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Global Cooperative or Co-Op Among Systemically Sustainable Community DevelopmentsIdeally, there will some day be a great many Community Developments and Isolated Community Service Centers and similar facilities built around the globei. While the foundation(s) and/or the governing bodies may be different, there will also be a lot of common ground. Not the least common factor will be the global unification of all of the community developments and their general populations. The ramifications of such a globally unified system bodes well for any corporate entity seeking an instantaneous and ready-made customer base but the implications are much more than sales numbers and profits.

Sales numbers are important and any corporate entity that does not have the capacity to generate a positive return will quickly go out of business but there are benefits far beyond the customer base and sales numbers. With a global market, sales should not be an issue, Anything that is lacking in profit margins can be made up in sheer volume.

This little fact alone has a great bearing on how the foundation owned corporate entities will be forced to operate. However, that it needs to be looked at much more closely. These corporations will have large volumes of immediate sales, in some cases, selling out years worth of production all from the day the doors open. In such cases, the funding will have to be immediately available for the expansion of productionii to maximum levels from the first day. What happens however, once the initial markets are taken care of and the money is in the bank?

There may be times and occasions when corporations are established for a single purpose and for a single run of production but this will definitely be the exception and not the rule. This system has also been designed to provide every possible incentive for the inventor, the innovator and even the individual to consider every possible option for advancing themselves and their thinking ... their vision, for lack of a better term.

Human nature and the ego of many of the innovators may be something of an issue, but as is the case with any board of directors, all due consideration will be given to every aspect of the situation of the corporate entity and its ability to function on a level that makes it both sustainable and beneficial ... to the innovators, to the foundation and/or governing body and ultimately, to the citizens within the community developments.

In some cases, the innovators will already have their own corporate team in place, but in many cases, the innovators desire to focus on their more creative pursuits. Whether the innovators have a complete team already in place, only part of a team or wish only to have their “dream lab” built somewhere so that they can focus on what they love to do, the adaptive nature of the community development is established in such a way so as to make it all possible and to fill in any gaps that may appear from idea to innovation to invention to inventory to end buyer/user.

What is most important is that there is a forward direction for the corporate entity that will allow it to grow and expand and to continue to provide for the growth of the corporation itself and of the general population in any centers where it may be contributing as a corporeal member of that society. Given the large population/customer base available, this may be difficult to some degree, but the integrative nature comes into play here, even within the corporate structure of the productive and contributing members of society.

In many cases, two or more innovators and/or inventors will be brought togetheriii to combine their thoughts and technologies. Funding will generally be made available to a degree great enough to overcome most personal objections to such a system, and due credit given in all of the information that will be releasediv and that which is as proprietary should help to further easy any qualms about working with others in the same areas of interest. Again, human nature and the ego may be more difficult to overcome than would be preferred but it is not foreseen as being anything insurmountable.

To further assist in this process, “Think Tanks” will be established in many different fields of study. Unlike the more traditional models though, these will be supplemented through online websites replete with marketing budgets and interactive features. The interactive portions of the websites will incorporate website forums wherein the average person can actively participate, submit ideas, suggestions, experiences and hopefully, assist in the entire process.

Furthermore, individuals who do show great potential can also be “recruited” from these locations in order to be able to make more direct contributions. By keeping as much information as possible open sourcev as opposed to proprietary in nature, it is quite possible that substantially larger numbers of people will contribute thoughts and ideas and even pursue their own efforts to make something better.

i The Community Developments will be built directly and individually by the Foundations that have funded the development project. Individual aspects of the Community Developments and Isolated Community Service Centers will vary depending on who is building them. Not all of the community developments will share the same values but they will share a common goal in the creation of true economic and social freedom for all of the people of the world. It should also be noted that most of the technologies and innovations will be shared by and between all of the different Community Developments no matter where they are built. Additionally, all of the Community Developments around the globe will be directly linked with membership in the private organizations and funds.

ii Maximum levels of production will vary based on the available resources including manpower and raw materials in addition to any limitations as may be more specific in nature. These limitations however, do not take into consideration the growth and expansion that will be necessary for the corporate entity to survive as a long-term, functional corporate interest that is beneficial to the community on a long-term basis.

iii “Think Tanks” and/or solution centers will be a central location for the thinkers, movers and shakers to get together but as much information as possible will also be shared online and in other public forums and venues along with areas for individuals who may not necessarily be part of the community to contribute their thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions.

iv Wherever possible, and for those innovations and inventions that are not readily weaponized and/or do not present a direct threat to social stability, the information will be released in a public forum and across many venues under a GNU or similar license to allow other people who have similar ideas to have some basis to work from and hopefully, to get global support creating better ideas and technologies for the benefit of all humanity.

v The Linux Community is perhaps the best example of an Open Source Community wherein people routinely make contributions and recommendations. Even those with basic ideas but little in the way of skills, can often find people to work with and organize a basic structure to build what they need or desire. There is no reason not to believe that a sufficient number of people would contribute time, energy and resources to make such a system as viable in the physical realm as it is in the cyber realm.

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