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Recently, talk of “Civil War” has even made national headlines and been openly discussed on broadcast mainstream media stations. Discount the fact for a moment, that war by its nature is never civil by any stretch of the imagination. The fact is that this nation is rapidly becoming more and more divided, despite the efforts of many to seek out common ground and open up a meaningful dialog. Such are the personal beliefs … the orthodoxy and the ideology of the day, that any opposing view point is often seen as a personal attack and in many cases among the Statists most notably, as a direct and violent personal attack meriting a violent response.

When I was a kid, we used to taunt one another in the playground sandbox … such taunts usually being replied to with something along the lines of “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. These days however, apparently a lot has changed as now, words are seen as violent attacks meriting a violent physical response. Try that in my neck of the woods and it will not work out very well for the violent physical attacker unless they can swing faster than a speeding bullet … but again, I apparently live in a different world from that occupied by much of the youth of today … and by youth, I do not mean the newest generation that is swinging the pendulum back to the levels of conservatism not seen since the Greatest Generation, but the millenials and their ilk who believe in safe spaces and that those who believe in proven science are science deniers.

Unfortunately, there also seems to be a great belief among many real patriots and many of those who believe in being prepared, that vast swathes of the American Military and even the Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agents will be on the side of the people and the Constitution … after all, they have all sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic right? But can we really depend on the military … much less law enforcement to be concerned with the minutia and the minor details like the supreme law of the land in the event of a major societal collapse?

Now some people are going to walk away right here and now, believing that social unrest will never lead to societal collapse in the good old US of A … and I hope that they are correct … though I highly doubt it at this state of our devolution. These of course, are the same people who believe that despite a half dozen major cases of social disruption from plasma solar flares known as coronal mass ejections, that the sun would never dare to interfere with modern society and would not destroy the electrical grid or create the two trillion dollars in damage that NASA and the Military models currently predict … and again, I hope these people are correct, but history shows us a different viewpoint on both accounts.

Let’s look at the “virtually impossible” occurrence of societal collapse or complete social disorder. We know that we have never had riots in the US and that these riots have never gotten out of hand and that we have never had to call in the National Guard or other US military forces to intervene either during riots or natural disasters … but what if we did have to … well, yeah, I know we have but some people have a difficult time seeing that through their rose-prismed glasses.

Law Enforcement, despite the presence of so many “good cops” who are loyal to their oaths … yet do absolutely nothing to get rid of the bad cops who give cops a bad name and make the job even more dangerous for the good cops, is probably not going to be on the side of the people or the Constitution after any major societal disruption. Despite the cries of racism from groups like “Black Lives Matter”, white people are more likely to get shot by cops, Asian people less likely. Forget about the actual statistics in regards to race however, and look at how many clearly unjust shootings occur on an annual basis … and how many of these clearly egregious murders have to go to civil proceedings before anyone is held to account and the taxpayers are required to foot the bill for the abuses of the cops and the suffering of innocent civilians.

Furthermore, history has shown us that Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws have allowed the cops and the government as a whole to steal more from the American people than the criminal class and get away with it. No crime or even supposition of a crime is necessary for the cops to steal your car, your money or any other personal property that they may want or find desirable. In fairness, there was one city, Boca Raton … that was prevented from utilizing Civil Asset Forfeiture to steal private property for a while, but only because they were not sharing enough of their ill-gotten booty … read stolen private property from private American citizens with absolutely no charges filed and no just cause or even probable cause that any crime had ever been committed … and this is perfectly legal and used by many Law Enforcement Agents to justify theft.

Thus, history clearly indicates that the cops will not be on the side of the people in the case of any major social disruption.

But what about the great and patriotic military? Surely they will side with the constitution and obey their oaths right? What does history have to say about this?

The great American hero General George “Blood and Guts” Patton, back in the days before he was a general, actively ignored a direct order to stand down and actively pursued people through the streets of DC … civilians … and gassed and attacked men, women and children. “NOT POSSIBLE” you say? Read up on the Bonus Army … not only were these American Citizens, but American veterans of the first world war, broke, homeless and jobless and seeking only to claim that which the government had promised them for their service to our once great nation. Not only did the military physically attack civilians … they attacked their brother vets and their families … somehow or another, I am guessing the prepper deep in the woods would not receive favorable treatment merely because he believes in the Constitution.

Does anyone else remember the little old lady who dared to keep a .22 revolver for protection after deciding in a free country to remain in her home during and after a hurricane? She was tackled … physically tackled by numerous national guardsmen who were unconstitutionally disarming the general population. Apparently, those poor and wretched souls who were stealing sneakers that are ostensibly “worth” hundreds of dollars a pair and large, flat screen televisions so they could feed their kids … were threatened by an armed general population and the cops and the military joined hands to actively violate the God given and constitutionally protected rights of the people to protect themselves.

Waco? Ruby Ridge? The Obama Purge of the military requiring leaders to openly state that they would fire on American citizens … history and the current circumstances do not make it look like we are in for an easy time. The report that was not released until after Obama had taken office … the one that clearly stated that people who believed in Personal Liberty, the Constitution, God and even Ron Paul supporters were all an active threat that Law Enforcement needed to be keenly aware of … was actually commissioned by W. Bush. It may be nice to believe that in a SHTF scenario the cops and the military would be oath bound to support the people and the Constitution … but to believe that they would in large numbers in this day and age is delusional … if not blatantly dangerous.


Let us know what you think please!

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