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AmazonCoverBackAre the founding members of this strategy all mad? Perhaps. There is a great deal of information herein that is very unpleasant and discomforting to discover for some people. There are certainly an excessive number of people trying to label, categorize, limit and even to belittle our efforts, beliefs and proposals for viable long-term solutions. This is generally limited to calling us names associated with both the far left and the far right of the current system … indicating they have not actually read the materials to begin with.

I must also note personally, that the people and government systems that are currently in place, are the ones that put us all in this whole global mess in the first place, collectively and individually, and any new paradigm must, logically and reasonably, be wholly separate and apart from such a system as the one currently in place.

This is the only viable alternative unless we are content as a species merely to start over down the same path yet again, ending up further down the road with even less of our resources in the hands of the people, warring and killing one another while the proverbial powers that be sit back like chess-masters, quietly chiding and scorning us as a mass of pawns, meriting only sacrifice at their personal altars.

Perhaps however, we are merely a group of people who care about humanity and the planet we all must share, and who recognize that the current system is broken and needs to be replaced … for it is well beyond any simple repairs.

Proposed sites at this time include two locations in the Republic of the Philippines, two locations in Brazil, one location in the Caribbean, potentially four sites in Australiai and an established parcel of land in Nigeria that will allow for the commencement of construction upon the initial funding releaseii.

Smaller commercial ventures are also prepared within the Republic of the Philippines and in Vanuatu, that are in cooperation with the local indigenous tribes and can be leveraged upon the completion of payment to the original capital investors for the purpose of creating asset-backed securities, strategic investment and providing capital funding for growth and expansion.

While a great many details still need to be worked out before the overall construction can begin, enough is able to start immediately to begin the facilitation of projects and establishing a viable history of humanitarian services in addition to being able to build up a sufficient level of assets for the purposes of verifying the system of trade through the Private Placement Program Trade Platforms and the establishment of the initial Fund(s) and/or Holding Companies which will be necessary to facilitate the implementation and continued operations and expansion of these projects.

The easiest means for accomplishing this however, is merely through the introduction of a foundation owned corporate entity or entities that will be capable of not only paying for their own way, but paving the way (and funding) for the introduction of additional corporate interests that will allow for us to begin building a foundation, wherein experts can be paid and need not volunteer all of their time. Many of the original founding members are growing old and succumbing to the unforgiving forces of nature. Maybe it is time for some of us to work together to pass on the torch … but also the materials necessary to fully implement such a system before we go. What we have been waiting for, may merely be so simple as you … we have been waiting for you!

i The people in Australia are among the most enthusiastic participants in the negotiations but they remain (rightfully) skeptical about some of the claims and wish to see a Community Development established in other areas before they will offer a firm commitment. The primary concern is the utilization of the Community Development to house and train the formerly indigent portions of society. It seems that they are concerned that should the principles not work as advertised, that it would seriously overload their social assistance program and put the nation in a financial crisis.

ii The Nigerian option is especially appealing as it already has an existing, Permaculture based Palm Oil Plantation in full operation including former members of the British SAS with special training in local tribal and cultural matters as a Security Team in place on site.

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