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Ethics in systemically sustainable developmentsWhile some people would have the reader believe that the ancient tribes lived in some natural, Utopian paradise free of want or need, such was never the case. However, they did always take care of the people within the tribe and make sure whatever food and other resources were available, were distributed to those in need of such. What is also rarely mentioned, was the responsibility of the individual to the tribe.

The Community Developments are established in much the same way as in regards to the distribution of funds, goods, services and the basic necessities of life. Also in much the same way, the Community Developments require the participation of the members of the general population. Just as society should have a responsibility for the individual and family units, the individual needs to have a responsibility to the community. Some of this has been touched on very briefly in the previous portions of this document but as with so much of this project, nothing has been truly finalized as of the time of this writing regarding the subsequent responsibilities of the individual within the community development.

In the opening phases, those families that are selected from among the homeless, the indigent and the underclass citizens will primarily be trained in fields of interest to the construction of the requisite infrastructure that must be put into place before the actual community developments can be builti. Those who are not physically capable of this work will be taught to run heavy equipment, trained to run restaurants and shops and provide other services that will be needed even in the opening phases of construction. As the community does become more developed, these will be the same people selected as the owners of the related stores and facilities where they now have experience and at least some expertise. Management teams and other support services will be allocated to help them to adjust and, where it may become necessary, to handle the actual business interests should the individuals not be able to run the expanded business interests. The responsibilities of the original families will be to build the primary infrastructure as they learn skills relevant to such a task.

Schools will also be a necessity from the opening phases of construction. Again, the initial phases of construction will not be able to provide all of the luxuries and support that will become available as the infrastructure is completed and put into service, but it will serve as the basis for the beginning of the implementation of a new system of training and education. These schools will be provided for free to all of the children (and some adults) from among those families as have been selected to participate in the construction of the Community Developments. There will be introductory courses for those who have never had the benefit of an education as well as vocational and technical training to provide skill-sets that may be utilized by the individuals no matter where they may ultimately decide to live and to make a living.

This will also provide an opportunity for the introduction of long-forgotten courses such as those in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that are beneficial if not necessary for these students to excel once they get out into the “real world” or as they help to build the next generation of Community Developments. The responsibilities of the children will be to pursue educational opportunities in those fields wherein their aptitude batteries indicate a likelihood of success and wherein those courses have been selected by the students. For those adults who have shown exceptional scholastic aptitudes, these same options will be made available to allow them to enter schools tailored to meet their needs should they so desire.

Hospitals will not be built immediately, but it is mandatory that emergency and general practice clinics be built and opened as quickly as possible. Even the more experienced professionals get hurt from time to time on construction sites. Professionals with large groups of trainees will likely mean that the need for local and immediate care will be prudent even if not absolutely necessary. This however, is one area that will primarily be staffed by professionals even in the beginning, though as it is expanded into a full hospital, training programs and internships will be integrated into the operations. As the community continues to grow around the hospital, homes for the aged and infirm in addition to rehabilitation centers will be added to allow for the provision of services to those underclass citizens who require more specialized attention to help themselves and their families. At that time, many more opportunities can be opened up for more of the underclass citizens to receive the assistance they need and begin working on the necessary transition to become productive and contributing members of society. The responsibilities of the citizenry do not end with merely becoming members of the society however. Each and every individual has a direct responsibility to the community to prevent the usurpation of power and the oppression of the people that led to the very conditions that left many of them destitute, homeless and impoverished.

Ideally, the governance of the Community Developments would be turned over to the general population with little more than a management team in place to oversee their work. Human nature being what it is, it is uncertain whether or not this is a viable possibilityii. Thus, the system as is being developed for the Community Developments is one in which the general population is directly responsible for being the final system of checks and balances to prevent government overreach ... even if such civil service must be made mandatory in nature. The average citizen generally does not care or even worry much about politics, thinking (mistakenly) that politicians are going to do whatever they want, no matter what the people themselves may want or need. Well, mistakenly insofar as it only happens when the people are wholly apathetic and do not pay attention. The first right that they will lose will be the right to overturn government decisions, and from there the proverbial road only gets rougher. Whether or not the people care about the politics, the politicians and politics care about establishing, maintaining and increasing their power and subsequent control over the people.

Among the first and the last lines of defense, the most direct and active system of recourse for the people will be the Citizen Review Boards and the Ombudsman Program. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, not all of the details have been put in place. However, the ability to not only construct, but to implement such a program should go a long way towards keeping the proverbial “powers that be” in check. There should be some financial remuneration for service on these boards or the counsels and/or groups associated with them. They should not however, be directly funded by or as part of the governing body. Their participation in the community should be as isolated and separate from the seats of power as is humanly possible.

There are still a great many points to be considered here though, and those must be decided not only by experts in their respective fields, but also by the people who will be part of the governing body and based on feedback and input from the general population as well.

Those people that are receiving benefits, even should they decide that they do not want to pursue careers or education, should also be tasked with at least minimal responsibilities in order that there is some value to that which they receive and it is not perceived as being merely a handout that everyone is entitled to solely by becoming a member of the community. In the case of parents who wish to stay at home, the responsibility should include the provisions, care, discipline and raising of their child(ren). This should include aiding and assisting the child(ren) in their educational pursuits where possible and even regular checkups for the children and perhaps even participation in intramural activities of the child(ren). Those who wish to stay at home at such a time as the Community Development is more complete and operational, should at least be tasked with menial tasks such as cleaning parks and/or other areas of the community. There will always be something that people can do to contribute and they should, even if mandated to do so, earn that which they receive.

i The original families as shall be selected, shall, wherever possible, be families with children that need a more stable, safe, secure and sanitary environment. Due to the limited infrastructure that will be in place (if in fact, any is there at all) it will not be possible to take those families that are homeless due to debilitating influences such as alcohol or gambling addiction. These facilities will be among the first ones to be built however, so that these families can receive the necessary support and assistance as quickly as shall be possible.

ii Human nature and the tendency of the average person to be largely apathetic when it comes to their governance is only part of the problem being faced by society as a whole under the current system of management and governance. As a rule, only those who crave power will actively seek positions of power. They also tend to utilize whatever power and control they can get, to obtain more power and more control over the people. This cycle continues until something of a ruling class is established and the people end up right back where they started from to begin with, oppressed and impoverished.

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