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UmbrellaCorporationWhile most traditional not-for-profit structures are based on donations or other sources of funding, the Incorporated Model of the Community Developments will originally be funded through more traditional, capitalist corporate ventures. Such structures are perhaps best suited for the Capital Investor, but a viable option may also be the Venture Capitalist group that is of a similar vision for a better future for both the earth and her people.

Such a partnership however, does seem rather unlikely and efforts need to be made to put together a viable corporate team and to begin seeking the financial and administrative capacity to fund the original corporate entities that will ultimately provide the foundation for the creation of sufficient levels of capital to build the foundation.

In summary, the capital investors would invest capital for the formation of the original incorporated parent. The Incorporated parent would have a priority to pay off any and all outside investors such as the capital investment firm. At such a time as the outside investors are paid in full, the assets of the parent Incorporation will be converted into asset-backed securities, to be paid for by the continued generation of positive proceeds by the parent Incorporation.

These securities however, would then be invested within exclusive Private Placement Program trade platforms or a Private Hedge Fund, and traded to begin generating more positive proceeds, and to allow for the funding from the incorporated parent to begin being “removed” to the extent that it could be utilized to provide a direct benefit for the people.

Furthermore, the funds generated through the trade of these asset-backed securities, would be used to expand the incorporated parent and to add the next corporate entity. This process could be repeated ad infinitum until such a time as the incorporated parent reached a sufficient level of financial and economic maturity to begin funding the foundation and the establishment of full community developments, not just singular solutions to temporarily alleviate singular symptoms, be they economic, environmental or sociological in nature.

In short, the parent incorporation would continue to leverage its assets until such a time that the creation of a foundation owned hedge fund was possible, at which time the realm of investments should be more easily diversified and may be used to begin the creation of whole-system sustainable developments.

The requisite personnel for the foundation are already in place, and many of these people do have the capacity to run a successful corporate venture as well. Nonetheless, over the course of time, the loss of so many key personnel, largely due to untimely deaths, have prevented this initial corporate venture from being undertaken to date. Before, when these personnel were around, the requisite members for the foundation were not yet gathered into a cohesive team.

Now that the personnel for the foundation are in place, it would seem that the corporate personnel need to be replaced by and large. Once the primary corporate entity has been established, and the creditors and/or capital investors are largely or wholly paid off, the foundation will be reformed as a new and more inclusive Not-For-Profit, Faith Based Organizationi.

Current proposals for commencing operations include:



  • Philippine Permaculture Institute




i The formation of the foundation as a Faith Based Organization or FBO may ring alarm bells in some circles, bringing visions of dogmatic religious fanatics spewing forth vitriolic hyperbole and espousing dogma that would easily be run over by their own bad karma. (Yes, there is a joke in there) However, the reasoning and the reality behind the formation of a Faith Based Organization is much more pragmatic in reality. Any and all active pursuits of faith will be a more balanced, philosophical approach to truth as opposed to dogmatic tenets of any more base religious institution devised be men. The fact is that the structure, such as it is, and the inclusion of the private hedge fund in addition to the provision of social benefits for the residents, all make the FBO a much more viable option for working within the constraints of most current governmental restraints.

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