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Research and Development in Systemically Sustainable Community DevelopmentsResearch, development, innovation, technology and even automation will all be a focus of the community developments and the educational institutions, laboratories and all of the other facilities that can be built (and successfully funded) in pursuit of such ideas. The Technological Automation Revolution is here today. It must be met head on, in pursuit of solutions for all of the challenges that it will bring with it. Automation must be actively sought out and implemented wherever possible. Such technologies could very well lead to a period of unprecedented production and growth while leaving humanity to pursue other, more evolutionary goals.

A special focus will be given towards automation, agricultural (and livestock) security and processes, alternative energy and fuels, alternative means of thrust (innovative engine, thrust and drive technologies), space exploration and development and other technological innovations that provide a direct and tangible benefit to humanity and/or the planet. While there will be extensive research and work done with the “soft sciences” (including sociology and to some more limited degree, psychology and psychiatry), these will not be invested in nearly as heavily due to their reliance on opinion, interpretation and other matters more akin to an art than the hard sciences. The human race will either adapt or it will not, but the hard sciences must be pursued vigorously to allow for the next phase of the Technological Automation Revolution to provide the necessary means for the species to evolve ... spiritually and/or physically.

Automationi is seen as being at the forefront of technologies and innovations that need to be mastered. This is in large part due to its unique ability to provide true freedom to humanity, insofar as it provides freedom from the need to spend so many hours working every week. In order for this to be fully effective, there is also something of a need to increase resources and production capability. Without an increase in resources, there will never be a sufficient supply to meet demand ... which brings up additional environmental concerns which also leads to the needs for space exploration and new and innovative technologies and resources. Destroying the earth so everybody has everything that they desire would be ... contradictory at best ... and would never work. Regardless, if the human species is to survive, much less evolve, it is imperative that people not be trapped in their work and that ample resources are made available to live in a world of availability as opposed to a world based on a model of scarcity.

The current model for virtually every aspect of life is based on models of scarcity and demand. It is not possible just to wake up one day and produce everything in such quantities that everyone had everything that they desired. Even if such a system were possible, to introduce it too rapidly without any period of transition would lead to economic devastation and ultimately, right into the very heart of a war or wars. Since the evolution of the social constructs and models that humans live in depends on the well-being of the planet and the people, war is generally deemed to be more towards the side of bad on the “good-bad” scale. It is also seemingly inevitable in a system based on scarcity. Finding the fine line between ample supplies and excessive surplus is only going to be one of the many challenges being faced in the very near future, but one that will eventually need to be addressed.

Regardless, there is no reason to believe that automation in production and industry will not only be able to meet demands, but also to provide for more social and economic freedom for the people of the world. This however, leads to other issues of concern as well.

The sociological and psychological and even philosophical aspects of a world with ample goods and services need to be taken into great consideration also. How does one create a land of plenty without creating dependency or entitlement classes? How does one protect such a world? What are the evolutionary implications? Can society be brought to maintain an appreciation for everything when there is an abundance of everything? Will society still seek to create new technologies and to further advance in such a system?

None of these are questions however, that can be definitively answered until such a system is put in place. The focus on these areas within the community developments will provide something of an isolated, and for lack of a better means of expressing it, a more viable testing grounds to study the reactions of people and to help the transition of the larger population of the world as a whole into a more productive and peaceful society.

Some would have society believe that only psychology and psychiatry hold the answers to the human psyche but is this really the case? The DMA is ever changing and, by their own admissions, some of these changes have seen the introduction of new “mental disorders” merely for the sake of extending patents for profits. A child merely being hyper is now seen as some disease meriting psychotropic drugs with lists of side effects that are frightening on the best of days ... including exhibiting symptoms of other sociological and psychological disorders as a direct result of drugs given to prevent sociological and psychological disorders … WHAT??? When did taking a child that was guilty of nothing more than exhibiting exuberance become justification for shoving drugs down their throat when those drugs are known to cause full psychoses and lead to psychotic episodes and/or tendencies?

While these arts do indeed have a place in society, especially psychological studies based on the individual intellect and experience, the idea of drugging someone merely for the sake of increasing sales brings the entire field of psychiatry into question even when there are some aspects of it that are proven to be beneficial in many casesii. The practice of rewarding doctors for merely handing out the right pills no matter the actual symptoms is an abhorrent practice that must be abolished. Each case must be looked at individually and it must be understood that there really are no blanket categories or blanket solutions when it comes to the human psyche or even human nature. These soft sciences do serve a purpose but they must not be allowed to continue under the present practices. Neither should they be casually dismissed, but rather, integrated into the new society and modernized to fit the times, not merely for financial gain and social control and influence.

Where will these technological and innovations lead the human race? Is it possible to create an idyllic if not Utopian society for humanity? Human nature being what it is, it is doubtful that such lofty goals will ever be fully attained, much less maintained, but can the entire world be improved? Is it possible for humanity to evolve in such a way that all of the people of the world are provided for while at the same time rewarding those who do seek to improve their personal lives and/or that society as a whole? Is it possible to introduce an entirely new paradigm and build an entirely new system that provides for all people without punishing anyone merely for being successful? Is this perhaps far fetched? It could be. It is certainly grandiose in plan and design ... and intimidating in implementation, but it is also a necessary stage in the evolution of humanity and the introduction of a new paradigm into society as a whole.

i Automation will have the same impact as the Production Line with an exponentially greater impact on the human work force. The direct correlation to the financial and economic models and systems currently in place needs to be addressed now as a failure to do so will result in even more of the people of the world living in even more impoverished conditions,

ii A very close friend of the author was drugged, not by their own choice, and suffered many devastating effects, including a complete mental breakdown. In her case, the most viable resolution was limited dosages of psychotropic drugs in order … from the very limited understanding of the author … to get the synapses in the brain properly firing in sequential order again. The practical application of psychiatric administration of drugs is not so much the concern as the tendency to pass them out like candies when kids are just being kids, and the lasting impacts of the drugs on the children results in known physical and mental complications.

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