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While generalizing is … generally not a good idea, it is fairly safe to presume that the vast majority of the American population does not really believe in being adequately prepared for natural disasters, much less partial or even complete societal collapse. Often, those people who do believe in being well prepared for any potential calamity, are labeled as paranoid, conspiracy theorists and a host of other derogatory names, many unfit to print even in a publication such as this format.

Never mind that a “Conspiracy” is nothing more than two or more people conspiring to conduct an event … a surprise birthday party is an excellent example of a very benign type of Conspiracy. Operations Northwoods is perhaps among the most well known and best examples of a more malicious conspiracy. Despite the fact that conspiracies really do occur on a daily basis, and nobody … or virtually nobody appreciates being called derogatory names … what are the chances that the chit really could hit the fan?

According to Dr. Pete Riley of NASA, there is a twelve percent likelihood of a Coronal Mass Ejection … a CME or Solar Flare, occurring within the decade. That effectively says that on any given day, there may be roughly a ten percent chance that one will strike. I do not know about you, but if I have a one in ten chance of catching a fish on any given day, I am going fishing! Seriously though, how bad could a single solar flare be?

According to NASA, depending on when the ejection or CME occurred, the earth would likely receive anywhere from fifteen hours to a mere fifteen minutes warning of such an event. Imagine for the sake of argument that it was indeed a fifteen hour warning. Do you believe for one moment that the government would warn the people? The ensuing chaos would result in a run on banks, grocery stores and create a sense of general panic all the way around. It is far more likely that the government would not provide any warning whatsoever to the people who would be directly in the path of such a massive plasma storm. In short, the average person is going to be SOL … or out of luck.

But fortunately, such an event has never happened right? And everything is still working so it could not have been that bad … even if it did happen right?


Except …

In 1859, what became known as “The Carrington Event” stemmed from a Solar Mass Coronal Ejection or CME coming from the sun. The Carrington Event was powerful enough to destroy the telegraph systems throughout Europe and the United States. It may be easy to laugh off the idea of losing the telegraph, but it should be noted that there was no electrical grid in existence at the time … had there been, it would have been completely destroyed as well.

The Great Geo-Magnetic Storm of 1921” is considered to be one of the five worst recorded events of solar storms, it disrupted communications traffic from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River. On May 15, it not only disrupted but knocked out of operation, the entire signal and switching system of the New York Central Railroad below 125th street. This outage then was followed by a fire in the control tower at 57th and Park Avenue. The same storm burned out a Swedish telephone station and interfered with telephone, telegraph and cable traffic over most of Europe.

1958 – In the last century, there also have been other events such as the Feb. 11, 1958, solar storm which resulted in nationwide radio blackouts. According to various reports, auroras were visible in Boston, Seattle, Canada and Newfoundland. The storm reportedly was so intense over Europe that newspaper reports at the time said that there was concern for fires and the fear that war had broken out again.

1989 – The entire province of Quebec was blacked out from a glancing blow from a passing plasma storm. (The latter portion of the “tail” of the storm was likely the only portion that passed through the atmosphere of the earth … had the storm hit directly, the damage would have been substantially greater.

2012 – A geomagnetic plasma cloud resulting from yet another CME, barely missed the earth. This one was deemed to be larger than both the events of 1859 and 1921 which adversely impacted vast swathes of Europe and the US. The estimated damage and financial impact of a direct hit was estimated by the US government to be over two trillion US dollars … but that would not be the worst of it these days.

According to studies conducted by the military, the initial damage would amount to roughly two trillion dollars in damage, largely in infrastructure that would be difficult to replace. Transistors for the electrical grid in such numbers would take years to replace … generally up to two years. However, this is only one part of the much bigger picture.

Imagine no banks, no ATM machines … a bunch of millennials who are quite literally addicted to their gadgets and devices now without the benefit of any of these items. No traffic lights, no running water. How long would it take for the riots to ensue? How long would it take for the government to come in to “save the day” by implementing the police state that seems to be the wet dream of Statists on both sides of the “Two-Party” uniparty political system?

The prepper and even most common homesteaders believe in being prepared for just such an occurrence, but the government, in its omnipresent glorious position as ruler and lord over us plebes has sought to make this extremely awkward … regardless of whether or not you intended to be, apparently you are now a threat to civilized society. The National Defense Authorization Act makes it “criminal” to “hoard” more than seven days worth of supplies during any time of emergency.

Guess what. Did you can all those excess fruits and vegetables that you worked so hard planting, tending and harvesting? Technically at least … and legally … even in the event of a comparatively minor event such as Hurricane Katrina … you remember that one right? Where the government unconstitutionally and unlawfully disarmed law abiding American citizens without any due process?

Even in the event of such a comparatively minor event, virtually every farmer, homesteader and prepper is in violation of the NDAA … a federal law making their “being prepared” or simply retaining the proverbial and literal fruits of their labors, a federal crime.

When I was a kid, the old-timers used to build their cellars and pantries underground because it was a cool, dark and dry space for storing home canned goods. These days, it seems as it is as much about being prudent and safe from egregious government overreach and abuse as it is about being able to safely and conveniently keep the rewards from your own work.

Even more ironic perhaps … is that this same government not only decides to label those of us who believe in being prepared as crazy conspiracy theorists, but believes we are somehow or another a threat to civilized society in the event of societal collapse. Somewhere, some inefficient and bloated bureaucrat really believes that the prepper is going to leave their well-stocked, readily defended position to go into the inner city to loot empty store shelves and join in the rioting? Seriously?


Let us know what you think please!

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