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philippines 4951855 1920Public Transportation, while not technically a utility, is another program that is already heavily subsidized through government programs and taxpayer funding around the globe. Like so many typical taxpayer funded and government operated programs however, the public transportation systems are seemingly never utilized to their full benefit or potentiali.

Public buses run the majority of the day in some locations across many towns and cities, and twenty-four hours a day in other locations. These buses are burning roughly the same amount of fuel regardless of whether or not anyone is utilizing the service. A full bus scarcely uses any more fuel, or energy as the case may be, than an empty bus.

The overall concept of the bus system will be kept in place, but riders will be allowed to ride at no cost any time of day or night wherever the buses are already running along their normal, scheduled routes. Maintenance and occasional repairs, cleaning and other operating expenditures are relatively consistent, easily manageable and accountable, and not overly difficult to factor with a certain and concise level of precision. With minor exceptions such as accidents or other catastrophic events that are generally covered by insurance anyhow, the maximum costs can be calculated and funds created for the purposes of covering those costs. In such a fashion, there is absolutely no reason that local ridership would not be free.

The public transportation system also has other requirements in addition to the busesii. In some locations, this is in the form of taxis, tricycles (both manual, built on bicycle frames, and as created from motorcycles) and numerous other vehicles. Likewise, these programs will be fully subsidized in order that those people who are currently making a living in such ventures, can continue doing so without being put out of business in the process. Additionally, those that did want vehicles, would still be wholly capable of purchasing their own vehicles as well in those locations wherein vehicular traffic was viable. Some of the island locations and other more isolated and rural properties will not be readily accessible to most vehicular traffic regardless of what programs may or may not be implemented. While the bus system would not be mandatory, free service would likely get more people off the roads and into the public transportation system.

i It would seem from some research at least, that there is a reason for the high cost of public transportation above and beyond the need to generate a positive cash flow. The idea of free public transportation is not new, and has been implemented with some degree of success in some areas around the globe, but never to the extent that it could ... or should be implemented. Recent research indicates that the loss in tax revenues from private vehicles and the purchase of gas and other relevant expenditures would create too large a loss for some cities and states. Given the unique structure of the economic and financial systems within the Community Developments, most forms of Public Transportation will be subsidized by the Corporate Entities and provided at no cost to the general public.

ii This is another area where great caution must be recognized as there are already numerous families whose only source of income is one of these forms of transportation. Feasibility studies and research are ongoing regarding the means to integrate such a program with current business owners and simply provide them with newer, more updated vehicles, pre equipped with all of the requisite tracking to ensure that they continue to be capable of supporting and providing for their families. A great many industries are going to be directly impacted by the implementation of free or reduced-cost programs within the community developments but it is preferable to make the transition in such a manner so as to benefit the people rather than creating any detrimental situations that would make an already difficult living, impossible to continue.

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