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Technology in systemically sustainable community developmentsThe quest for technologies and advancing the implementation of the Technological Automation Revolution are primary goals of the Community Developments but there are already a great many technologies that can be utilized right away. In many cases, these are known to be better than current technologies, in some cases, there may be some question as to their viability and in still other cases, they may be technologies that have been quashed by the proverbial “powers that be” whether due to economical or political reasons ... though it remains unknown in most cases. In some cases, there are simply some great inventors with some great ideas who do not know how to get funding or who do not know how or do not want to run the corporate bodies necessary to properly market their inventions or innovations.

Alternative technologies are already in place and ready to be utilized for housing and construction, energy, internet access and a host of other uses within the Community Developments. It is equally important however, to remember that some cultures and societies do not want or trust in technologies and as such, certain conditions must be met to accommodate these people as well. Still, there is a lot of room for the utilization of technologies in both the actual infrastructure and in the homes and buildings that will be built as well. Furthermore, the technologies that are being explored and perfected must also be provided with environments wherein they can be tested and further perfected and the Community Developments may prove to be a viable testing ground for these new technologies as well.

While electronic devices and gadgets are sometimes overlooked in terms of their place in society, there is an exceptional benefit for these as well, especially given the existing market and the vast customer base that can be made instantly available for new product ideas and concepts. This holds equally as true for household devices, robotics and automation for industry and many other venues in the technological realms. Even the most incredible of technologies will never provide anything for anyone until it can actually be introduced, tested and perfected. The Community Developments will focus not only on the research and development of new technologies but also their implementation and integration into society.

Conversely, there should also be at least a selection of community developments where people can go to live away from all of the electronic devices, gadgets and other distractions. While a great many of these devices do provide many conveniences, they are also seen by many individuals as technology that is more detrimental than beneficial and as such, respect must be given to and accommodations made for these individuals and families as welli. While this may seem cruel and unusual to a great many people of the world today, it is foolish at best and dangerous at worst to presume how others “should” live or “should” raise their families. People must have a say in how they choose to live and to raise their families.

i Even the Amish and Quaker communities are modernizing to some degree, but here, as with anywhere else, the individual and the family unit must be allowed to decide how they want to live, and where possible, have the means to live along side of like-minded people.

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