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Funding of Arts and Sciences in Systemically Sustainable Community DevelopmentsThe sciences are a definitive need for the expansion and evolution of the human species; the artsi, perhaps not so much. Still, both are beneficial to and an integral part of society and social function and are important enough to merit funding.

The sciencesii will be funded through numerous sources, all non-partisan and non-political in nature. Likewise, the arts will be funded as well, much of this to be done in accordance with the vocational and educational training. Again, these projects will be funded through the private investments of the community as a whole and as such, should be fully funded. The funding must be established in such a manner as to be free of political and partisan prejudice or bias however, no matter how this is to be accomplished.

Despite the desire of the Community Developments to encourage free-thinking and social freedom including the freedom of expression, there will be certain types of art that are not funded. The post nouveaux modernist, for what, to the untrained eye, appears to be little more than random paint-splatters and haphazard brushing of a canvas, while it is in every sense, artistic expression, reflects a more nuanced, emotional expression and subtlety that is not quantifiable to the extent that funding can be justified for such endeavors.

The individual who feels compelled to express themselves in such a manner is certainly free to do so, though it must be financed by the individuals themselves. Likewise, works of political expressionist artwork will not be subsidized by the Community Developments so that it may remain truly and wholly non-partisan in nature. This does bring up some caveats, but it is deemed to be necessary for the foundation and/or governing body to remain neutral in certain circumstances.

Courses will of course be offered in the arts and crafts. Furthermore, access to the global markets will be made available via websites and creative media centers to those students who wish to sell their arts and crafts to a global market ... and gain exposure for themselves and their work at the same time. Even for those students that do wish to pursue personal interests within the arts that are not funded by the Community Developments, these markets will be open to them and their works.

Furthermore, the artists that produce physical works of art, such as jewelry, painting, sketching, photography, statues and sculptures and other similar works, will have selected works posted within many of the corporate entities that are open to people who may be interested in such works. These works can be placed in the restaurants, hotels and other locations where people with discretionary income can actually see them personally and purchase them should they so desire. The idea is to bring as large a market as possible directly to the artists themselves.

For some people, such as students of music, the ability to make it financially viable for the artists may be a bit more difficult, but certainly not impossible. The concert halls will be made available to all of the students. Granted, the pipe organs may be a bit ostentatious, but there actually is a viable market and when combined with a full symphony, can make for some amazing music.

Given the more eclectic nature of music today, it is not at all unreasonable to believe that it may very well be incorporated into more mainstream music as well. The bands, groups and even the symphonies and solo artists will have the use of the facilities to hold concerts and other music venues, and stores will be included in the fronts to allow the individual artists to sell their own music also. These ideas of course, may (and likely will) be expanded upon as the community developments increase in size and scope. However, those who do wish to pursue their dreams should have every opportunity to do so.

The current music, television and movie ratings systems will remain in place to provide warnings when content is questionable but no music or art will be banned due to content alone. However, it should be noted that the ban on funding anything of a politically sensitive nature means that any such artistic expression will not be directly funded by the foundation and/or the governing bodyiii.

This will further serve to give the parents the ability to decide what they will and/or will not allow for their children to view and/or participate in as such decisions are best relegated to the family unit and not to some arbitrarily enforced statute or lawiv. Likewise, trading accounts will be set up for the funding of scientific and technological research and developmentv within all of the community developments.

Unlike the arts however, the idea behind the scientific research and development will not be to generate a positive cash returns for those scientists who have been deemed to be worth funding. Rather, as much of the research and development as is deemed to be safe for release and as has been funded by the foundation, will be released under a GNU or similar license. In such a fashion, proper accreditation must be given to the scientist or scientists who discovered and/or developed the science and/or technology, but it can also be put out there for all the world to see ... and for all the backyard and shade tree engineers and scientists and researchers to analyze and improve.

The only things that will be deemed to be “unsafe” are those technologies that can be easily weaponized or otherwise used to foment social disruption and/or for the purposes of war or offensive weapons systems or platforms. The Scientists and Researchers with viable theories and who are selected for funding, will be well paid and well funded so as to convince them to share the information more openly.

It is further hoped that a great many of these same people will be actively involved with the “Think Tanks” and public forums for research and development. In this way, many of the same people who have invented or developed the technologies will be able to work in a cooperative fashion with others who have similar ideas and select the best ideas from people even outside the scientific community who have contributed via the many forums.

In some cases, people outside of the community will be invited in to assist in the implementation of their ideas and in some cases, may be eligible to receive funding and/or facilities to conduct their own research and development. There is no foreseeable reason that people who may not have any formal education or training cannot still possess great skills and even greater ideas, even if they may need a little more assistance putting it all down in a viable format.

All of the facilities should be equipped with the most advanced equipment, fully stocked and supplied based on the data and information provided for the individual facilities and/or for the research being pursued in any particular location. The decision as to whether or not a project or endeavor will be funded should not be relegated to whether or not someone has the right papers or not, but whether or not the project merits funding and/or provides any viable benefit to the people of the world and/or to the community development. The considerations for funding will also include whether or not such an endeavor merits the construction of new facilities and/or whether current or existing facilities may better suit the needs of the undertaking.

In addition to the controlled environments, the establishment of Community Developments on a global scale will allow for “real-world” testing environments while at the same time, retaining at least most of the control necessary to ensure safety and a minimal interruption or inconvenience for the people in any given location subject to such testing. The Corporate Entities, means of production and other industry will be available for real-world testing, most notably in the areas of automation and innovation it is hoped. Additionally, new products and/or services that are developed, will have a built-in audience to test-market virtually any new ideas.

Even in the areas of agriculture and aquaculture security, the research can be greatly advanced by the creation of new and advanced facilities. This creates very exciting prospects in the areas of open water and deepwater exploration, reclamation, testing and even deep water and open water fish farming. Among the many exciting designs and plans are those for modular, deepwater and open water, semi-submersible, modular and self-propelling facilities. While they will have to be moved as major storm fronts threaten them, they will be able to be moved either individually as separate units or as a single, solid structure.

The potentials for cleaning up the Pacific and Atlantic Gyres, deepwater fish farming and other open water and deepwater research as has only been possible in dreams to date, can all become a reality with the creation of these contemporary and truly amazing facilities.

Laboratories and laboratory spaces can become cramped and often overtly challenging for those working within them when they are forced to share space with projects not directly related to whatever they may be working onvi. These facilities will also have access to all of the necessary logistical support to pursue whatever they may be doing at any given time. This may include ships for ocean studies, telescopes for observatories or other equipment as may be more specialized in nature but equally important to their studies. Again, this may be shared by and between researchers or built specifically for a singular cause in such cases as it may be deemed to be necessary, beneficial and/or prudent and in such cases wherein there is expected to be a tangible and/or quantifiable benefit directly to the people of the community development and preferably, all over the world ... and beyond, at such a time as that scenario becomes a reality as well.

Programs are in place to open Universities for studies focused on the many different disciplines associated with space, exploration and space travel and additionally, the potential for colonization of space and other planetsvii. Additional programs include space-based solar power, satellites for the provision of free internet access globally, alternative thrust and engine mechanisms, spacecraft design and engineering, agricultural issues as related to space, effects of isolation on the psyche and a host of other areas, including some focus on aircraft and mechanics that are more terrestrial in nature. While final selections have not been made for ports for these ventures, it is not difficult to imagine that the equatorial regions would provide a virtually ideal location and in the worst case, arrangements may be made with existing space powers who have already shown an inclination to lease out facilities based on funding and other incentives, generally in the way of financial support.

These programs, in and of themselves, also open up the door to even more research, development and new technologies. While a space-based research facility may seem ... a little out of this world ... given the present level of technology, it should not be summarily dismissed either. Engines, vectored thrusting, craft designs, construction methods, space stations, space-based facilities, agriculture, scientific research into radiation, dark matter and other phenomenon ... the possibilities are literally limitless.

i The arts will include more traditional arts, drama, painting and sketching, photography, music, crafts and any and all similar comparable fields of study. The arts, unlike the sciences, will also include historical reference and education in addition to assisting those with artistic skills to pursue their dreams.

ii The sciences will be funded through hospitals, educational institutions, research facilities, think tanks and other science-based institutions that will, by law if necessary, be prevented from taking outside funding so as to avoid bias and/or prejudice in the research.

iii There is still some debate as to whether any works of a political nature should be allowed to be posted for sale or display within any website, facility and/or corporate entity as shall be run and/or owned and/or managed by, for and/or on behalf of the foundation and/or corporate entity so this may very well change. Anything that could reasonably be construed to be a partisan belief and/or bias should be avoided at all costs so as to allow for a wholly non-partisan system of governance until such a time as the governance can be fully instituted by the people themselves, even if only within the community developments.

iv It is preferable to have some form of system in place that allows for parental discretion and for the family to decide its own stance on matters of morals and ethics. When such discretion is seen to have crossed some arbitrary boundary, such matters should be held in a court of the common law and not necessarily in a court of law that has a very real possibility to destroy the lives of otherwise good people. Likewise, penalties, if any, should be decided by persons from within the same community who, ostensibly at least, share the same set of values.

v It is imperative to be at the forefront of the Technological Automation Revolution and to implement a parallel economic and financial system along with a means for providing for the people without the demands of a nine-to-five job or the creation of a dependency class. If such a program is not put in place at the very beginning of such a revolution, the entire global economic and financial systems will be put at a greater risk of crashing even more radically than they did at the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

vi While it may be efficient or even beneficial to have certain separate and unique projects share the same scientific and laboratory facilities, there may be cases wherein it is more efficient to keep different experiments and research in different locations. Information sharing will be such that all of the pertinent data will be shared globally .. and in some cases within closed systems, but there are occasions when wholly separate, unique and even isolated facilities are more beneficial.

vii An equal emphasis will be placed on viable means to reaching long-term goals for the human race. It is seen as imperative that this include the exploration and potentially at least, the colonization of space.

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