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In a Community Land Trust Community Development, the entire construct is owned by a Trust, generally formed as a Community Trust which performs many of the same functions, though the implementation may be different as are the ramifications. It is widely held that both Community Development models are viable in nature and capable of managing the necessary infrastructure and operational oversight of the community developments. As for which model is introduced into any given scenario or proposed for individual projects depends on the project funder and which partner(s) they are working with. In the case that numerous projects are funded by the same partner successively, the models for the organizational structure will be alternated between Incorporated Model and Community Land Trust Organizational Structures insofar as it is allowable to the parent foundation in cases such as this when third party interests are actively involved in the negotiations and operations of the completed community development. However, the author, being the primary developer and proponent of the Incorporated Model, will focus on the Incorporated Model Community Development herein and shall defer those questions and concerns about the Community Land Trust Model to the primary developer and proponent of that model of Community Developmenti.

The Community Land Trust functions in somewhat the same way as the Incorporated Model, though the primary differences are substantial enough to merit its placement in a separate classification of systemic approach.

The Community Land Trust in this case, would be the organizational structure responsible for the oversight and operations of the community development. In much the same way as the Incorporated Structure, the Community Land Trust would maintain complete ownership of everything but solely within the confines of the trust. This would avoid any and all potential for the corporate entities and/or any community property to be bought, sold or otherwise influenced outside of the desires of the organizational structure and the citizen oversights as would be put in place under such a system.

i The author of the book, when contacted via the email address included herein, will arrange for a direct line of communications with the primary developer and proponent of the Community Land Trust Model at the sole and unfettered direction and discretion of the developer.


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