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FamilyQuartersBasic Housing is not a public utility within whole system sustainable community developments but will be provided to all of the citizens within the community developments that are members of the voluntary association. However, the basic housing will be safe, secure and integrated into the community so as to prevent the isolation and separation based on class and social status and also to prevent or at least reduce the social stigma generally attached with such housing when provided as a public assistance.

Withal, the tenants, most notably those that are recipients of social assistance, will also be encouraged to seek out opportunities to improve their individual, quality of life and move on to bigger and/or nicer homes that will be available for salei within the community developments. The basic housing will be such that it is safe, secure and replete with any and/or all such modern amenities as may be available within the community development. These homes will come pre-wired for television and cable serviceii, replete with telephones, internet access and wiring and the other utilities as listed herein.

While housing will be provided, and to the extent that it is possible, the recipients of housing will be allowed to select from the available list of properties in accordance with the parameters of their needs, the people residing within these communities will not be forced to stay in such housing. Even if housing is not directly available for sale within the community developments, if there are lands outside of the control of the foundation, and preferable housing is located nearby, the residents need not live directly within the confines of the foundation controlled lands, though the added benefits such as the provision of utilities may not extend out so far either.

Additionally, there will be other non-traditional properties, likely to include high-rises, townhomes and other selections diverse enough to give people a choice in accordance with their individual preferences. While there will be a substantial number of hotels, resorts and other short-term living areas for the more transient population such as tourists, these will not be included in the selection of residential areas slated for permanent housing for the residents, though there may be some exceptions for such staff and/or other requisite personnel who would provide a tangible benefit from living on site. It is unknown at this time whether or not housing will be made available for “sale” … or more accurately, for a long-term lease within the confines of the actual community development. Such decisions again, will have to be made at such a time as it will become a relevant and more immediate concern, most likely during the final phases of the planning and design phase.

i Given the restrictions in the current models of the Community Land Grants, it is believed at the time of this writing that home ownership will extend to the point of a ninety-nine year lease as is common in many special economic zones globally and in regards to foreign home and land purchases in others. It is however, also foreseen that such a lease, would include the ability to Will or Deed the home to a beneficiary in the event of death and the lease would be subject to renegotiation for extension upon the expiration of said lease. As the entire systemic approach is more commonly adapted and implemented even outside of the Community Developments established herein, some homes may be made available for actual sale even inclusive of the property on which they are located.

ii Each home will be pre-wired for television though television remains an option and not something that is automatically installed in every household. Many of the indigenous tribes and other people believe the television to be more detrimental than beneficial and do not wish to have the televisions placed in their homes. As such, televisions may or may not be provided as an inclusion within the homes. Additionally, any and all other such considerations as shall be introduced by the potential homeowners will be addressed at the time of agreements for the basic housing that will be provided.

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