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hoover dam alternative power generationIn some cases such as public utilities, the subsidies will never be directly seen as a rule by the general public. In the case of electrical energy for example, until such a time that Point of Use Electrical Power Generation is the new standard, the electricity going into a home will still be metered and recorded. If a centralized power source is necessary (as it is at present) an allotment for each home will be paid for through the efforts of the Philanthropic foundation. A record of the paid amount, and a bill for any additional usage if it is applicable, will be sent to the individual location wherein the metered service is situated … in much the same way as billing is currently conducted.

Those who have used more than the allotted amount of electrical energy will receive a bill for the additional amounti. Those who have elected not to participate in the voluntary association will receive a bill for the entire amount. Those who have not used up their allotted portion will be sent a statement summary, absent of any bill requiring payment.

In the case of the provision of goods, the currently proposed setup is similar in nature to the existing programs utilizing debit cards for numerous uses. Cards can be limited or restricted in use utilizing current technologies and without any major additional costs put in place. Virtually every member of the community will have one or more of the same variation of cards, allowing for purchase processing without any identification of fund sourcing or other indicators of which one may be a “welfare recipient” and which one merely a worker who has been paid. The only exceptions would be for example, attempting to use a card for restricted purchases, when such a transaction would be denied.

As has been previously noted, the vast majority of Corporations and/or corporate entities including the production and industry, will be owned at least in part by the foundation(s) in charge of the community development. This will be accomplished through the strategic usage of Joint Ventures and the establishment of tertiary corporations under the parent or umbrella of the incorporation. In this fashion, the foundation will effectively take the place of shareholders as it has every right to do so.

In short, the people who are best suited to run the corporations will be allowed to run the corporations and will be able to earn accordingly. Likewise, the individuals that establish the Intellectual Property and/or the Innovative Technologies that are the basis for forming the corporation must be well compensated, regardless of whether or not they are actually part of the organizational structure of the corporate entity. At the same time, rather than paying dividends to a select group of shareholders, the positive cash flow of the corporate entities can be routed back into the community developments directly through the private hedge fund and a Philanthropic Organization. As such, it is possible to fund the community itself while not placing any exceptional or oppressive financial burdens (such as taxation) on those individuals who can and do work in fields that aid in the physical and economic growth of the community.

What is more, those who have selected a more domestic path, those who are incapable of (or in some cases, even unwilling to participate in) contributing to actual growth and those who, for whatever reason, may decide not to contribute to economic growth, will not be burdened financially, or forced out into the streets to suffer multiple generations enslaved to impoverished conditions.

Additionally, the subsidization from the Corporate Entities allows for a tangible and financial benefit to those who do desire to move from more domestic work and even the more destitute, into areas wherein they can improve their personal lives and economic situation without additional, often unattainable levels of an added financial burden. This is diametrically opposed to the current systems of “social assistance” in place across much of the world, that financially reward bad behavior and poor decision making while at the same time financially punishing those who are seeking to improve their personal circumstances.

Forecasts for the fully functional Integrated and Adaptive Community Developments show that it is highly likely that a society will evolve in which housing, basic food supplies, education, long and short term medical and health care and treatment will all be provided at little to no cost, in addition to the provisions of at least a minimal financial stipend for each and every resident within the Community Development subject to local, domestic and international laws of course.

Great care must be taken in such an environment to create the ability for the individual and the community to share a mutually beneficial environment without creating a new dependency classii. As such, it will be imperative that virtually everyone who is able-bodied, be provided some taskiii, no matter how menial or trite it may appear on its face … though care should be taken here as well, so as not to belittle or demean the individual or their labors.

A domestic mother may be tasked with nothing more than the care of her child(ren)iv and ensuring that they attend school and receive proper medical checkups and eat regularly, while someone wishing to further their studies may be tasked with nothing more than maintaining their grades in whatever type(s) of course(s) they may be pursuing. Someone with more limited mental capacities may be tasked with sweeping sidewalks or picking up trashv. The object of such a design is that each and every person “earns” their portion of the subsidy no matter how they may do so.

During this process however, it is imperative that people, by and large, are capable of contributing something that they will deem to be both meaningful and beneficial. Taking a rocket scientist away from their work developing new thrust technologies and put to work sweeping the streets or gathering fruits in a food forest may resent such a change in position, even if there was no base change in rates of exchange for their service and no loss of social or financial benefit. This resentment will inevitably build and multiply in a more densely populated urban setting and could lead to issues that are easily avoided.

As will soon be evidenced by the Technological Automation Revolution, there is an abject need for the individual to feel important and productive and contributing member of society, most notably in larger urban settings. Even a comprehensive redistribution of wealth (no matter how much I hate that term given its hijacking by those of a more Statist mentality) will not result in any level of social or community pride that strengthens and supports the individual. Social degradation and decay will rapidly ensue, followed shortly by complete societal collapse.

It goes back to the same old theory about when nothing has any worth, nothing has any value … and what is to prevent anyone from taking everything when everything is worthless? Granted, this “observation” is an extremely gross over-simplification of a complex sociological theory, but given the evidence throughout human history, it is not without precedent or merit, and must be considered, perhaps now more than ever given the rate at which automation will soon replace humanity in the workforce.

It is very likely that education should increasingly be seen as a viable career choice, and research and development … among the only fields wholly incapable of a complete takeover by automation, should be actively encouraged. Such a conclusion however, will inevitably result in an even more rapid encroachment of automation into the realm of human employment and the worth and value of each individual of society. After the dust is settled from this particularly rough stage in human evolution however, it should result in an innate ability of the individual to pursue the advancement of the entire human species rather than limiting their efforts merely to personal improvement … though the value of personal incentive should likewise, never be overlooked or dismissed as it will likely be the ultimate driving force behind all human growth and development for the foreseeable future.

When people do develop something truly innovative that will assist in the evolution of the species, patents and other Intellectual Property Rights should no longer be purchased out from under the innovator and buried under the guise of “National Security” simply for the sake of maintaining the status quo of the proverbial powers that be. Whole System Sustainable Growth and Development should take this once in a millennial lifetime opportunity and use it to spread the wings of humanity, allowing for the greatest leap in human evolution in known history.

None of this however, will be possible with a general population that is dumbed down and enslaved to a system such as the one currently in place. In order to keep the concept of hope alive, people must not only be able to see the current challenges they are facing, but must also be able to see a clear “end-game” and a means by which both the individual and society can progress to the next level. In order for such a revolutionary spurt of evolutionary growth, it is imperative to maintain the pride of the individual and of community intact and to provide them with the incentive to strive for a better future.

i At such a time as Point of Use Electrical Power Generation is possible, each home should have the capacity to produce between five and twenty-five kilowatts at any given time. It is difficult to imagine that such a system will require the input of additional power from an electrical grid. The systems currently being reviewed are natural gas forced micro-turbines and natural gas operated fuel cells. Other technologies will be reviewed as they become closer to tenable and even commercially available.

ii This program will be instituted by and between Corporate management and the Sociologists who have helped to develop these programs. It is imperative that everyone have some task but not always important what that task may be.

iii Those who do work in areas that produce economic and/or physical growth and a tangible benefit to the community, will of course additionally be rewarded in the form of a paycheck, but still remain eligible for their cash stipends as well. without any of the financial detriments currently forced upon those who are attempting to escape the limits of their social assistance benefits with the available programs today.

iv Anyone who has ever raised children will immediately recognize that this is in fact, a lot of work, and given the importance of children as the future generation, even more important still. Those who are pursuing advanced education will be “paid” for attending school in addition to receiving their cash stipend. The financial “reward” will assist those who do desire to improve their personal situation through work or education.

v Some people will be incapable of more complicated tasks but menial jobs can still be created that suit their skills and/or abilities again, to ensure that they are in some manner, earning their keep and also still have the ability to earn a better living and have nicer things.

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