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businessman 2682712 1280Internet Access is another utility that seems to cause some to question the cost vs the benefit but again, such a system that was provided to the people and to the businesses within the community at no cost, would also create numerous benefits for the same. While it is doubtful that anyone would pack up their bags and move somewhere simply because there was free internet, the benefits extend well beyond the ability to share bathroom breaks on social networking sites.

Among the most notable benefits of free internet access are the ability of the students to continue their studies no matter where they may be located, in addition to the continual access to highly specialized support staff in all of their particular areas of study. Courses, course outlines, study guides and other support materials for the educational systems within the Community Developments will be cloud based but that fact alone will not help if there is no access to that information. Readily available internet access is not at all a new concept. When implemented, this program will also help to facilitate those who wish to work from home as well. The Technological Automation Revolution is here and now and as more and more people discover the benefits of working from home, it is easy to see how internet access will be directly beneficial to them as well.

Reliable internet access should alleviate the need for a complex telephone system, though fiber optic systems may still be a beneficial addition, not only for phone and internet services, but for other such uses as may become available in the near future. More than just data can be transmitted through the fiber optic systems, and some of the potential uses in the near future are just now coming to light … no pun intended.

Fiber optic lines are also ideally suited for a population wherein a good portion of that population may work or even study from home. Given the increasingly popular and ever-increasing option to work from home, this seems to be a reasonable inclusion in public utilities given the present state of societal affairs.

VOIP service or Voice Over Internet Protocol service can easily replace most need for standard telephone calls and other communications needs of the people. This will effectively eliminate the need for costly and unsightly additional infrastructural development and allow the requisite funding to be better utilized in other areas of sustainable human growth and development.

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