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The Philippine Government is not uniquely structured on a global level, but it is when compared with the more traditional governments of industrialized nations. The Philippine government has government offices at the equivalent of the neighborhood or precinct level, known locally as a Barangay. Liaisons are there from the major social assistance groups, including the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

These liaisons work daily as “boots on the ground” with all of the indigent and homeless populations. This is an ideally suited model for inclusion in the Community Developments in addition to making the Philippines an ideal starting point for the construction of the original … or at least one of the original Community Developments. The socially “mature” Community Developments and even the smaller community service centers will have some means for providing the necessary care and support for those people suffering from debilitating issues.

If there is any real complaint, it seems to be only that the officials at the Barangay level or these local government units should have more direct influence on external politics and allow for the direct provision of services to the local population. 

The most common among these will be those conditions that are a common result of and contribution towards impoverishment, such as alcoholism, drug addictions and even gambling or other addictive (and destructive) behavior. However, in the early stages of construction and development, the Community Developments will not have the requisite infrastructure to adequately address these issues. If the programs are to be successful, there will have to be some limitations and restrictions, most notably in the opening phases of construction.

The current governmental model in active operation within the Philippines will provide the means to selectively review the original participants from among the homeless and the indigent in order to ensure the long-term success and also, as time progresses and growth continues, to provide the much-needed additional levels of support even for those among the homeless, indigent and other underclass citizens who are among those most desperately in need of serious support and assistance.

Furthermore, a similar organizational structure can be implemented by the foundation for many of the exact same reasons and benefits directly to the people. Not the least among these is the ability of the foundation to sponsor numerous social events, not just for the sake of having a party, but providing more informal settings wherein people will historically feel more free to discuss all of their problems and any concerns they may otherwise be hesitant to voice concerning the foundation and/or other aspects of their lives within the community developments.

The local Barangay Hall also has a limited role in adjudication and law enforcement, allowing for petty or minor offenses to be adjudicated at the local level without permanently harming the reputation of an individual or their ability to gain meaningful employment or other advances in their personal lives at a later date, merely because of a single indiscretion or even “just one really bad day”.

While there may be localized records kept regarding such activities, it does not hang over the heads of any but the most serious criminals at the national level. Someone who may have been officiated or been subject to adjudication at the Barangay level would not be subject to the same scrutiny as someone whose actions have been adjudicated under the full force of the national judicial system.

Such a system allows for what are relatively minor and/or isolated instances of indiscretion to be fully and legally adjudicated, without leaving a more permanent or harmful record for the individual. Those individuals as are determined to be incorrigible and/or despicable in nature, can easily be moved up into the national judicial system wherein the penalties are more in-line with the crimes as have been committed. This further serves to free up the national system without having to spend costlier time and resources on comparatively minor affairs of justice.

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