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Introduction of Industry and Production in Sustainable DevelopmentAll of the requisite infrastructure and the community design have to be completed before the construction can begin on the community developments. Still, there is substantially more involved than just the physical infrastructure to be considered, especially given the systemic nature of the design. In addition to the physical infrastructure, teams of experts will work separately and together to determine what industry and production is viablei in each and every location wherein the community developments will be built.

Given the adaptive nature of the community developments, the amount of research and development that will be prevalent within these community developments and the rate at which technological innovations are expanding, it is inconceivable that new innovations and new technologies will open up new markets and new corporate ventures not only inside the Community Development(s) but also within the Isolated Community Service Centers and even on a global scale.

Automated Technologies, innovative products and services and even industry is going to improve at the same exponential rates as the technology that drives it. As such, it is believed that a great many, strictly and wholly commercial products and/or industries will be developed, funded, planned and/or implemented within the community developments. All such industries will be individually negotiated with the technological innovators for full funding for any and all such corporate entities as are invited in to the community development.

While there may be many different possible outcomes for such negotiations, the preferred method is through the establishment of a tertiary corporation with the foundation as one owner and the innovator/inventor as the second owner. The tertiary corporation will be owned and operated as per the results of the individual negotiations. The foundation and/or governing body will wholly fund the tertiary corporation making it the majority shareholder. Both the corporation and the individual(s) should become members of the foundation(s) in charge of the community development allowing for the integration of the corporate entity into the community and the distribution of funds throughout the community in an equitable fashion, though such voluntary association cannot by nature or definition, be mandatory.

Furthermore, in cases where there are funds available and/or when it has been deemed to be necessary, beneficial and/or prudent, the foundation(s) and/or governing body will fully fund research and developmentii in the same and/or related technologies and/or innovations. The corporate entity and/or the tertiary corporation shall receive the direct benefit from the research and developmentiii as part of its membership within the foundation(s).

Additional benefits for the corporate entity/tertiary corporation is the instant opening up of global markets that, effectively place the entire world right at their proverbial doorstep as a pre-existing customer base. Such a system in place should allow for the creation of a system wherein people are still encouraged to be innovative and continue to seek a better personal quality of life, though wherein the entire civilization benefits as a direct result of their work.

i Working Example: A firewood wholesaler may be an excellent business to have in the Arctic plains. It may be more beneficial to bring in whole logs or it may be more viable to bring in pre-cut wood. The most viable solutions would not be known until every aspect of each approach had been studied in full. What would be fairly obvious under current conditions, is that it would not be viable to start planting a forest with any real chance of it ever being harvested … or even growing in the first place. Later technologies currently in Research and Development would allow for the creation of a forest under virtually any conditions, and if ready for production, may be implemented within the community development at such a time as it was available.

ii In cases where the governing body and/or foundation select to conduct research and/or development and even in terms of the arts and the sciences, such funding will be conducted through the private funds so as to avoid any partisan prejudice that may risk politicizing and/or compromising the actual results.

iii Wherever possible and for all such technologies as are not considered to be sensitive in nature and/or easily weaponized, the technology will be released into the open market, generally under the terms of a GNU license so as to allow the world to contribute and work on making even further improvements upon the technology. This also serves to prevent from have such technologies “Buried” under government bureaucracies and/or held out from the general population because of patent concerns and/or other issues that would otherwise prevent the technology from being utilized to its full potential.

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