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While both the Integrated and the Adaptive nature of the community developments are unique and separate, both are dependent upon the other to the extent that they merit being included here together. The Integrated approach is necessary most notably within the sociological approach and solutions. Social sustainability is a relatively new concept it would seem, even if the idea is as old as society itself. Society is all about integration and the collective (though not at the expense of individuality or the individual either), collaborative efforts for mutual support and benefit.

As for the adaptive approach, again, this is necessary if the community developments are to be beneficial to the individual in addition to the community as a whole. There are going to be cultural differences even among different tribal units within the same tribe, different sectors within any given community and other factors that must be individually tailored just from a sociological standpoint.

Additional variations will also occur within many different environments, locations and other conditions far too numerous to be listed here. This Systemic approach means that the root causes of poverty (and even environmental concerns) can all be directly addressed and viable, fluid solutions can be implemented (as is often necessary in more fluid environments) that allow for the long-term, meaningful solutions, and ultimately, the complete eradication of poverty, environmental destruction and social decay.

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