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A philosophical approach to faithThe idea of having a Faith Based Organization or FBO has bothered some of the original and founding members of the associated foundations. However, it should be noted that there are very real and tangible benefits to operating the parent foundation as an FBO, not the least of which is in regards to the ability to fund programs and projects with a minimal of governmental oversight … while still allowing the people within the community to have full access to the foundation, the benefits provided and to have an active voice in their own system of governance.

The “Faith Based” portion of the foundation will be based solely on a more philosophical approach to faith as opposed to dogmatic religious tenets. It will be present by necessity, but even among the members of the voluntary association of citizens, participation will never be mandatory.

In regards to the philosophical approach, the primary faith being pursued is in fact a philosophical approach, wherein the primary “tenets” insofar as they exist, are the obligation of humanity to provide each for the other to the extent that it is possible. Furthermore, a look at the common roots of the major religious studies will be pursued, but again, participation will be voluntary and never demanded, even among the members of the voluntary association of foundation members.

Rather than preaching religious tenets, research materials will be provided to all visitors so as to allow for the individual to study their own religious convictions, while at the same time taking a philosophical, humanitarian approach to the continuation of human growth and development. Rest assured however, that the Faith behind the FBO is such that it shall seek to serve and provide a voice for the people, as shall be set forth and established in the Charter.

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