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Effective Sociological Assistance and Support Programs
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For any Humanitarian Program to be effective, it has to be undertaken in such a manner wherein it adequately addresses the underlying cause in addition to curing the symptoms brought about by the “disease”.

The problem must be identified, defined and a viable course of action must be put in place towards a specific and tangible solution. If too much time is spent focusing on the problem, the solution will never be found.

Likewise, if random solutions are thrown at the problem without a meaningful effort to cure the root cause of the problems, they will be recurrent in nature.

Perhaps worst of all, are the great many efforts where only a solution to a single symptom is put forth while other symptoms and the root cause are all ignored, much to the detriment of the individual.

With well over three and one-half billion people living in abject poverty, it seems that more than a little help is needed. However, nothing is ever so simple as some would have you believe and in the case of poverty, many of the purported solutions merely exacerbate the problems.

In some circles, it is imagined that all that is necessary to eradicate poverty is to hug everyone, shower them with love and give them enough food and a home and they will magically transform into a contented, contributing member of society.

In some circles, it is common to believe that all you have to do is give people drugs to make them normal.

Effective Social Assistance ProgramsIn some circles, entire dependency classes have been created as mere trifles are handed out in the name of social assistance while any effort on the part of the individual to improve their situation results in financial loss and suffering for the person and their family if they have one.

What is needed, is a comprehensive, viable solution to include efforts at eliminating the root causes while at the same time, providing people with actual assistance in overcoming the symptoms and proverbially speaking at least, holding their hands as they are re-integrated into a society that has left them forlorn in many cases, for multiple generations.

Psychiatry is certainly beneficial and even necessary in some instances. In these cases, drugs may be beneficial and even necessary if the person is to function in society.

In some of these cases, the individual may still be capable of overcoming their personal liabilities and functioning in society but in others, it may be beyond the capacity of the individual to become a fully functional, integrated and contributing member of the society.

Allowances must be made for such cases and there must be a program of social assistance readily available to provide them with as much assistance as is necessary to allow them to enjoy as much of their life as they are able to enjoy … which will vary of course, based on the circumstances of the person individually.

To believe that each and every case will be the same can only lead to disaster and at the personal level, an untold level of suffering.

One of the most promising advancements has been made in a field that utilizes sociological assistance … though rather than focusing primarily on society as a whole, the main focus is on the individual and the needs of the individual to becoming a functional, contributing member of that society.

In a more classical sense, Sociology is the study of society, the problems within a society and how the individual functions within that society. By its very nature, there is a certain level of psychology involved.

The effective humanitarian programs should seek to combine the best of all worlds and help the individual to function within their societal settings and also to help society as a whole, function with the individual in mind.

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