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Intramural and Extracurricular Activities in Sustainable Community DevelopmentsIntramural activities have been a part of education for nearly as long as there has been an educational institution and certainly for as long as there have been communities in close proximity to one another, and perhaps even more so within larger communities and cities where there is a larger student body. The Integrated and Adaptive Community Developments will be established to house not only local competitions in regards to intramural activities, but also to actively participate and even to host global competitions as welli. The Intramural Activities will include sports, scholastic “bees” and even vocational contests that are currently more limited in nature, including the arts. These intramural activities will be hosted in contemporary, state-of-the-art facilities with all of the amenities included.

The Intramural Facilities will be built on sustainable “compounds” for lack of a better term, very likely at the activity centers for the foundation offices on site. They will house fields suitable for a variety of sports, Olympic size swimming pools, everything needed for track and field, and a select number of halls and centers along the lines of a convention center. The halls and centers can be used not only for scholastic and indoor intramural activities, but can further serve to house conventions and other large-scale public eventsii. In this way, the requisite hotels and other service related industries that must, by necessity, surround such a complex, may be constructed to be viable corporate entities throughout the entire year, rather than merely being used at such a time as there are intramural activities being hosted.

The facilities themselves must be world class in nature, all modern and exceptional in construction and design. However, the surrounding facilities must include locations to meet any and all budgetary requirements of the people that are visitingiii. This will generally include everything from five-star resorts on down to budget hotels and motels and restaurants along the same lines. There should be at least one golf course within every community development as well, or at least one constructed in close proximity so as to provide these facilities as welliv. An additional benefit is the ability to use many (if not all) of these facilities as training grounds for the individuals within the community developments. They can also be used as training grounds for management and administrative personnel also. These locations will also be used for the provision of jobs to those members of the community development who may not have or want more ambitious careers but still wish to have more than a mere allocation for their livelihoodv.

i The Intramural Centers or compounds will be built using the same standards as are currently established or Olympic competitions, though some sports and other activities may require a separate and/or isolated locations. This is especially true for cross-country activities and other activities that require larger, more open spaces or locations that cannot otherwise be housed in a singular facility.

ii The Community Developments will be built replete with concert halls (to include pipe organs) for the purposes of housing symphonies, concerts, plays, and to provide a professional setting for any and all students associated with these programs within the community development. The concert halls may also serve as a more viable setting for intramural activities regarding competitions in the musical programs and in the dramatic arts.

iii Arrangements will be made to provide transportation and housing for those families whose participation would otherwise present a financial burden to them. These cases will have to be reviewed individually but with the corporate entities being owned by the Community Developments, this is not foreseen as any major area of concern.

iv While golf may be considered by all rights to be a “rich man’s game”, it is also an area wherein there will be intramural activities and a viable corporate entity in and of its own rights. It is imperative to remember that the success of the community development equates to a success for the people living within that community development. While the idea of five star resorts and golf resorts may be appalling to some of the “purists” seeking to change the world, they should not be so quickly dismissed without due consideration either.

v A majority portion of the general population (globally) is largely apathetic in nature and not overly ambitious. While it is nice to dream about virtually everyone working together for the betterment of society, it is highly unlikely. However, it is also hoped that, even if the Community Development does effectively insure that the basic necessities of life are provided for, that many people will want to have more and nicer things in their life. As such, it is not foreseen that these positions will be overly difficult to fill until such a time as industry and production are more fully automated.

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