected to abuse from both sides of the political partying aisles.

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