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Another post from our friend Tom Darby at the Ale81Inn!

This week's winner stormed into the game late and bested some of our perennial contenders.  In a field including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Todd and CNN's Brain Seltzer, our winner this week blew them all out of the water. Remarkably this individual did not even enter the equation until mid week. This individual's despicable factor was indeed SO potent that if Adam Schiff himself had been on the front pages this week, even then it would have been no contest. Even more remarkable, our winner has prevailed following a nearly unparalleled performance from Michigan's Gretchen Hitler.

Following this appearance on Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday,  all balloting for this week's winner was closed:

Tom Darby Selects the Worst Person This Week

Yes folks, in an heretofore never witnessed tour de force of hubris, Peter Walker completely decimated any competition for this dubious distinction. It wasn't even close. Walker, self-confessed former senior partner of McKinsey & Company, embodies the traitorous swine who have for decades whored themselves to the Chinese Communist Party. Like the Uberpimp, they have sold all of our asses while walking away with the fee.  We're the cheapest whores around: we don't even get a cut from the transaction.

If you can bear it, watch the entire clip. If you dare, stare into the soulless eyes of evil. Like a concentration camp guard, found out decades later; or the charter member of NAMBLA, there is no attempt to deny his deeds. This skid mark doesn't even think he's done anything wrong, in fact he almost seems proud of what he and his greed merchants have wrought upon his countrymen. I would wager that this stain on humanity would be just as adept at explaining, in the very same dispassionate fashion, how best to sodomize young boys without the aid of lubrication.

Will we see more from this sudden new sensation? I doubt it. I expect that his publicist and legal team will be fired after this appearance (what were you thinking, Mr. Walker!?) Perhaps no. It is rather likely that they are just as tone deaf. So for those of you who are routinely pulling for the list of usual suspects, have no fear. As the country comes back to life from this entire shutdown charade, you may all rest assured that Pelosi, Todd and company will resume their low standard of despicable behavior. Mr. Walker is a one hit wonder, but one that will not soon be forgotten.


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