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Was the creation of a dependency class intentional
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There is more than just a little belief that the American “War on Poverty” was little more than a partisan political ploy by Lyndon Johnson to secure the votes of a limited class of people for an extended period of time, without having to waste precious time and resources courting this class of people and potential voters.

This was made all the more conspiratorial and “obvious” by his now (in)famous speech in which he declared that he would “have them N’ers voting democrat for the next two hundred years”. While there is indeed a strong case to be made for this argument, and it may even be true to some limited extent, the reality is much harsher … and global in nature, and has everything to do with the global creation of a dependency class of people, who will be reliant on the government for whatever crumbs their benevolent dear leaders may see fit to dole out to the people.

HomelessnessWhile some readers will be quick to throw up racial slurs and instigate discord over the conclusions, it would be well to note that I grew up in the Appalachian mountains, in quite literally the poorest portion of this nation. I would also (regretfully) note that, these are not highly integrated locations and thus, the social discord as noted herein, exceeds the limiting boundaries of race … and to a degree, other equally divisive factors that the government would use to divide and conquer we the people so that we are more easily controlled.

It is indeed difficult to imagine that some of the greatest minds in the world could have come up with such a solution of “social assistance” and “support” and not seen the ramifications of their actions, especially at a national scale. However, anyone who has traveled around the globe, has likely seen similar stories in action among the more industrialized nations at least, on a global scale … with virtually the same results everywhere that such efforts have been undertaken.

Granted, this will require at least a limited view in stereotypical support of the discussion as set forth herein, but these stereotypes, while certainly not all-encompassing or complete, do give at least a hint of a view into the underlying problems and the global nature of the creation of the dependency class. Thus, the only questions that remain are whether or not the creation of the dependency class was an accident or whether there was some other underlying purpose … and whether it was intentionally established specifically for the results it has created or if that was somehow or another overlooked by the “greatest minds” across the globe and was wholly and completely a benevolent undertaking for and on behalf of the impoverished people of the world.

It is very difficult for some people to grasp the fact that government is anything other than, or even less than omniscient and benevolent in nature. After all, government is comprised of goodhearted and kind people, working as public servants, that only seek to serve the people within their respective districts right? Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws, the Lautenberg Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (also known as the “Patriot” Act) and other laws that routinely bypass Due Process of and for the people, and regulatory agencies that pass regulations with the full force and effect of the law without any accountability even to the legislative body, much less to the people or even the voting public are all just accidents right?

Or perhaps these are just areas wherein the government needs more power and control over the people for our own protection from ourselves? It is not like our government is comprised of individuals that could be overly compromised by political lobbyists, campaign donations and other remuneration that would convince them to look out for the interests of themselves or others over the interests of their constituents right?

Given all of that and the truth in those statements, I can see how some people remain convinced that the government would never intentionally create a dependency class of voters. However, this is not just an American phenomenon but a global cause that needs to be addressed … and approached carefully … beginning with a basic understanding of the problems at hand.

The provision of housing alone does not solve homelessness or it would have been done a long time ago. The provision of subsistence payments rewarding poor life choices while at the same time financially punishing the already impoverished people financially for attempting to make better life choices and to become more wholly self-sustaining.

The isolation of these groups of impoverished into relatively isolated neighborhoods and housing units only serves to exacerbate these problems without ever providing any real solutions for a viable means of escape from the life of poverty. In fact, it would be quite possible to say that the inverse was true.

Such conditions as those which have been created, have actually served little purpose other than the creation of a dependency class and have in many ways, exacerbated the root cause and the impact of poverty and kept people virtually enslaved in impoverished conditions for multiple generations. It is difficult to imagine on the best of days, that the greatest minds that government can put together, would not … or could not see any of this coming.

The tragic reality and sad truth is that there is no political expediency in resolving these issues and every political advantage in the use of “Identity Politics” and the “Politics of Division” through these programs. In short, all of the solutions that have been presented have been for political gain and scarcely ever for the benefit of the recipients of social assistance.

In the United States and throughout Europe, subsidized housing has been established for the “benefit” of the underclass citizens, though in isolated neighborhoods and set aside on what already was … or shortly will become “that part of town” or “the wrong side of the tracks”. Isolated as this housing is, entire neighborhoods are inundated with the poor and impoverished, who, given something for effectively nothing in return, care naught about the residence as there is no cost, and therefore no tangible value.

Furthermore, those who have been troubled by poverty. In this day and age and in many instances, for multiple generations, are gathered together, vices and all, with no viable means of support, no assistance integrating into … or even back into society. What kind of sociologist or indeed, any rational person, would argue that putting all the drug addicts, gambling addicts and alcoholics together with only a very limited and wholly voluntary means of sociological support in place? What does any reasonable person plainly see is going to happen?

In a further degradation of society, children are subsequently raised in this very same environment. For the children, not only is there a social stigma associated with living on the wrong side of town, but their role models in such neighborhoods are often drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics and others who have not ever had any motivation, much less actual reason to integrate or reintegrate into “normal” society. These children are, by the nature of the programs involved, raised believing that they are entitled to free housing and welfare checks simply by the merits of their individual existence.

The children in these areas are brought up with an inherent knowledge from their surroundings that poor behavior and poor life choices are rewarded while any efforts to raise their median quality of life will be financially punished. Single mothers receive financial rewards for having more children out of wedlock and are financially punished if they get married. Benefits remain constant or increase as long as they do not gain meaningful employment, but even gainful employment will result in a net loss in regards to personal finance, whether from a direct loss of income or benefits.

There is very little value placed on social standards, education or life-planning as these will result in a net financial loss for the families who are the recipients of these programs. This perversion is encouraged and aided by the ensuing social division that inevitably occurs in regards to these poor people, ultimately resulting in a cyclic and systemic degradation of that entire segment of society and effectively destroying any real chance that these people have a future, fully integrated as part of society and individually, as productive and contributing members of that society.

None of the benefits offered to them have any value, as there is no cost and no personal responsibility involved in attaining this “benefit”. Then people wonder at the degradation of these internal or smaller, microcosms of society and their failures and often blame race or other divisive factors, further strengthening the social divide and the separation of the people and allowing for all of the masses to be even more easily divided, labeled and controlled by our dear and benevolent governments and “dear leaders”.

Poverty is a hydra with just as many roots as it has heads. The provision of housing may be effectively chopping off one head of the problem, but it replaces it with many more … often greater problems in its place. Poverty is also systemic in nature, and care and great caution must be undertaken to prevent the creation of a dependency class while at the same time working to end the vicious and unforgiving cyclical … even revolutionary nature of poverty.

A family may have ended up impoverished for any number of reasons, many of which are beyond any reasonable semblance of control by the individual and/or family unit. It may be that accidents or tragedies or even illness or disease has left a family unit impoverished.

Once bound by that poverty, it quickly becomes exponentially more difficult to escape from those conditions. Those with land sufficient to provide for all of their personal needs, will still be forced to sell their crops or their harvests immediately, generally at a great loss, in order to prevent spoilage and complete loss, thus effectively robbing them of any real potential to profit from their labors.

A person living in a homeless shelter or on the wrong side of the tracks will often be stigmatized and held back from certain opportunities, based on their physical or geographical location, regardless of any personal merits. Some of the truly impoverished will be raised with no incentive or motivation ever given for personal improvement as there is no need for personal improvement as long as they can exist … even minimally, based on whatever crumbs some “benevolent” agency may deem them to be worthy of.

Poverty is also cyclical in nature. Once an individual or family has become truly impoverished, they will find it increasingly difficult to escape from those impoverished conditions the longer they remain there. Their children will lack the means for obtaining viable education that is necessary for the ability to find gainful employment that would otherwise assist their family in escaping from poverty.

(Not every nation in the world provides “free education” at the expense of the homeowner. Much of the world charges, even for the most basic of education. Despite this, in these same nations, an education, generally at least a college education is required even to obtain the most menial of jobs such as a stock clerk)

Once these families or individuals begin losing hope, they often sink to the levels of addiction, sometimes in hopes of that one big score that one lift them up out of the depths as with gambling, other times in terms of even a temporary respite from their hopeless circumstances, turning to alcohol or drugs as a solution.

These addictions further serve to keep the families impoverished, and when added to the lack of education and other opportunities for their offspring, the poverty becomes multi-generational in nature, feeding and growing on itself and the circumstances surrounding the ensuing hopelessness.

When the roots … or root causes of poverty are chopped off, they do not have the capacity to grow back. Thus, any truly effective war on poverty must include cutting it off at its base. The root causes of poverty need to be addressed while attending to the needs of the people, and all of this conducted in such a manner so as not to create a dependency class in the process.

Housing must be provided, integrated into society rather than being separated from society and placed somewhere that it is conveniently forgotten except during election cycles or as a means to further divide a common people. It must also be provided with a means of responsibility and accountability on the part of the recipient.

Among the responsibilities of the recipients should be sociological support groups and/or courses including basic financial management, family planning, (not merely seeking out an abortion every time a woman is “inconvenienced” by a pregnancy) scholastic, vocational and/or technical skills training based on individual aptitude batteries, and more importantly on that level, a reduction of the stigmatization resulting from being a recipient of social assistance.

In short, they should be integrated into the “functional” society rather than being isolated on the outside of that society. Unification is a far more effective solution than isolation and segregation of the impoverished classes. However, since there remains no direct benefit to the government or its agencies and/or agents, this solution will never be presented by any governing body to the extent that it can be voted upon.

Education is part of the key, but not the general education system currently being used to indoctrinate students into politically correct trains of thought and categorizing them individually in their respective and (in)appropriate status of victimized class systems. Teaching to the test and instilling politically correct systems of values within the public indoctrination … I mean educational institutions have failed more than just the students, to the extent that it has failed not only society, but humanity as a whole.

Michiu Kaku once noted that the biggest killer of the dreams of children is the educational system we have established … most notably since the introduction of the Federal Department of Education, though the educational institutions and their standards, at least in the US, were beginning to fail long before the introduction of this bloated bureaucratic beast.

Education needs to return to teaching to the strengths of the individual students as based upon the results of highly specified aptitude batteries, with the individual curriculum of each student being established for that individual. (While this may seemingly be a daunting, if not impossibly herculean task, it has already been made possible through specialized activities of a very large multi-national corporation that has its own University system … wherein such a program has already been implemented)

When social assistance in the form of benefits is provided, it needs to be accompanied by accountability and responsibility even if only at minimal levels in the opening phases. Any and all social programs being implemented need to have a viable purpose, other than the simple provision of “crumbs for the masses”. If housing is to be provided, standards need to be maintained for the provision of such services.

It may be the responsibility of one parent to assist in the care of other children while their parents seek educational opportunities or even seek out gainful employment. It may be actively seeking out education or training, or even gainful employment, conducted and managed in such a fashion to as to provide financial gain and reward for the pursuit of personal empowerment and an improved median quality of life.

Children should be required to attend schooling, but not at institutions of politically correct indoctrination, but in regards to preparing them for a very real, very politically incorrect world that they will be facing upon graduation … and based upon their individual skills, strengths and their personal desires within those fields wherein they have a viable means of personal success … along with a substantially increased median quality of life.

Unfortunately, in the United States alone, the “War on Poverty” as declared by LBJ, has had more than fifty years to bring it to a successful conclusion, yet we often see record numbers of people living on social assistance, we have inner cities where crime is rampant and destructive of their societies, we have an opioid crisis without historical precedent in the more rural and impoverished areas. In short, the American “War on Poverty” has by all standards and accounts, been a massive failure.

The government educational institutions have steadily dropped in global standings since the centralization of the educational system in a federalized bureaucratic body. The supposed war on poverty has been a complete and abject failure and it is way past time to reconsider the ability of government to meaningfully address these issues of social welfare and concern.

Looking globally, the true effects of poverty become even more glaringly obvious. While the United Nations limits those listed as being impoverished to people (and in many cases, entire families) earning less than two dollars per day, that still places well over one billion people living in abject and miserably impoverished conditions.

However, when more realistic figures are considered, meaning those earning at the very bottoms of their national or local medians, the figures show nearly have the population of the world living in at least “largely” impoverished conditions, often unable to afford education, and barely able to subsist and eek out a most meager living for themselves and their families.

While it may be very difficult or challenging, or even very troubling for some people to admit; it is more than just a little difficult to believe that the greatest minds of government could not have foreseen these problems, or that they would fail to address them.

Worse still, the only alternative to this gross ignorance or negligence on the part of the government, would be their contention that such actions and their results were indeed well-planned and intended merely in order to divide the people and make them easier to rule over, rather than being there as public servants, to serve to the needs and benefit of the people.

Whether it is through simple ignorance, a lack of oversight or whether or not it is an intentional program by design, the fact remains that the government war on poverty has been an abject and complete failure and an entirely new direction needs to be undertaken if we are ever, as a singular human race … as a species, to eradicate the evils of poverty from the face of this world.

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