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Responsibilities of the citizen in systemically sustainable community developmentsIf everything is just given away freely to the citizenry, not only is there no motivation to succeed, much less excel, but neither is there any tangible value to anything resulting in everything being effectively worthless, including life itself. Every citizen must be given some obligation in exchange for the provisions, services and benefits they receive, even if it is not necessarily something that has to be donei. This is imperative in order to prevent the creation of a dependency class among recipients of social assistance. Likewise, there must also be the potential for financial reward to encourage the recipient of assistance to attempt to increase their median quality of life. 

If someone is provided housing, but wishes to remain at home raising their children, their responsibility may be simply to ensure that their children are educated, receive proper health and medical care and other basic tenets of parenting are fulfilled. Someone may be tasked with merely ensuring the area surrounding their home is cleaned. The task itself is not nearly so important as the fact that tasks and responsibility are assigned and requisite for benefit. Else, there is absolutely no motivational factor for the people to even perform minimal societal functions and society will rapidly deteriorate and societal cohesion will be lost, leaving the proverbial door open to tyranny and oppression.

Community Beautification Projects are among the most popular suggestions, though not all of the reports or analyses have been finalized so no final decisions have been made. It is likely that responsibilities will vary depending on the individual community developments. Individuals may also be tasked with participation in social events, ostensibly at least, in terms of setup or breakdown, or otherwise to serve for the benefit of the community. The tasks assigned will ideally have a personal importance and meaning to the individual assigned such tasks.

The Ambil and Verde Island projects are slated, if they proceed at least, to contain food forests of not less than one thousand hectares with over two hundred hectares of livestock, this above and beyond the aquacultural conservation and farming projects. In such a community development, able-bodied individuals may be responsible for gathering produce from the food forests or otherwise assisting in the agricultural security programs.

Students, inclusive of children, young adults and even those adults who have decided to further their education, will be required to maintain certain standards. This should not however, be construed to indicate that those students incapable of maintaining minimal standards, but that there should be available support systems and other options in place as well.

Students who elect to study courses that are in line with the aptitudes they have indicated a strength in, as based on their aptitude batteries and subsequent results, will be financially covered by the community. Those students wishing to study outside of these areas will be allowed to do so, though there will be an added cost to such educational pursuits as the community, while fostering dreams, should not suffer delusion or otherwise participate in pursuits that exhibit very little chance of success, personally, professionally or otherwise.

No matter what the responsibilities of the individual may be, it is imperative that they maintain a sense of responsibility and duty, if for no other reason to give a tangible value to the possessions within the community. If nothing has any value, everything is worthless, and if it is worthless, what is to stop me from taking your home? It has no tangible value? The potential for chaos, contempt and social discord must be factored in to these equations, in addition to the importance of tangible value and worth for the benefits received, and for the individual.

i It should be noted, that from a psychological standing at least, the more “important” the work is perceived to be, the more pride the individual will tend to take in both their work and their accomplishments. It is imperative to remember that people should not be given blatantly meaningless tasks in exchange for benefits, as they may come to view this with as much or more contempt rather than perceiving it as any measure of value or worth. Such decisions must be made carefully and in close cooperation with the individual themselves.


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