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time for a change 3842467 640At this point in time, there is some, though perhaps a limited amount of work that can be done around the world to begin moving things in the right direction. People petitioning their governments for the right to create food forests … wholly natural ecological systems that provide an excessive amount of goods and produce, all year long in most locations, would be one place to start. Each and every green belt around the world could do with a healthy introduction of fruit producing trees and plants. There are entire swathes of land that provide nothing, and are often scarcely populated with grass and weeds that would benefit greatly, environmentally and socially from the introduction of such systems.

Many states have major restrictions on large-scale solar projects in and around the home, often imposing draconian requirements that put this move out of reach for the average person. This does not however, mean that smaller scale solar projects cannot be implemented. Seriously, twelve volt Direct Current systems really will run a majority of the household and can be easily, and even discreetly wired so people will only notice it if you mention it. The RV store and the Truck Stop are only a couple of places to visit in order to see some of the amazing leaps in twelve volt DC technology and the vast array of gadgets and devices that can be taken off the power bill in the privacy of homes around the world.

Vertical farms with fish ponds are a great addition to any home. Why not start growing some of the foods consumed right at home? When tractors are not being used, there is no need to space garden plants so far apart, and the more food that is grown at home, the less food must be transported in trucks consuming larger scales of natural resources.

There is actually a depressingly large amount of change that could take place in the here and now, though unfortunately, a great portion of this will be blocked and condemned by those in power. Building permits will be refused as will certificates of occupancy. This is clearly evidenced by the ongoing work of Michael Reynolds and others working with him. The laws regarding the installation of supplemental solar power are equally restrictive in far too many locations, even when this is just for the sake of lighting and maybe a stereo or three.

Feeding the homeless has become a criminal act in many locations around the world. Where is the crime though? Where are the victims? Somebody is going to be able to go to bed without hunger pangs and this is now a crime in the world we live in and share together? As has been noted, the entire system is broken and needs to be replaced, not just repaired. This however, is a project that will, by necessity, span over a great many lifetimes. There is no easy and immediate solution with the current system in place, and an open revolution would be every bit as stupid as it would costly. People, especially those in power, cannot be forced to change overnight.

New Wholly Sustainable Systems must be put into place in isolated and separate locations, such as on the lands of the Indigenous and Aboriginal people, and exhibited in a fully functional manner. Only when people see the drastic improvement in the median quality of life, will they be compelled to seek a similar change for themselves.

If, towards that end, you would like to join together with the founding members of this movement, the Email address is listed in the opening pages, in the copyright section.

Please feel free to send us an email here with any and all of your thoughts.

Add your own thoughts, ask any questions you may have, challenge our way of thinking, present viable and meaningful solutions … and be prepared to put them into action, together and as a team!

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