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The Current system is broken beyond repairThe current system is broken, but is is broken beyond repair? What can be done to fix the current system? How can a new system be made better? What will it take to introduce an entirely new paradigm?

Ideally, the current situation in regards to the global poverty epidemic would be based solely on incompetence at the global level, though that hardly seems likely, much less ideal in any sense of the word.

Why should such a harsh judgment be perceived to be “ideal” in any way? Because the only other alternative is that the current global situation regarding poverty, homelessness and hunger is intentional. If one dares to venture out on to the proverbial (l)edge of traditional thinking, this is an undeniable possibility as well, however unpleasant it may be to consider.

Current social programs throughout the third world and developing nations are tragically lacking in funding. While this is the primary concern, there are also levels of corruption and other extenuating circumstances that have to be considered as well. In such cases, poverty often becomes cyclical in nature, foisting its ugly presence upon multiple generations, doomed to live in impoverished conditions long before they are even born in to this world.

Apparently, the global leaders in the Industrialized Nations and those among the more prevalent Non Governmental Organizations believe that it is good and beneficial to have the impoverished people of the world wholly dependent on government for even the smallest of crumbs. Again, in some nations this is inevitable given the budgetary and economic restraints of the reality of their systems. In other more industrialized nations, this can truthfully be seen as little more than a concentrated effort on the part of government to expand and control the dependency class.

Many bureaucratic “social assistance” programs, financially reward poor life choices while at the same time, financially punish any effort of the individual to improve their personal situation and their median quality of life … at least through lawful activities.

Single mothers are financially rewarded for having more children out of wedlock … this despite the easily verified fact that children growing up in a traditional nuclear family unit … that is to say a household with two parents, are substantially less likely to be impoverished upon growing up. There is much to be said and many tangible and real benefits to growing up in a traditional two-parent household. Why then, despite all of the studies that prove this, do governments encourage single parent households through a series of financial rewards?

These single parents are further punished when they try to do the right thing. If they get a job, they risk losing social benefits and otherwise enduring financial hardships. Children must be put in daycare centers that routinely cost more than the working, single mother will be capable of earning with what is generally a more limited skill-set. Even if education is pursued, the costs for the daycare can still add up to unmanageable levels of debt for the single parent in need of social assistance.

Why would anyone in their “right mind” struggle for sixteen hours a day in a part time work environment, studying to learn new skills, taking time away from home and family, for a greatly reduced ability to feed their children and provide for the here and now for their families? Intentionally or not, the current system is programmed to encourage and even reward failure and poor life choices.

Objectively. this can only be deemed to be either extreme incompetence or intentional malice aforethought at the end of the day, neither of which bodes well for the ultimate eradication of poverty. It is virtually impossible for anyone to objectively believe that the best and brightest minds that the governments of the world have to offer, cannot read the reports, see the studies and draw the same conclusions.

People, be they in the inner cities of the US, the rural Appalachian mountains or throughout the third world and even in to the developing nations are experiencing unprecedented levels of multi-generational poverty, certainly not a life befitting people from a civilized society or race of people. If that were not enough to convince the global leaders of this failure, the mere fact that nearly one half of the population of the world remains living in multi-generational impoverished conditions is more than enough proof that a hundred plus years of the current methods for the eradication of poverty have failed greatly.

Environmental issues hardly fare any better. While a great many global leaders and collective nations speak so freely about their concerns regarding “AGW”, “Global Cooling”, Climate Change or whatever the term du jour may happen to be on any given day, little more than lip service is ever given more than passing consideration.

The fact is that the climate has been changing for as long as it has been in existence and if we are to survive as a species, not only had we better prepare for the “inevitable” future that the doomsayers have set in store for us, but also for whatever very real, unforeseen “curve balls” mother nature may decide to toss our way.

Scientific Consensus” that absolutely and completely eliminates the top two causes of a study, including only the distant third cause, and declaring that “the science is settled” is hardly convincing in any way to more discerning minds, but at the same time, nobody wants to suck on a car exhaust and chase that with a glass of brackish water they can swill down after work.

The entire battle back and forth serves as nothing more than a distraction to prevent people from working together to discover and implement viable environmental solutions that will ultimately ensure that we are all better stewards of the environment. “Alarmists” and “Deniers” are so busy fighting each other that nobody is getting anything meaningful done … and despite popular belief, given the track record of government, it is more likely than not that more oppressive government control is not going to prove any more beneficial at the day than it has to date.

It is well past time to implement a new system that actually works to cure the disease, and not merely to alleviate singular symptoms. However, at the end of the day, if real change is to be made, it must be made by the flesh and blood men and women of this world. Waiting for government or any others to come up with viable solutions is what got us into this current morass to begin with … it is not likely to miraculously change for the better any time soon.

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