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Tier one foundationThe primary tier will be the foundation. It is the foundation that will own the land and the corporate entities conducting operations within the community developments. Furthermore, the foundation will ultimately own both the corporate entities in addition to the Private Hedge Fund. Preliminary arrangements have already been made for this structure through a (historically sound) Private Banking institution in Switzerland, though there is little doubt that it will take a number of years before the level of growth is sufficient to allow for that particular progression.

In the meantime, Private Hedge Funds have been contacted in both the United States and in the Philippines for the establishment of the necessary financial accounts to create a strategic investment program to allow for assets to be leveraged and for securities to be created and traded.

Foundation Offices will be located throughout the Community Developments for the purpose of social functions, and more importantly, for giving a means for the people to voice their opinions and concerns directly to those who are in a position to institute any such change as may be necessary for the benefit of the people.

Liaisons from the Ombudsman Program, the Citizen Review Board and the Foundation itself will be on hand to work in the realm of Social Services, giving the people a direct voice. In such a fashion, when a person feels there is a matter of pressing concern, and there should be exception to a rule, a reconsideration of law or other slated affairs, it can be scheduled to be brought forth before the appropriate board or committee for discussion and action.

The foundation will also work in close cooperation with all of the corporate entities, maintaining a majority voting position on the Board of Directors for each and every corporation as shall be established by, for and/or on behalf of the Foundation and the people of the Community Development. Given that the vast majority of the proceeds from the Corporate affairs and activities will be introduced into Private Hedge Fund accounts in order to ensure the ongoing funding of the community, the foundation has a vested interest in the success of the corporate entities.

Furthermore, given that the foundation will have been the ultimate source of funding of the corporate entities, their position on the Board of Directors is in full accordance with standard principles of incorporation.

Only in such cases wherein the corporate entity has committed some act that the community has deemed to be unreasonable or otherwise wrong, will the corporate activities be introduced into meetings or discussions of the Ombudsman Program and/or in front of the Citizen Review Board.

Only to serve as a singular example, if for instance, a mining firm has displaced a homeowner or has threatened an endangered species or there are other pressing environmental concerns not fully addressed in the Environmental Impact Studies of the corporate entity and the foundation, such an oversight may be brought forth by individual complainants and/or groups outright through the local foundation offices.

The purpose of the foundation shall not be to rule over anything directly in regards to commercial operations, but rather to serve as a means of coordination to ensure that there is a balance of interest and cooperation by and between the different aspects of the community development as a whole.

Furthermore, the establishment of the foundation shall include a trust, wherein there are limitations on what and how the foundation can do in regards to housing, lands owned by the foundation and other considerations in much the same fashion as the Community Land Trust.

Again, it is imperative not only to explicitly spell out the powers, but also the limitations of each and every aspect of the Community Development.

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